The Pinterest marketing audit and strategy guide is designed for busy people who…

Who is this service for?

Do not have the time to master Pinterest Marketing but know the basics

Want a Pinterest expert to show them what to do every week & month

Would rather manage their own Pinterest business account but have someone create a step by step plan for them to start with

Pinterest marketing rules and algorithms are constantly changing. With my audit and strategy guide you’ll be up to date and stay ahead of your competition with the most current Pinterest marketing strategies. If you haven’t had an audit or cleaned-up your Pinterest account for at least one year this is for you.

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$1599 USD

How does this save me time?

This strategy guide does all the thinking and planning for you!

First, we''ll set-up your account correctly (value $799). It’s a powerful game plan to guide your Pinterest marketing success. I will look at…

What you are doing

Where you can improve

Tell you how to do it

How to SEO your brand profile so you rank high under “People” on Pinterest’s search engine.

Tips to promote your Pinterest business page through other socials and marketing materials.

Instructions on how to set-up your website and blog to get more Pinterest followers and visitors to share your products on Pinterest.

I’ll identify the correct keywords that connect with your target audience. The correct keywords and an SEO strategy will be presented to you so you can begin adding the best keywords for your business to your; pin descriptions, product titles & descriptions (and website) so your content gets found on the top of the search engine.

What's Included?





There's more!

Cleaning up 5 board titles and 5 board description and then optimizing them to rank high on both Pinterest’s & Google’s search engine.

Adjusting account settings within your account so you don’t miss vital information from Pinterest.

The types of images you should use that work best for your business.

3 branded Pinterest images to drive shoppers to your online store, freebies, and/or blog.

Instructions on how to manage your account: daily, weekly, & monthly activity checklists and templates.

A description & checklist of what to include in your pin descriptions so you get found on Pinterest before your competition.

A list of 4 board titles to help you get found by new customers.








We’ll clean up your boards and show you how to reorganize them in the future.

Pinning too much will put your account at risk! Suggestions on what images to save every month.

Suggestions on the best days and times to pin.

On-going updates of changes Pinterest makes with their algorithm for one year from the date of purchase.

A one 45-minute follow-up coaching session to review the recommendations of the audit and help you prioritize. (value of $149)

3-months of email support.





 (value of $1,791)



How long does this all take?

It typically takes three to four weeks to complete, but you may pay a rush fee to have it completed sooner.

To move forward with this Pinterest Strategic Marketing Audit & Strategy Guide, click the 'purchase now' button below. Once you have completed payment you will be notified. Then we will contact you directly to collect all the pertinent information we require to deliver the service.

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$1599 USD

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