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Think about the most successful people in sports and business. They all have something in common. They use, or have used, a coach at some point in their careers. They do this to improve their game, get feedback and beat their competition.

It is impossible to reach your next level of accomplishment if you keep doing what you’re doing.

"Pinterest's constant algorithm change has left me confused and unmotivated to run my business on the platform. During our coaching sessions, Anna helped me understand the best and fastest way to improve my business. It would have taken me days to research the best practices that works today for Pinterest and still left me unsure what is working for my specific niche and audience. Today, I have a business plan that is very focused and doesn't waste my valuable time anymore. If you feel stuck with Pinterest marketing, I encourage you to reach out to Anna for her personalized coaching sessions". ~Lisa Goodwin

Maybe you need help with…


what & how many pins to PUBLISH DAILY


Creating the right types of images for your products or services: this is critical because images are the starting point for connecting with the Pinterest audience

DECIPHERING Your content: is it attracting the right target audience?

Your keywords: using the correct keywords is essential to your success / if you fish with the wrong bait you won’t catch anything

Bottom line, there is no better or faster way to get your Pinterest problems solved and get on the right track than with a personalized one on one coaching session with a Pinterest expert such as Anna Bennett.

"Anna was super knowledgeable on all things Pinterest going into depths when answering my questions during our 1:1.

She was very patient, kind, and you could tell she really cared that I left our meeting understanding everything we went over. I highly recommend working with Anna to help you with your Pinterest strategy or for keeping up with all the changes Pinterest come up with. I'm excited to implement all that I've learned"!

-Kristi Gomez

How it Works

1. You Email me with a list of your questions ahead of time.

2. I'll answer your questions via ZOOM showing you exactly how to solve your problems while viewing your Pinterest account. YOU ARE WELCOME TO RECORD THE VIDEO.

3. The investment is one hour session for $97 USD. 

4. To move forward with your personalized one on one coaching, please purchase the services using the button below. Once you have completed payment you will be notified, and we will a arrange a time to deliver the service.

Thank you!

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