How would you feel if received $25,000 from the Pinterest's Creator Fund? Yes, you heard that right, $25k!  Or how about doubling the amount of traffic to your ecommerce website, work less, and earn more ?

Yes YOU can! I’ll show you how in my
Best Pinterest Marketing for Business and Creators Online Course!

If you’ve been dreaming of sharing your passion and clever ideas this is your chance to shine brightly in 2023. The best part? You don’t even need a website. You just need to join Pinterest as a creator. It's free!

Pinterest wants you to build a community around your passion. What’s in it for you? If done well, you can earn money through the  paid partnership tool, product tagging in Idea Pins, Pinterest TV, the Pinterest Creator Fund and more to come. This is just some of the ways on how to make money on Pinterest.

Do you think it’s really smart to ignore Pinterest? 

Picture a better business
 for yourself, one with:

More traffic and leads
Making money without a  website
Having more time with the ones you love
Beating your competition
Doing what you truly love
Amazing brand presence

It’s totally possible,
 I did it! 

And so have thousands of other entrepreneurs.

news flash!

You can get all that & more by strategically using Pinterest the way
it is designed to be used today.This course will show you how to grow your account organically, how to make money with Idea Pins as a Pinterest creator & with Pinterest ads.

A one-time payment of $69
with a 2-year access. That's it.
You tell me where you'll find a better price? :)


The Best Pinterest Marketing for Business course is a step by step proven plan to master Pinterest & drive marketing and business results. Avoid the frustration of making all the common mistakes so many business users make. Learn how to get more eyeballs on your website. Remember traffic = no sales!


"Pinterest Marketing for Business is invaluable. The keyword section alone has changed my business! I have never encountered her methods or strategy in any other course. Because of Anna's expertise in Pinterest SEO I was able to help my clients get found high on Pinterest's search engine. Before you rush into Pinterest, take this course & learn how to develop a solid Pinterest strategy and learn what you need to do to succeed on the platform. This is the ONLY course you need, whether you’re a newbie or a professional. 

If you need Pinterest for your business to succeed then you need to take this course!" - Lynora Dobry



cares about the small moments


Example # 1:
An important keyword for me is
"Pinterest Marketing Expert".

I am on the first page in organic search results. This is a free listing folks! 

If you are not on the first page of Google in organic search you are missing the majority of your buyers when they search. 

My proven step by step blueprint works. 

And it is easy to apply. Anyone can do it. 

I’m the farthest thing from a computer person you can imagine. I just know how to use Pinterest strategically.

Stop going around in circles trying to figure out Pinterest on your own

There are three key areas that you have to master on Pinterest. That's it!

I will show you the exact strategies and tactics that WORK TODAY. This is what I am using right now for the business accounts that I manage.

In fact, Pinterest is a lot simpler than it used to be but no one is telling you the truth! I will. 

Dr. Phil would ask: “how is that working for you?” 

Idea Pins!

Image credit: Pinterest

The best part is I share it all; there are no little secrets that I hoard just to myself. 

My blueprint + your business = wow!


INCREASED FROM 40 to 4,000 followers in 4 months!

"Your Pinterest Marketing for Business online course has put me in the position to stay at home & work on my dream job. Not only am I gaining more leads & traffic to my website, I also picked up freelance work as a Pinterest Account Manager.

Now I can comfortably build my business from home without worrying about finances. I just want you to know that your work with me has been life changing.

I couldn't be happier!!! Thank you! xoxo". -

"Anna's Pinterest Marketing for Business Course helped me increase traffic from 40 to almost 4,000 followers in less than 4 months!"

I now easily gain 1,000 followers a month following her best practices. I started with her course & then decided to up it a notch & take her personalized coaching program. That paid off in the 1st week when she noted I was doing something that would have shut my site down. The following weeks were equally helpful as she zoned in on things I thought I was doing well but with her advice I easy doubled my traffic & SEO results". - Patty


One of the biggest businesses make on Pinterest are their images. They think okay let's just slap any picture and we're done. Heck no!

What you may not realize is that you need the right pin designs, the right type of Pinterest image (will it be Idea pin, Standard pin, Carousel pin, Video pin, etc.), and the correct elements positioned on the image. 

