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Pinterest Marketing Strategies: Pinterest Top 100 Trends Report of 2020: What Consumers Want

Pinterest marketing strategies

Pinterest marketing strategies

What is a Pinterest marketing strategy?

A Pinterest marketing strategy is a plan to achieve a specific goal within your Pinterest account.

What is an example of a Pinterest marketing strategy?

One example would be to post helpful content in order to build trust with a new audience as opposed to only pushing product.

Are these strategies easy to apply?

Yes they are easy to apply all you need is a little bit of guidance from an expert and a different perspective of what your Pinterest account will offer your target audience.


Pinterest marketing strategies 101 says to make sure your efforts line up with what the buying audience wants.  72% of Pinterest users use the platform to find new ideas on how they can make their lives better or for exploring DIY hobbies for all parts of their lives. Pinterest tracks what users are searching for year over year. The benefit to you as a business or a blogger are they help you formulate your Pinterest marketing strategies. If you use these insights correctly you’ll develop very smart Pinterest marketing strategies get to stay ahead of your competition.

Pinterest recently revealed analysis of the things that 322 million Pinterest users want to buy and try in 2020. This data includes global search volumes from August 2017–July 2018 and August 2018–July 2019. These 100 ideas are categorized a little differently this year; in 10 cultural themes.  If you want to develop potent Pinterest marketing strategies then let’s begin!

Pinterest Marketing Strategies Expert Actionable Tip: Use this data to help you craft the blog posts, create new products, and plan your Pinterest marketing strategies & campaigns at the right time.

Beyond gendered labels and structured options

No surprise here since last year, searches for “transgender transition” have increased 3919%!

  • Gender neutral names list +301%
  • Unisex gender neutral kids clothes +119%
  • Gender neutral party themes +35%
  • Kids playroom ideas gender neutral +75%
  • Unisex nursery gender neutral +527%
  • Androgynous wedding dress +51%
  • Tuxedo dress +99%
  • Gender neutral haircut +625%
  • Inclusive education posters +91%
  • Androgyne flag +33%


Sustainable and eco-friendly ideas

Protecting the environment for future generations is a popular topic on Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest has found Millennials and Gen Z’ers are each twice as likely to search for sustainability ideas compared to Pinteret users over 38 years old. Heck Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old from Stockholm was named TIME’s Person of the Year 2019. What does that tell you? The search term “sustainable living for beginners” is up by 265%4 since 2019.

  • Climate change protest signs +5961%
  • Low-waste lifestyle +446%
  • Eco-friendly swaps +172%
  • Thrifted home decor +308%
  • Ocean trash art +39%
  • Thrifted wedding dress +41%
  • Solar light crafts +427%
  • Secondhand fashion +38%
  • Low-waste wedding +235%
  • Thrift store crafts +2276%


Finding life balance and health habits

In October 2019 Pinterest introduced a collection of emotional well-being activities to their app for the U.S. users.  All you have to do is search for #pinterestwellbeing on Pinterest’s search engine to jump into exercises for feeling gratitude and self-compassion, along with other interactive practices that could help you improve your mood. If you’re outside U.S. and you search for #pinterestwellbeing you’ll see something like this as shown in the image below.



  • Self discovery journal prompts +147%
  • Social media detox +314%
  • Embrace being single +49%
  • Chicory root benefits +91%
  • Art therapy activities +444%
  • Sea moss benefits +380%
  • Mood booster playlist +85%
  • Ylang ylang essential oil benefits +91%
  • Feng shui decor +137%
  • Cucumber juice benefits +99%

Home life

  • Garden room +104%
  • Micro-greens growing indoor +223%
  • Work from home outfit +82%
  • Granny pods backyard cottage +159%
  • Audio room +803%
  • Brewing equipment +411%
  • Indoor water fountains +917%
  • Home theater design +368%
  • Home coffee stations +751%
  • Homemade baby foods +379%


International home and food 

  • Spanish style bathrooms +309%
  • Indian living rooms +2080%
  • French antiques +384%
  • Australian garden landscaping +781%
  • Japanese soaking tubs +563%
  • Macedonian food +509%
  • Filipino desserts +76%
  • Arabic sweets +407%
  • West African food +311%
  • Kerala food breakfast +78%


Pampered and spoiled pets

  • Pet resort +260%
  • Dog patio ideas apartment +131%
  • Cat playground outdoor +512%
  • Dog toilet area garden +214%
  • Goat playground ideas pallet playhouse +150%
  • Blind dog halo DIY +97%
  • Pet fashion +199%
  • Cat bday party ideas +156%
  • Dog safe cake recipe +167%
  • Pet memorials +261%



  • Train travel +107%
  • Zero waste travel essentials +48%
  • Weekend staycation +38%
  • Eco city concept +47%
  • Eco friendly travel +73%
  • Agritourism ideas +57%
  • Abroad education +32%
  • Ecotourism architecture +31%
  • Travel stories +125%
  • Reduce carbon footprint tips +86%


Pinterest marketing strategies


Outdoors adventures

  • Lake fishing tips +274%
  • Rockhounding +185%
  • Rabbit hutches +191%
  • Nature travel +253%
  • Bushcraft camping +1069%
  • Aurora borealis northern lights +90%
  • Outdoor kitchen bars +2795%
  • Outdoor play areas +550%
  • Bring outdoors inside +108%
  • Hiking fashion +194%


Space and Science

  • Astrology party theme +247%
  • Two the moon birthday party +589%
  • Galaxy themed birthday party +341%
  • Pipe cleaner constellations +102%
  • STEM space activities for kids +135%
  • Easy galaxy painting +157%
  • NASA hoodie +106%
  • Piercing ear constellation +112%
  • Geometric space tattoos +267%
  • Planet makeup +217%


90s comeback

  • 90s cartoons +227%
  • 90s outfit party hip hop +322%
  • 90s fashion grunge +292%
  • 90s music artists +165%
  • Lip liner and gloss +144%
  • Hair clips 90s +930%
  • Y2K outfits +669%
  • 90s braids hairstyles +329%
  • Streetwear 90s +277%
  • Hair scrunchie +6309%



If you’re a business or a blogger you want to make sure that you are part of the Pinner’s journey of discovery as they save these ideas. This is how you formulate powerful and relevant Pinterest marketing strategies. That is your goal right?

By reaching Pinners at the beginning of their planning process (which is really Pinterest marketing strategies 101), you start to build trust which is vital in digital marketing today. Regardless of who your target audience is you can connect with shoppers based on common interests. Just make sure your content is always actionable so they can try it themselves.




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