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Pinterest for Business to Drive More Traffic & Sales

What is Pinterest for Business?

For businesses Pinterest is a giant marketing platform.  Pinterest for business is a powerful tool. For the 442 million consumers on Pinterest, Pinterest is the home of inspiration and where people come to take action. It is a massive online shopping platform. In fact, 9 out of 10 people use Pinterest to get inspired about things to buy, eight of whom end up doing so.

Why Pinterest for Business Should Matter to You

First, let’s agree that the goal for any business is for people to find you as quickly as possible. That means you will need a website. If you launched your website today it can take several months if not years to rank high on the first page of Google. I am mentioning Google because that is most likely the first place mommies and daddies will most look for help.

Your goal is to get as many people as possible to find your website as quickly as possible.

After all no traffic = no sales. 

Second, your website will need helpful and actionable content otherwise why would people go to your website? That means you need to have a blog and this is where Pinterest for business come into play, plus you may need other types of resources so that the people that are thinking of buying from you will learn more about you and what makes you unique from your competition. 

Third, you will need to share those blogs and whatever other helpful resources you have in other places so that you can attract your dream client. That means you need to go to where your audience is looking for help. That is why Pinterest for business  makes senses for millions of businesses worldwide. How will you reach your ideal target audience? 

You may use…

  • Social media marketing
  • Leverage influencers
  • Buy ads
  • Referral marketing
  • Google places
  • Optimize your website
  • These are just a few of your choices. 
  • Guest posts
  • Podcasting

These are just a few. You have to be very smart about which tactics to use to get found because you can’t do them all at the same time. As a small business owner there simply isn’t enough time and money in the early stages of growing your business. 

Today, I’m going to save you a ton of hours so you don’t have to decipher which one to do first. The first tactic you MUST absolutely leverage is Pinterest and here’s seven reasons why.

7 Reasons Why Pinterest Should Matter to Your Business

  1. First page of Google

Using Pinterest for business can help you get found on the first page of Google without doing any extra work. 

If you’re an online course creator and a coach just like me look at how I show on the first page of Google “the best pinterest marketing course”. I show up on the first page! How, because Pinterest is a search engine too, just like Google? Imagine if you could get found on the first page of Google? 

pinterest for business

  1. Investing in Pinterest for Business pays off long-term

Pins are evergreen and never get buried in a news feed. Pins last forever, your quality content has a longer shelf life. You’ll see people interacting with your pins months after you originally posted them, continuing to grab attention for your business. In fact, many bloggers claim that they get more traffic from Pinterest compared to other socials. I am one who believes that Pinterest for business is a very powerful marketing tool.

  1. People come to Pinterest first

Pinners are planners and that means they are future-focused. People on Pinterest are ready to take action. They’re on a mission. 

People on Pinterest are always planning for their next thing. And those things range from everyday interests like meal prep or handling picky eaters, to seasonal holidays like Father’s Day and back-to-school, to major life milestones like a wedding or the arrival of a new baby. 

What this means to you is that you have an incredible opportunity to use Pinterest for business  and to introduce yourself at exactly the moment they are most open to discovering you which ideally is before your competition. 

  1. Pinterest users have a buying mindset 

People don’t just come to see inspiring content; they come to act on it. People on Pinterest tend to buy more, more often. 

50% of US Pinners frequently use Pinterest to shop, which is over two times higher than the portion that use other media platforms to shop.

Doesn’t it make sense for your business to be on Pinterest if you have stuff to sell? It’s a no-brainer folks! 

  1. Inspired consumers buy more and more often

Understanding why and how people use Pinterest will help you better connect with this audience. 

a. Pinterest is the home of inspiration, where people come to take action. In fact, 2 in 3 people say that the inspiration phase is influential in determining what to buy. According to research Neustar found that because people come to Pinterest to seek inspiration early in their shopping journey, Pinterest compared to all other social media networks has a lasting impact on their final purchase decision. So now you know why it’s a big deal that people come to Pinterest early in their buying journey.

b. Most people use Pinterest to start their search process early and to decide what to buy next.

    • When they’re browsing. 
    • When they’re still undecided on what they want. 
    • When they’re looking for inspiration to help guide them as they start to make their decisions. 

c. Pinterest is number one when it comes to product searches and shopping compared to other social networks. According to Cowen & Co. they found that Pinterest is the leader among social media companies when it comes to U.S. product searches and shopping; beating Facebook and Instagram.  How’s that for a case that Pinterest for business should be a part of your marketing mix?

That’s pretty impressive since it reaches a smaller audience than; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with only by comparison 400 million monthly active users. What that means to you is that if you’re not profiling your business on Pinterest and offering your target audience value, raising your brand profile and selling your products you are missing out big time.  

  1. Your target audience is on Pinterest

The platform reaches 80% of moms in the US. and half of the millennials.

It’s extremely popular with moms. 

That’s important to know because they are often the primary decision-makers when it comes to buying products and services for their household. 

In fact, women are expected to control almost 75% of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028.

Don’t you want to connect with these big spenders? Well of course you do! 

Pinterest for business


7. Advertisers are favoring Pinterest ad spend over Facebook

Pinterest saw a 58% increase in YOY revenue. Monthly average users on Pinterest reached 442 million this quarter—an increase of 37% year over year. Part of their success is Pinterest has a reputation for having a brand safe environment for users. Facebook on the other hand faced widespread ad boycotts this summer related to its failure to curb hate speech on the platform.

“Advertisers are telling us that ads are working” on the platform, said Pinterest CFO and head of business operations Todd Morgenfeld. “It’s in large part due to the investments we’ve made in technology that makes it easier for advertisers to hit their goals on the platform.”

Pinterest has also seen the benefits of shopping on the platform. In fact, the number of users engaging with shopping features has grown a whopping 85% in the last six months, the company said.

More than ever before, people are coming to Pinterest to get inspiration for their lives—everything from planning early for socially distant celebrations and festivities to creating great home schools for their kids. “Our top priority is to continue making Pinterest home to the most inspiring and actionable content, said Silbermann in prepared remarks.” Source: Adweek

So let me ask you. Is it really wise for your to ignore Pinterest?


Now that you see what Pinterest can do for your business the next logical step is to take my free Pinterest Marketing for Business online course. It’s the best way to start so that you build a solid foundation.


pinterest for business

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