In fact, there is a specific style of image on Pinterest that is getting the highest engagement out of all the different types of pins. If you're still doing the same old same old a year ago, then that's why your numbers are going down!

You will learn how to create visuals that attract, engage and convert your audience.

Image credit: Pinterest

Are you thinking to yourself…

I so get that.  

As I started to manage more and more Pinterest accounts for bloggers and Ecommerce businesses it didn’t take me long to realize that the vast majority of business owners really had no clue about how Pinterest worked. 

These businesses thought Pinterest was another social media platform like Facebook. That is 

totally wrong.

So what are they doing wrong? They're using the same images that they use on other social networks. YIKES! A BIG NO NO!

I have seen people pin thousands of images (usually the wrong types, shapes and sizes) on Pinterest and wonder why it’s not impacting their blog traffic or Ecommerce. They are using Pinterest all wrong! 

The good news is that it is so easy to use Pinterest the right way if you follow a proven step by step guide. I'll be honest. There is definitely a learning curve especially if you don't have an eye for great design.

Sure you can use Canva but so many people are using it the wrong way. By the end of the course you will know which templates from Canva you should focus on and how to make them unique so it's consistent with your branding. 

Once you begin to use my proven step by step blueprint it will totally change the way you think about and use Pinterest. And that my friends will be your golden key to success. 



"I have nothing but high praises for Anna's Pinterest Marketing for Business online course! I knew nothing about Pinterest & had no idea about how to promote my business & drive traffic to my website. Her course covers EVERYTHING you need to know about Pinterest, from soup to nuts. 

In less than 2 weeks my board rank #1 under my most important keywords. My followers are steadily increasing & started to get traffic to my website. 

I have every confidence that with Anna's continued advice and tutelage that it won't be long before Pinterest will play an integral part in my business success!"

"Pinning for fun is easy. Learning to pin for me as a business is a different ball game.

I am extremely grateful for Anna's EXCELLENT Pinterest Marketing for Business course and her timely, personal follow-up she has given me!


Key # 2: Investing in Pinterest ads is a must

Like it or not ecommerce businesses, bloggers, & service based businesses have to invest in Pinterest ads. If you only rely on your organic activity it's going to take you a lot longer to reach your goals. In fact, what's the point of producing all that great content if no one sees it?

This course will help you grow organicaly but I will also go in-depth about how to create the most popular types of campaigns, what your budget should be, what key metrics to measure, & so much more. We charge a min. $997/month for ads management so you'll get an inside peek on what we do exactly.

Ads do work! Look at how we've helped our client. Check out those sales baby:)

BOTTOM LINE? You have to do both organic and buy ads. Period.



"If you really want to master Pinterest Marketing for your business then my advice is to stop Googling & go straight to The Pinterest Recognised Expert.. Anna Bennett.

After undertaking both of Anna’s course my business has boomed!

Anna delivers her courses in an easy to follow step by step format covering every aspect of Pinterest along with helpful printables & checklists. Everytime she helps me I would feel pumped & motivated with absolute clarity. I cannot thank Anna enough for her dedication to my education and the success of my business. ."  - Dee Smith

"I'm on Chapter 3 of your Pinterest Marketing for Business course and I have already got way more than what I paid for! The best investment I have ever made.

Thank you so much Anna!"
- Baja Baby Gear

1. Proven tactics to get more traffic
2. Lifetime access
3. Important algorithm changes
4. 5 hrs. of video tutorials
5. Templates & checklists to help you stay organized

I'll Tell You

The BLUEPRINT: So you are thinking… what’s in that darn blueprint that is so freekin' awesome?  

1. It’s vital that your account is set-up correctly from the beginning (the majority get this wrong).

2. That means mastering Pinterest SEO & learning what Pinterest SEO is.

3. Why you need to use Pinterest language for your keywords!

4. Avoid winging it and make sure you’re using the right keywords so Pinterest users find you when they’re looking for your types of products and services. 

Hint: Google keywords are not the same thing.



You are going to learn how to create a new & improved Pinterest marketing strategy to ensure you avoid making mistakes that waste time.

Avoiding these mistakes will also ensure that you have a solid foundation to build upon.   



1. The only pinning strategy you need for 2022.

2. Could pinning too much hurt you? Yes! In fact, Pinterest will penalize you! They can boot you out! Yikes! Find out how much is too much.

