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Pinterest Marketing for Business Expert: Avoid 7 BIG Mistakes

Pinterest marketing for business


7 Common Mistakes Businesses Make On Pinterest and How to Fix Them

Are you a solopreneur or a small business owner? Have you heard that Pinterest marketing for business may be good for your business or maybe you started and then stopped Pinterest a few years ago and you’re now thinking of taking a stab at it again?

I get calls from all types of businesses every week and I am very candid about what it takes to win when doing Pinterest marketing for business. Many are so focused on their day to day business they don’t realize that some of their competition is already doing Pinterest marketing for business and totally crushing them by sending 1000s of shoppers and buyers from Pinterest to their websites every month. 

As a Pinterest marketing for business expert I’m going to reveal the truth about what it takes to be successful on Pinterest and to help ensure that your investment pays off in the long run.

The key is to STOP making these seven mistakes. Otherwise forget about Pinterest all together. Seriously.

1. Stop doing it all

One of the biggest challenges I see solopreneurs and small businesses making is that they are juggling too many tasks. There’s no harm in asking for some help, especially if this can help improve your business and get it up and running. As much as we would all like to get everything done the way we want it to, it can become a lot to deal with, especially if you are on your own. You shouldn’t feel like you have to do everything on your own.

They need to be honest with themselves and realize that they are not an expert in every aspect of the business; be it accounting, social media, SEO, web building, graphics, content marketing, etc. and to the degree that they can to outsource select jobs to experts to improve results. For example, having an online presence or a social media presence doesn’t guarantee any success if it just sits there. You’ve got to work it, master it, and be committed to it.

Pinterest marketing for business expert suggests that you do what you do best and outsource the jobs that you suck at or have zero knowledge about.

2. Stop thinking Pinterest is a social network

People fail to realize that Pinterest is a search engine like Google and not a social media network. Unfortunately some businesses also doesn’t understand what SEO is, how important it is to them or how it works. If you are going to use Pinterest marketing for business that is a big problem if you want to do business online.

Then without realizing Pinterest is a search engine they use it wrong, they apply to their Pinterest marketing the same tactics they use for Facebook, Instagram and so on which is not going to work.

Pinterest marketing for business

Each social network is different. Here’s what I mean by that; take coffee as an example.

  • On Facebook, you would say here’s the coffee latte I am drinking today
  • On Instagram, here’s a picture of me making my coffee latte and
  • On Pinterest here’s how to make coffee latte


The behavior on each social network is unique which means you have to tailor your content based on the mindset of the user. But the mistake people make is that they are either; too lazy to adjust for each platform, they don’t know or have the time. Many don’t want to decipher how to make that winning recipe unique for each social network. Fortunately at White Glove Social Media being Pinterest marketing for business experts we do all the thinking for our clients. We look at the resources people have and we say okay, here’s how you need to modify or change this content so it meets the needs of your Pinterest audience.

3. They don’t know how to use Pinterest’s search engine for Pinterest marketing

Think of what you do on Google, you go to a search box and type in keywords, things you are searching for right? That is the same behavior Pinners engage in on Pinterest, they go to a search box and type in keywords or phases of things they are looking for, that is a search engine.

Pinterest’s search engine also has another vital feature called the Guided Search Tool as shown below. How it works is that you type a keyword in the search box and then Pinterest will reveal additional words below the search engine. This is an essential tool to master if you use Pinterest marketing for business.

Pinterest marketing for business

Those words are keywords or topics and they show up based on the popularity of what people are searching for on Pinterest right now with the most popular always displayed first on the left.

Many people don’t understand what to even do with those keywords, and how they need to leverage those keywords so that their content (your images) gets found on Pinterest. If you’ve read my blogs you know I keep saying that Pinterest is partly science. This is one of those areas.

4. They don’t know the importance of images

Pinterest is a visual platform where people go to look for; help, solve their problems, save their wish lists on their boards, and to discover new things they never thought of before.

There is a specific size and a specific type of image that you need to have based on your vertical. If you’re in the food and drink vertical your recipes will do best in a step by step tutorial format, if you are in the home decor business you need lifestyle images so people can see the different ways to use your product whether it be a sofa, an artwork, and so on. If you are a service business you need to have text overlay on your image so people know what they can expect to learn.  

Pinterest marketing for business

Before I even consider taking on a client I go through their images to see what we can do with them and what the plan is moving forward. Many of the images I see are not ready for prime time. Remember Pinterest marketing is a visual platform folks, your images have to be awesome, high-quality, and high-resolution. But more importantly they need to be both: inspirational and informational.

Pinterest algorithm 2018 has changed again!

Images are more important than ever before because Pinterest’s algorithm changed a few months ago. If you want more eyeballs on your content, if you want them to get found on the top of the search when shoppers are looking for your types of products to buy, you need new images, images that you have never used before. It has to be fresh content. But here’s the catch, the pin descriptions have to be different too. Gone are the days when you could just keep sharing the same images over and over. That was called looping.

You might have heard that pinning from other sources and not just pinning your own images is important. As a Pinterest marketing for business expert one of the two biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to saving content from other’s Pinterest pages is that they simply don’t have the natural ability to decipher what is a great image and what is a downright terrible image. Remember I said earlier that Pinterest is part science? Well it also part art. Do you think anyone can be an interior decorator? Heck, I wouldn’t leave that to my husband to decide.

The second mistake I see people make when repinning is that they’re not keeping the images consistent with their branding. For example, if your brand has that bohemian feel to it, why would you pin images that reflect a modern look, a classic trendy look, and so on. It wouldn’t make sense.

