You have these questions:

How do I set up my account correctly?

How many boards should I make?

What types of images should I pin?

Should I just repin other people’s images?

What keywords should I use so I get found? 

And on and on they go.
I know because I coach people who manage Pinterest business account’s every week.


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Setting up a Pinterest business account is not as simple as it sounds.
There are at least 5 traps and 99% of all businesses who set up a Pinterest business account fall into all of them. That is a problem for you because you’ll do all that work and not drive any traffic back to your business or blog. 

Avoid those common traps & avoid wasting time.  

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Chapter 1 includes video tutorial lessons and a blueprint for:

How to set-up your Pinterest business account correctly.

Making sure your website is set-up for Pinterest; including integrating the Rich Pins, Pinterest boards widgets, "Save" button, setting up your SHOP, etc.

Understanding what Pinterest SEO is.

How to choose the correct keywords. FYI, most people get this part wrong!

Get your products onto Pinterest in a snap.  

How to correctly optimize your profile section.

Optimizing your Pinterest account to show up higher in search results.

How to get free help from Pinterest

Chapter 3 Pinterest Boards

It’s all about the boards! 

Creating the right type of boards is an essential part of your strategy. 

Learn exactly what types of boards you must create to reach new customers. (Even if you’re just starting out).

If you fail to set up your boards correctly you’ll undermine how your pins (images) get found on Pinterest. Ouch!

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