3. You’ll learn what types of images you need to pin to your boards and the critical “do’s and don'ts” for creating your pin descriptions. 

4. Templates for blog posts, products, recipes, and more are provided so you know exactly what to write.



1. It’s all about the boards!

2. Learn exactly what types of boards you must create to reach your ideal target audience.

3. If you fail to optimize your boards correctly you’ll undermine how your pins (images) get found on Pinterest. Ouch!

4. How to rearrange your boards in the right order to help you get more followers.



Pinterest creators are getting paid by Pinterest for $300 to $1k per content!

By the end of the chapter you will learn everything you need to become a successful Pinterest creator with affiliate links, brand partnerships, and get paid by Pinterest through the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program.

The best part? You don't need a website or a blog!



1. Create the right content at the right time to get more eyeballs.  

2. Learn how and why your blogs continue to go viral on Pinterest for several years longer than on other social networks. 

3. See how to set-up your blog to get more Pinterest followers.



1. This chapter alone is worth the entire course! Pay to play helps you get quicker results. 

2. Most businesses almost always choose the wrong campaign objective. So they end up losing more money! I'll show the correct campaign to choose in a step by step tutorial. 

3. A must for those who are starting with no followers!

4. Pouring a ton of money into ads is NOT the answer. If you don't get the first step right, you won't make more sales!



1. Learn where to strategically place your opt-in boxes to grow your email subscribers on autopilot. 

2. Discover what types of freebies Pinners will gobble up to help you get more fans & clicks. 




1. Pinterest is an endless array of visual content. Your first step in creating a successful image is to make sure it stands out in people’s feed. We’ll show you exactly how to do that.

2. Stop buying the same templates everyone is using! I'll show you how to get them for FREE & make it unique to your brand.

3. Learn all about Idea Pins and what images works best for different types of businesses.



1. Know exactly how to manage your account on a; daily, weekly, & monthly basis. 

2. You no longer need Tailwind! I'll show you another tool you can use for free! 

3. Consistency is one of the keys to success on Pinterest. Don’t just decide to fill your boards one week and skip the following week and expect to get great results. A template is included to help you stay on track and organized!



1. Inspect what you expect. You'll see if what you're doing is working or not!

2. By the end of this chapter you’ll learn which important metrics to track.

3. Get actionable tips on how to make even better content to improve traffic month after month.



You have two choices

Which way do you go: more struggles & seeing other people get what you want or grabbing a big ole piece of that success pie that you know you deserve?

Look forward in your life three to six months from now… do you want to be in a new better place or stuck where you are right now? If you keep doing what you're doing you'll keep getting more of the same old old. Is that really smart?

Choice 1

Choice 2



I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate how you serve your customers way after we took the course. 

Nowadays one tends to take things for granted, because "I paid for it". But what you do and how you do it is an outstanding example how online teachers should go about their business.

Because of your course I was able to attract more than 120,000 Pinterest-driven unique users. You definitely exceeded my expectation! I'm so glad I found you. 
Thanks a lot – you really rock! - Svenja Walter

As a solopreneur living outside my own country I have found that it is possible to earn money & and increase revenues by targeting online sales of my paintings, prints, greeting cards & and tote bags. I felt that Pinterest would be a perfect platform for the work. But after trying several online classes via Skillshare, Lynda & Udemy, I was getting confused & frustrated, until I found Anna Bennett's class Pinterest Marketing for Business online course.

It is a bargain if you look at ROI. Anna takes the student through the soup-to-nuts process of setting up the Pinterest page, critical boards, keywords, the importance of choosing a name, strategic posting times, styles & content, & must-have additional related boards to develop client relationships.

She really "gets" Pinterest, & I love her no-nonsense, straightforward approach to maximizing the Pinterest platform for your business. - Elaine Kehew 

Meet Pinterest Marketing Expert Anna Bennett

Anna was honored to be a part of Pinterest's Elite Pinterest Business Experts team. What that means to you is you are getting a course from a person Pinterest themselves considers a Pinterest Marketing expert.  

My great joys are my two; super cute, smart and funny nieces, Zumba, home decorating, going for walks with my hubby, and helping others fulfill their potential (make more money).

