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As a Pinterest Manager You Must Have a Niche to Get More Clients

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Is finding more clients as a Pinterest manager important to you? If so, then keep reading. 

42% of startups fail, mostly because they ignore the opportunity to capitalize on a niche and don’t actually provide a solution to an explicit problem explains Graham, a Texas-based entrepreneur and investor.  

That means almost half of all startup ideas are worthless. Do you even know what a niche is? If you don’t you’re going to waste a lot of time, money, and effort in your Pinterest management business. If you continue down the path of being a generalist, meaning “being everything to everybody” you might as well throw in the towel and forget about being a Pinterest manager all together. I kid you not.

Why I Chose Pinterest Marketing for Business as a Niche

When I received my social media training to become a certified social media strategist it was obvious to me that it would take me forever to be an expert in all the social media platforms. For starters I didn’t love all those social platforms so I knew I had to really think about which social network would suit me the most. But c’mon is there really such a thing as a Social Media Expert?

If it’s true that you must invest 10,000 hours in studying a specific topic to be an expert can you imagine spending that much time in each social network? That to me seems like a path to burnout.

So I knew Pinterest was perfect for me because of the nature of how the platform works and the types of business I knew I could help because of my education, background, interests, and knowledge.

Pinterest Managers Make This Common Business Mistake

When I am coaching Pinterest managers one of the most frequently asked questions I hear is: why is it so hard to prospect and close new business. The first question I ask them is “who is your target audience”? Often they’ll say small businesses, or bloggers, or some will say “everybody, I just want to get a client”. 

When I tell them they need to narrow their market it feels limiting and frightening to them. If they can’t make a sale now how will they ever close business by marketing to fewer people? Yikes! 

Businesses Get Built on Concrete Expertise

What many people don’t realize, including Pinterest managers is that if you are a specialist, the easier it is to succeed. By homing in on a niche you can be unique and stand out within your industry. Bottom line; being a generalist will lead you down the path of; frustration, worry, and ultimately put you out of business. 

Here are three good reasons why choosing a niche is vital to your Pinterest management business:

1. Your Customers Trust You More

When you understand and have experience your client’s business it resonates with them and that helps build trust.

Customers can feel your authenticity and industry knowledge and that results in a bond. On the flip side, trying to appeal to several types of customers can create a disconnect. If you aren’t truly aligned with a customer, or truly know their experiences or interests, they will detect your lack of knowledge and assume you are not an expert. Also, claiming to be an expert in many business verticals can dilute your brand attractiveness because it’s not possible to be an expert in too many verticals, and this creates doubt.

When you have a specialty you will have more confidence than being a generalist because you will be able to meet the needs of your customer better. As a Pinterest manager I have seen this many times.

2. Helps You Stand Out from Other Pinterest Managers

When people reach out to me for Pinterest management services they are required to fill out a questionnaire so that I can identify how I can them stand out from the millions of businesses on Pinterest. From my years of experience managing Pinterest accounts, those who intimately know how their products differ from their competition are the ones that do amazing well. As Pinterest managers we are able to identify the correct keywords they should leverage first so they dominate it. 

3. You’re Going to Make More Money Baby

You make more money in the long run with a niche because you’ll be targeting a more specific group rather than one with mass appeal. Maybe there’s a reason why a cardiologist make more money than a general practitioner? 

Choosing a niche shouldn’t feel like a daunting task.

4. You’re Going to Win at Nothing

Being all things to all people is disastrous, be it a product or service. But when you are an expert at something, not only do you gain more customer trust, you also gain more brand recognition. If you do everything, you’re going to be average at everything, and you will blend in with the crowd. If that’s okay with you then at least now you know that you’re not going to be the best at what you do.

If you do a lot of things but are amazing at one specific thing, you will stand out.  For example I know enough about social media marketing in general but Pinterest marketing is my wheelhouse. I spend most of my energy on just that one platform. In addition, I ONLY cater to certain types of business. Businesses that I have a lot of passion for and experience in. I’ll have more fun too!

The key here is that you become known. People may learn about your business because of a specialty you provide, even if they’re looking for a different service you provide.

To select your niche begin by asking yourself these questions:

1) Of all the businesses who could use my service, who am I most passionate about working with? Who do I most closely identify with, understand – even sympathize with?

2) If I have to devote a lot of time and effort to learning about a particular industry or demographic which one would I enjoy the most? Which one do I already know the most about?

3) What topics, knowledge or information do I have the most experience with? For example, I owned and operated a spa for six years. So I know a lot about; skin care, makeup, health and wellness, and so on. When I speak with business owners in this industry I can relate to their needs, concerns, problems, and so on. I am educated in this field. As a Pinterest manager health and beauty is one of our niches at White Glove Social Media. 

Summary: Your Success Rate Drops When You Are All Things to People

Choosing a niche is a well-tested strategy to stand apart in a sea of generalists. Being a generalist means that you have potentially thousands of competitors, all thinking big and vying for the same market, same customers, and same piece of the pie as you. When you do this you risk seeing your success rate drop especially if all your competitors offer the same services you do and market themselves in a similar way. When that happens you’ll end up lowering your price just to get the client because your competition offers the exact same thing. Do you really want to offer Walmart prices? 

Do the smart thing and find a small pond in which you can be a big fish. If you compete for everything, you’re going to win at nothing. However, if you pick one area to concentrate on, you can focus your efforts and stand out in your market.

If you want to become a successful Pinterest manager or would like to start a Pinterest management service business this is the smart and best place to start


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