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Pinterest Management Services Expert Reveals Pinterest’s Newest Feature Story Pins

pinterest management services

One thing you can count on from Pinterest is that they are testing new features all the time. Some they roll out and some they don’t. So how do we stay up to date with Pinterest’s changes? I highly recommend that you check out their Help Center once a month and have a look around to see if you spot anything new. Well that’s exactly what I did and noticed Story Pins. I thought to myself as a Pinterest management services expert I have not heard that! Okay so here’s what Pinterest posted on their Help Center site.

What is a Story Pin?

Story Pins give people more ways to share ideas with up to 20 pages of images, text, and multiple links.

How do businesses use Story Pins?

You can use Story Pins to:

  • Tell a story

  • Show different views of something

  • Create a step-by-step guide

  • Show steps for a DIY project

  • Curate a collection of products

Where do Story Pins show up on Pinterest?

You may notice Story Pins showing up on your Pinterest home feed—you’ll recognize them by the Story icon below the image. A Story Pin can be made up of multiple pages, so you can tap into it from the home feed to get the full experience.

What do we edit and share with Story Pins?

You can add comments or photos to a Story Pin just like you would any other Pin. You can also save Story Pins to your boards like any other Pin, though you can’t save an individual page from within a Story Pin.

How can I get the Story Pin?

Pinterest is currently testing this feature with a small group. If you have a Pinterest business account and don’t see the option to create a Story Pin, stay tuned! Pinterest will be making Story Pins available to more people soon.

How do I create a Story Pin?

Story Pins are available to only some users on iOS at this time. Requirements:

  • We recommend portrait images with a minimum 900 x 1600 pixel size
  • Each Story Pin must have a minimum of 2 pages and can have a maximum of 20
  • Your title must have a minimum of 1 character and a maximum of 100 characters
  • Pinterest accepts the following file types: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, .mov. and .mp4
  • If you include video, please refer to the required video specs
  • The max file size for all files is 10mb

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pinterest management services

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