You need to master Pinterest at work or for your own business but you:

The Fast & Easy Way to Learn Pinterest!


Don’t have the time

Have never taken a Pinterest marketing course in the past

Have been reading a ton of free blogs and now your head is spinning

 The solution

If you want...

Who Is This (Fast & Easy) Pinterest Marketing Course For?

For Ecommerce businesses who wants to get more traffic and sales using the most current best practices.

For Ecommerce businesses who wants to learn how to buy Pinterest ads.

This course is designed for Ecommerce business owners, ETSY sellers, Amazon sellers, eBay sellers, and affiliate marketers that want the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to learn how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool.

To know the best types of images that work for products
To know how to manage your own account
More traffic, sales &
Higher brand profile /
more general consumer awareness
To know what keywords to use so shoppers find their products first and not their competition

This course is designed to help you achieve those goals quickly!

How Long Is The Course? 

Pinterest for busy business people

It is approximately three hours (basic to intermediate level) on Pinterest for Ecommerce businesses.

Pinterest Marketing Fast & Easy is a short / speed course for those who want to learn Pinterest for Ecommerce quickly. 

Pinterest Marketing for Business is the full-length version for bloggers and Ecommerce those who want to learn Pinterest deeply. The Fast & Easy course is included.

This course is non-refundable.

How Is This Course Different from Pinterest Marketing for Business course?

Why Is Pinterest Marketing Fast & Easy the Best Course for Busy Small Business Owners?

It’s an easy to learn, easy to apply, 3-hour Pinterest marketing for Ecommerce course. 

You will learn via video tutorials exactly what you need to know to run and manage Pinterest successfully. 

You get checklists to make sure you don’t miss any steps. 

Receive a Pinterest template on how to manage your account efficiently.

This course is a 5 ingredient recipe to help you drive boat loads of traffic & sales to your website.

Since 2012 I have coached thousands of small business owners on Pinterest marketing for business. 

I understand your goals, struggles and weaknesses. You all have one thing in common; you know Pinterest is important but you don’t have the time to learn every aspect of Pinterest.

What you want are the basic to intermediate lessons to get you up and running properly, producing results in as little time as possible. I get it.

Many of you business owners are still working other jobs while you are growing your “other” business. You can’t afford my management services. So you are stuck. 

The Fast & Easy Way to Learn Pinterest is the answer to your dilemma

Lifetime access

This Pinterest course uses a sequential format. 

That means start in chapter 1, then 2, then 3, then 4 and lastly 5. 

Bottom line; you’ll get more traffic and sales.

After each chapter I include a checklist to help you track your tasks.

Complete all the tasks after each chapter before you start with the next chapter.


How to Use This Pinterest Marketing Course:

If you apply everything I recommend in this course I am 100% confident that you will grow your sales in less than 45 days.

How to set-up your business account for Ecommerce checklist

Step 1: How to set up your account

Learn how to optimize your entire account, your boards, and pin descriptions so shoppers find you first, and not your competition.

Step 2: Pinterest SEO  

If you want to get in front of the right buyers as quickly as possible you need to buy Pinterest ads. This chapter is a goldmine! Learn what your budget should be, how to measure success, and  how to create the most popular campaigns.

Step 3: Get more eyeballs

Visuals are everything on Pinterest especially for Ecommerce. Learn how to brand your images so you stand out, and the best types of images and pin designs to use for products. 

Step 4: Pinterest ads

Remaining consistent with your pinning activities is one of the keys to the Pinterest's algorithm loving you. Learn how to manage your ecommerce account on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Step 5: Managing your account

(this is as serious as a heart attack)

to guide you from setting up your account, to creating your pins & boards, and managing them properly.


The Fast & Easy Way to Learn Pinterest course includes
16 video lessons that make learning quick & easy

to all the videos and PDF checklists & templates.

Lifetime Access

BUY NOW FOR only $97

STOP going around in circles trying to figure Pinterest Marketing 
out on your own and making mistakes.

This quick, easy to use course will be your path to Pinterest greatness, LESS STRESS,

You can do it!

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