My decision to focus on Pinterest marketing changed my life for the better. I live in the rewards of Pinterest marketing every day.  

I owned and operated a best-in-class luxury day spa, offered consulting, and coaching to spa owners, and even developed my own line of cosmetics. (Called Oceana Mineral Make Up, I still love that name.)

My life before Pinterest

In real life, Anna is a loving wife, interior decorating aficionado, obsessive crafter; unwilling angler (she will never go deep sea fishing again!), a tennis player, golfer and enthusiastic NFL fan (go Seahawks!). 
If you are just starting out as an online entrepreneur, Etsy seller, blogger, Amazon shop owner or if you are the social media manager for an interior designer, a kid’s toy store, a makeup shop or a big brand like Crate and Barrel or Tory Burch learning how to master Pinterest from me will, reduce your stress and start getting traffic, leads & sales from Pinterest!

My life outside Pinterest

$ Back Guarantee

Seriously, what have you got to lose? 

If you would like a refund before the 30-day period we require proof that you have implemented my lessons.

A 10% processing fee will be deducted that 10% fee is
non-refundable(and you can even keep the course on building up your confidence).


Q: How is this course different from other Pinterest courses? 

A:It is written by me, someone who has managed accounts for businesses since 2012 vs. an internet marketing person who writes courses based solely on research and their own use. You have to decide who probably has more valuable lessons to teach you.

If you check out other courses you’ll see that their course creators do not have any Pinterest services to offer. That should give you clues that they have not mastered Pinterest the way I have.

What that means to you is with my course you’re actually working with a legitimate Pinterest expert and not just a researcher. 

I have worked in over 15 verticals and know what works and doesn’t work in each. There are huge differences. HUGE.

Those 15 verticals are the ones I use examples for in my course. Researchers are not qualified to offer the depth of knowledge I can because they have only used Pinterest for their one business.

a) MY "NO FLUFF" lessons are very easy to learn and apply because I use a step by step proven formula.

b) This course teaches you how to grow your account organically and with paid ads. 

Q: I’m super busy. How long will it take me to
complete the course?

A:  The course is approximately 5 hours long but you can go at your own pace.
Which means you can watch a few minutes here and there when you do have time. It could take you a few days or the weekend. You are in control of the pace.

Q: Is your course up to date with Pinterest’s best practices?

A: Heck ya! I show you 'what's working now'. I manage Pinterest accounts every day so it’s vital that I stay up to date with Pinterest’s ever changing algorithm and best practices. What may have worked a year ago doesn’t work today. 

Plus: bottom line if you spot something that you think needs tweaking let me know and I’ll be sure to update it. I want you to be happy with my work. 

Q: What is the format of your course?

A: Video lessons and printed material. You can watch the lessons on any device, at any time as long as you can get internet access. 

Q: Why don’t I just read blogs? Why do I have to buy a course?

A: How do you really know that what you’re reading is accurate and up to date? And more importantly, how is that blogger even qualified to write about Pinterest marketing? What's their credibility?

Do you really want to play scavenger hunt for the right information? You will save a ton of headache, time and money if you simply take my course. People tell me all the time that’s why I know.


"About 8 months ago I had read through Anna’s first chapter, which she offers for free. That helped me see I needed to be using Pinterest for my business, since our products are very visual. But I didn’t feel like I could justify the price of the program.

I am so impressed with the professionalism of her presentations. By the time I had gotten through chapter 5 I felt like I had gleaned enough information to more that justify the cost of the program, and I had 7 more chapters to go!

Anna really walks the talk. From the way her website looks, to her photos and videos, plus all the information that is included in this class, It just WOW’s the mind. 

I have now deleted one of my accounts, and am taking a good hard look at the boards I have. My titles are better, my descriptions are better, my account is making sense now.

I feel like I have some consistency and I owe it all to Anna Bennett and the “Pinterest Marketing for Business” course at White Glove Social Media.

I know that Pinterest will be an on-going project for us, but I now feel like I have the confidence and training to make it Pinterest work for us". - Renee Hasner,Where Sisters Create

It is time for greatness!

If not now when? Seriously.
How much longer do you want to struggle with the frustration of not knowing the right way to maximize Pinterest to impact your business and life? 

Learn the proven Pinterest strategies and tips that will save you time and money!


REG. $297