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Pinterest Management Services Expert Reveals 9 Ways to Spy on Your Competitors with Pinterest

Pinterest management services

Pinterest Management Services Expert Reveals Nine Smart Ways to Spy on Your Competitors with Pinterest

Did you just start out on Pinterest and already feel anxious that you’ll never be able to beat and rank higher than your competition on Pinterest search for your keywords? Don’t worry about it.  You can catch them and overtake them. But first let me share a story with you.

I watched Tiger Woods win the Masters over the weekend. If you’ve never heard of the Masters its one of the most prestigious awards you can win as a professional golfer. It’s not the first time he won, in fact this is the 5th time he has won the Masters. Amazing right?

But what you may not know is Tiger was not always on the top. Just like your competitors may not always be on the top either. Tiger winning this past weekend is one of the greatest comeback stories in sports history after overcoming career-threatening back problems. He went on to say “It will be up there with one of the hardest I’ve had to win because of what has transpired in the last couple of years.”

Your Competition Will Not Always Stay on Top

So what I’m trying to say to you is that your competitors will not always be on top either. There are all sorts of reasons why people have setbacks.

“I was as patient as I have been in years. I kept control of my emotions, shots, placement,” said Woods. What can we as business people learn from that? Patience is the key. That means be patient if you think you’re not growing your followers fast enough. Have patience if your traffic isn’t converting into sales as quickly as you want. Focus on what you can control folks. You can’t control what your competition does but you can certainly control how you run your business. Keep doing all the right things and if they drop the ball you’ll be there to take first place like Tiger did this weekend.

So this brings us to how do we spy on our competition and what are we looking for?

Pinterest management services

From a Pinterest Management Services Expert here are nine ideas to get you started.

1. Make a list of your top 5 competitors.

You can do this two ways:

a) Go on Google and search via their company name. When you have found their website go to their home page and look for their social icons which are typically on the bottom of the page or above the fold somewhere. Above the fold means where the content is positioned in the upper half of a web page without scrolling down the page.

b) Or failing option “a” above go on Pinterest and type in their business name in the search box, then click “People” to the right of the search box.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t find them under “People” because if they have not properly optimized their Pinterest profile they won’t show up.

2) Observe what people are pinning from their website.

You can do this two ways. Let’s say you sell natural skin care products and one of your competitors is Juice Beauty.

Go to your browser and type

Look at which images people are saving the most. Once you’ve identified them save them to your secret board. Think like a Pinterest Management Services expert and ask yourself:

a. Why do you think this image received a ton of engagement? What can you learn? Is it because of the type of image? For example, is it an infographic, a checklist, does it have great text overlay, etc.

b. What can you do similar but better?

c. Is the topic evergreen or does it address people’s goals or concerns right now?

3) Use BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo will reveal what people are sharing the most. It shows your competitor’s top content in the past 24 hours and up to five years or a specific range.

4) Sign up to receive their emails

You can sign up to receive their emails or use a tool like Mailcharts. This tool can give you insight into your competitors’ email marketing, from the frequency of email sends, their subject line tactics, and more.

5) Subscribe to their blog

6) Follow them on social media

7) Shop on their site and then abandon it and see what happens

8) Purchase a product

How was your experience from the beginning up to the moment you receive the product. This will allow you to really experience their customer service. If you dislike the product and would like to return it, what was your experience?

9) Find out how much search traffic your competition is getting.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type in the URL of your competitor

Pinterest management services


Step 3: Go to Overview. This chart shows their traffic by region as shown below where the red arrow is pointing.

Pinterest management services

Step 4: Go to TOP PAGES. This will show what content is driving your competition’s pages. Look at the topics that people are actually interested in and do something similar and make it better.

Step 5: Go to KEYWORDS. These are all the keywords your competitor is getting traffic from.

To learn more about how to use Ubersuggest watch the video below.

Just as Pinterest is constantly evolving so are your competitors. It’s vital that you keep an eye on your competition every six months – it’s not something you do once and think voila I’m done. By doing a regular competitive analysis you will have a better understanding of your market over time, and learn from them too. Remember…none of us knows it all.

If you’re struggling with Pinterest marketing consider mastering Pinterest by taking my Pinterest Marketing for Business online course or if you’d rather outsource the management of your Pinterest and focus on your business then contact me a Pinterest expert at anna@whiteglovesocialmedia or go here for more details about how to get started.

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