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Pinterest Management Services Expert Shows You All Your Comments At a Glance

pinterest management services


Upated  October 8, 2019

As someone that offers Pinterest management services it’s clear that many businesses still think that Pinterest is a social media network. When I tell them that it is NOT a social media platform they are shocked and sometimes even confused. Then they finally realize that they have been using Pinterest all wrong because they thought it was a social media network. So it’s no wonder that some businesses are not having success.

The fact is people don’t conversations on Pinterest like they do on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. However users can leave comments on anyone’s pin (as long as they haven’t blocked you of course) but they are typically for content that are DIY or ideas people have taken action on like a recipe.

Typical comments will be about what the user did to make it better, some even include the measurements that worked for them, some will comment if they love it or hate it. You can also upload an image of the project you have tried so others can benefit from your experience.

pinterest management services


In our Pinterest management services we include monitoring comments as one of the activities. If we see any comments that we feel would directly lead to a sale we engage with the Pinterest user but what we don’t do is go out of our way to comment on others pins just to get their attention. Many people do that and it’s annoying. At some point if you’re annoying people with thoughtless comments or worse if you’re just spamming comments by promoting your business Pinners will block you and if you get enough of those it will trigger Pinterest to take further action and you’ll most likely get blacklisted. Yes, it happens all the time folks.

Here’s where you can find all your comments as shown below where the red arrow is pointing. It’s a total time saver versus waiting for your email notifications to arrive from Pinterest.

You will see anyone who has made a comment on your pins and uploaded images as well.

pinterest management services


Are you thinking about offering Pinterest management services? If you want the quickest and easiest way to learn how to become a successful Pinterest account manager or you want to add Pinterest marketing to your existing business then consider taking my course on How to Become A Successful Pinterest Manager.

pinterest management services

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