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Pinterest Management Expert Reveals: Deadly Mistakes Businesses are Making with Group Boards in 2018


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Updated January 21, 2021

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Being in Pinterest management one of the biggest mistakes I see businesses and bloggers making over and over is that they’re randomly joining as many group boards as they can find. This is a problem because without realizing they are weakening their Pinterest account which can result in losing Pinterest followers.

What is a group board?

A group board is a board that you and the people you invite can all pin on together. Group boards are easily identifiable because you will see the symbol of a group of people above the board title.

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How do businesses and bloggers benefit from joining group boards?

  • Your content gets more exposure especially when you are part of a group board that has a huge Pinterest following. This is especially helpful when you are just starting out because growing your followers, in the beginning, is not an easy task.
  • You get other people contributing content which saves you time and energy.

So what do I mean by you get more exposure when joining group boards? When you join someone else’s group board your pins (the content you are saving) are seen by everyone who is following that board. Do you see how powerful that is? This is a powerful element of prosper of Pinterest management.

What are the common mistakes businesses and bloggers make when joining group boards?

1. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they randomly join group boards without calculating if it’s smart for you to belong to that group.

Before you even consider joining a group board you should be looking at the style of the images.

Do they complement your brand?

Are there spamming activities or unrelated content saved to the boards?

Think of it this way, when you join a group board you’re saying, yes…this is content I would create myself and this is content my target audience would; want, love, and need. Plus how realistic is it that you can monitor all the people saving pins to that many boards? Pinterest management reality check.

Here’s the thing, if the content on those group groups doesn’t complement your brand and the group board owner doesn’t take the time to remove spam content or people who are just pinning unrelated content guess what? Your followers will quickly unfollow you which is the exact opposite reason you joined the group board to begin with.

Pinterest management

Pinterest Expert Actionable Tip: You have to vet the group board first and you need to commit to monitoring the group board activities yourself.

2. Another mistake I see is businesses and bloggers only joining group boards.

They have zero interest in creating their own boards that will help their target audience. They are so lazy that all they do is push their own content. Direct selling. They offer noting considered helpful to their target audience.

Think about this. So when you only pinning your “product stuff” to multiple group boards the same pins keep showing up in your follower’s home feed. Guess what? Your followers see the same stuff over and over and over they get bored & turned off. Pretty soon they are going to get sick of your methods (hard sell product pushing only) and the result, you lose your followers.

Pinterest Management Expert Actionable Tip: There are no shortcuts to winning big on Pinterest folks. You’ve got to work it. Put time into it. And we all know that success doesn’t happen overnight, you know this. Create helpful boards that are correctly optimized featuring thoughtful, engaging pins that you know your audience would love to save and learn more about.

If people are interacting with your pins that will definitely boost your engagement which helps get your pins to the top of Pinterest’s search engine. This is a key goal of proper Pinterest management. Did you also know that you can use group boards to help grow your email list? In my Pinterest Marketing for Business online course I reveal exactly how you can do that. If you have any questions about my Pinterest courses and Pinterest account management services, email me at

I hope you found this post helpful. If you did, I’d appreciate it if you’d share the knowledge.


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