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Pinterest Management Services Reveals How to Use Pinterest’s Image Editing Tool

pinterest management services

Pinterest Launches Their Own Image Editing Tool for Small Business Owners

As a Pinterest Management Services expert I think it’s pretty awesome that Pinterest is helping small businesses with their free tool, after all who doesn’t like free tools right? But unfortunately as someone who offers Pinterest management services it’s definitely not good enough for creating “clickable” images for our clients. It’s extremely limited in terms of what you can do.

We know that branding, the size of the font, logo placement, etc. is especially important when it comes to creating images that Pinterest users would be compelled to save. Pinterest’s image editing tool just isn’t going to cut it. So bottom line if you’ve been using Canva, stick to Canva! Nonetheless if you want to give it a try just follow my step by step tutorial below.

Let’s begin!

  1. Click  the + sign in the top-right corner on your profile page and click Create Pin.
  2. Drag and drop an image into the grey box.
  3. Add a title, description, and destination URL.
  4. Hover over the image and click the pencil icon. Choose Aspect ratio.

Pinterest management services 

  1. Optional: Add a logo.Click and select your logo. 
  2. Add text. Click “A” and enter your text into the text box. The following fonts are available:
  • Arima Madurai
  • Dosis
  • Merriweather
  • Overlock
  • Permanent Marker
  • Playfair Display
  • Raleway
  • Rubik
  • Sedgwick Ave Display
  • Roboto Condensed

Pinterest Management Services


  1. Optional: Add color. Select a color fill or adjust for placement and margin.
  2. Next you’ll need to publish or schedule your image. Click the drop down next to “Select” and choose an existing board to save your Pin to, or select  + (on the top right corner as shown on step #2 above) to create a new one. Next, click Publish.

Well there you have it! You have just learned Pinterest’s newest feature for small businesses.

Pinterest managment services

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