Pinterest marketing for business

Think about the last time you went shopping? Was the look and feel consistent throughout the store? Or did you feel like you were in a different store at every given turn? Branding is important because it helps you stand out. People will remember you more. Stop copying what other people and especially what your competition is doing. Be different, and do it better.

5. They’re just pushing their products

Businesses focus so much on just pushing their product. They try to hard sell all the time. What businesses fail to understand is that Pinterest users prefer to be helped and educated and inspired not just sold too, so they make that big mistake too.

Our Pinterest marketing for business team has done a variety of testing and one thing we are certain of is that only pinning your products is going to result in losing followers and less engaged viewers. We’ve seen it time and time and again.

Let me put it this way. If you went to a restaurant and your only choice was one dish, how often would you go back to that restaurant? At some point, you’re going to get sick of eating the same thing over and over. We all do. So if you’re audience only sees the same stuff over and over how do you think they are going to feel? It’s the same thing. You’re going to bore them like crazy and as a result, you won’t be successful at getting engagement; that means repins (means people saving your content) and clicks.

Pinterest marketing for business

6. They don’t think about their target audience

Some businesses don’t realize that when choosing a social network they need to think about where their audience flocks to. Where are they hanging out? Where are they spending most of their time? For example, if you’re going fishing and you want to catch salmon doesn’t it make sense to know where you can catch the most salmon?

Over 80% of Pinterest users are women.

If your customers and those you want to attract are the Millennials, Moms, and women then you need to be on Pinterest.

So think of all the verticals that applies to: hair and beauty, home décor, fashion, DIY crafts, kids and parenting, weddings, fitness, food, travel, to name a few.

The largest audience on Pinterest happens to be the Millennial moms. That’s important because if you are engaging in Pinterest marketing for business you need to know that they comprise the fastest-growing consumer segment in America and according to Accenture Millennial buyers are projected to spend an annual $1.4 trillion by 2020. Don’t you want their money? 🙂

Pinterest marketing for business

7. You need to have a blog, mandatory not optional

A blog will help you get more traffic.

One of the reasons you need a blog is so you can connect and nurture your current customers and attract new customers that may have never heard of you before. Did you know that it takes about seven touch points before a customer will buy from you? You can’t do that just by pushing products. Online relationships require time just like your off-line relationships.

A lot of e-commerce sites struggle with blogging. If you’re just blogging once a week that isn’t enough to get you the traffic you desire. You’ll get some traffic but not a substantial amount. There are millions of blogs published every day. That’s what you’re competing with.

Remember I said you need to have new images with new pin descriptions to get your content to go viral on Pinterest because of their new algorithm? If all you are doing is pushing the same product images then obviously you will struggle on Pinterest. A blog will give you more mileage on Pinterest because you can create multiple Pinterest images for that blog. You can’t do that when it comes to a single product image.

Another reason to blog is that Pinterest users are looking for information that will help them architect the life they want. They hungry for knowledge – maybe it’s about how to lose weight or how to decorate a small bedroom or how to exfoliate your skin. If you have content that inspires people to take action you will stand out and you’ll do well. So a core principle of Pinterest marketing for business is to feed that hunger for knowledge.

Pinterest marketing for business


1. Don’t do it all by yourself.

We are not experts on every aspect of our business. Think of what can outsource so you can focus on the core parts of your business which is probably more fun for you anyway.

Get help from someone who’s done what you want to do. Don’t waste time by trying to figure it out on your own. It’s just not smart and you risk making huge costly mistakes.

2. Pinterest is a not social media network.

Ask yourself what is the best use of your valuable time? What’s working and what’s not? It may be time to ditch things that are simply not producing ROI.

What is better for your business: spreading yourself thin trying to do a little bit on a lot of platforms or mastering the one that can have the biggest impact on your business?

The biggest mistake you can make is to try to be on every social media network because there simply isn’t enough time to master all of them. Social media is constantly changing. Engaging in Pinterest marketing for business correctly is a big job. Who has the time to keep up with all the latest tactics, rules, etc for every platform?

If you have a team that can do that for you great, but if you’re a solopreneur you have to be great at one social at a time.


Pinterest marketing for business


3. Master Pinterest SEO

Make sure you understand and are prepared to use Pinterest SEO tactics successfully if you are going to use Pinterest marketing for business because even if you have the best images if no one finds you it doesn’t impact your business.

You need to invest in Pinterest long term too. It is a long term sales cycle. It is not immediate like a pay per click ad. You are building relationships and trust with consumer’s that can take some time, several months at least. Be patient. Know that going in.

4. Find out if your images will work for Pinterest.

5. Think of helpfulness instead of product pushing.

6. Is the majority of your target audience on Pinterest?

If so, then get serious about what it will take to be successful on Pinterest. Stop lollygagging and get going folks.

7. Those that have a blog will have more success on Pinterest.

Bottom line folks; Pinterest is the best platform to help you drive more traffic to your website because Pinners are in a buying mindset more than users from any other social site and they love bloggers.

So dominate it. Master it. Do everything better than your competition.

I used Pinterest to rank on the first page of Google under the terms; Pinterest expert or Pinterest consultant. I focused on accomplishing that specific goal. ONE GOAL AT A TIME.


Pinterest marketing for business


As a result I’ve never had to pay a penny for Google ads, saving me thousands of dollars. This is how our agency gets 98% of our business; because we get found on the first page of Google. Imagine if you could. You can if you follow my advice.

If you’re still not sure if Pinterest is for your business reach out to me via email at I can easily tell just by looking at someone’s blog and website if they should be on Pinterest.

To your success!



Pinterest marketing for business

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