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How to Use Pinterest For business: Introducing the White Glove Pinterest Expert Mentorship Program

How to use pinterest for business


There’s no cutting corners when it comes to success. You have to do the right things, the right way, in the right sequence or success is elusive.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. You throw yourself into your problems and burn a ton of valuable time trying to figure things out as you go. Honestly who has time to spare?
  2. Or you can protect your time and accelerate your sales growth by working with me and gaining access the most up to date and proven tactics that work on Pinterest right now.

The most successful entrepreneurs are not overnight successes.

It takes years of trial and error to amass the experience and knowledge that got them to where they are today. That’s me an internationally recognized Pinterest expert. Been there / done that.

What that means to you is that I can help you avoid the 7 deadly most common mistakes businesses are making on Pinterest, protect your time and help you win with Pinterest faster.

Ask yourself…do you have time to waste… because if not, you will learn how to use Pinterest much faster with me as your mentor than trying to figure it out alone.


With How To Use Pinterest For Business 3 Month Mentorship you receive:


With the How To Use Pinterest For Business 3 month mentorship program:

Your account will be set up professionally and correctly leveraging all the most up to date Pinterest rules and best practices from Anna Bennett to help your business take off. This is huge and critically important for Pinterest success. Our team of experts will do it for you!

How To Use Pinterest For Business

With the How To Use Pinterest For Business 3 month mentorship program:

A Pinterest marketing audit and a list of strategic recommendations including a step by step checklist detailing exactly what you need to do and in what sequence. The most up to date, proven strategies and tactics.

We’ll conduct a full on hands on analysis of your Pinterest efforts…

· an in-depth audit of what you are doing
· identify where you can improve
· and show / tell you how to do it in hands on coaching sessions

With the How To Use Pinterest For Business mentorship program your Pinterest mentor-ship program also includes:

  • The creation of 5 images perfectly designed for your business
  • Instructions on how to buy Pinterest ads
  • A guideline on what content to create based on your most popular pins and boards
  • Instructions on who and how many people to follow every month
  • Instructions on what to repin every month
  • All your boards will be re-organized and set up correctly for maximum impact
  • Guidelines on how to write your pin descriptions so your products get found first in the Pinterest search engine (which means you get more eyes balls & traffic)
  • A list of recommended tools to add to your website so shoppers share your stuff on Pinterest
  • Instructions & guidelines on how to write emotional blog titles that get more shares
  • A list of Pinterest tools to add to your blogs to help you to get boat loads more followers
  • Instructions, checklist, and guidelines on what to do daily, weekly and monthly to manage your Pinterest account.  This is essential to your success.


The How To Use Pinterest For Business mentorship program is affordable!

Your investment: not $4,011 only $1,997!

  • 3 month subscription: Traffic Wonker Scheduling Tool to Get More Repins (value $24)
  • 3 month subscription: Viraltag’s Scheduling Tool (value $87)
  • 3 month subscription: MiloTree Awesome Plan (value $18)
  • 3 x 60 minutes coaching session with me! (value $594)
  • 3 month email support ($1791)
    • one email/day
    • Monday to Friday only from 9-5 PST
    • 48 hour response time

Are you ready to find out How To Use Pinterest For Business and grow your business

NOTE: There is a three-month waiting list for this program.



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