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Pinterest Expert asks:Do You Want More Repins? Avoid These 7 Deadly Pinterest Mistakes

Pinterest Expert

Pinterest marketing expert asks: Did you know that Pinterest is removing all affiliate links?

That means all trackable links that enable Pinners who share them in order to; earn commissions on traffic or sales. Ouch!  According to a Pinterest spokesperson “We observed affiliate links and redirects causing irrelevant Pins in feeds, broken links and other spammy behavior. We believe this change will enable us to keep the high bar of relevancy and quality Pinners expect from Pinterest”.

What that means to those of you who have been pinning affiliate links is that you’ll have to get serious about maximizing the time spent managing your Pinterest account to earn those same commissions.

As of April 2014 Pinterest has over 30 billion pins, half of them in the last six months and they’ve got 750 million boards. With those kinds of numbers it can be pretty daunting to think how you are going to stand out on Pinterest’s smart feed.

Look on the bright side. Doing the right things the correct way on Pinterest helps you look credible and competent, getting them wrong reflects poorly on your business.

Here are the 7 most common Pinterest pinning mistakes businesses make:

1) No relevant keywords in your pin description

Pinterest is much more than pinning a bunch of pretty pictures. In order for your images to rank higher within the Pinterest search engine (something you want as badly as a first page Google organic search ranking) you have to include at least one keyword describing your image.

According to Pinterest informative pins are up to 30% more engaging than other pins. Give pinners a reason to repin your image. What is your pin about, what will do for them or how will it benefit them? Why does it matter? Practice the WIIFM. Tell them clearly what value they can derive from the pin such as the educational “how to” tip, recipes, DYI, step-by step, time saving ideas etc. It really doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember that over 80% of Pinners use their mobile device so keep your pin descriptions to two sentences.

Pinterest Expert actionable tip: If you’re repinning create your own pin description and make it reflects what your target audience values.

2) Pinning images all at once

Pinning a bunch of images all at once will annoy your followers. In addition, there’s less chance of your images getting repinned. Even if Pinterest has changed its algorithm regarding how they show pins in your smart feed it’s still a good habit to spread out your pins.

My secret to pinning images is to pin one image every half an hour on the best days and times that I think my audience will be on Pinterest. Naturally, that all depends on how many images I want to pin in a specific time frame. There is no black and white rule as to the best days and times – it all depends on your industry, your target audience and how many original images you have. I highly recommend you use a Pinterest scheduling tool like Viraltag.

For example, if you’re targeting realtors you’ll probably avoid pinning most of your images on Saturday and Sunday because that’s when most realtors are showing properties – hello. Pin your images in the evening instead and preferably after dinner time when they are more likely to be at their desk checking email etc.

Pinterest Expert actionable tip: If you want to model yourself after successful brands on Pinterest know that they pin a minimum of 60 original images per week.

3) No images on boards

Pinterest Expert

This is a lazy way of managing your Pinterest account and it’s so unappealing. Look at your boards like window displays of your store. Would you walk into a store if they didn’t have any merchandise displayed in the windows?

Pinterest Expert actionable tip: If you simply don’t have the time to add images to your boards then use the secret board feature.

4) Too much self-promotion

Pinterest users have a buying mindset but that doesn’t mean you should be using Pinterest to exclusively showcase your own products and services. Create boards that align with your customer’s interests in general, indirectly related to your products.  Be helpful, be social.

Practice the 80/20 rule. 80% of your images should inspire, teach, educate or help your target audience in some way with the main goals and problems they typically face.  20% of your pins can be directly about you / your products. A good example of that is photo 4B below. Instead of just showing your product it’s better to give them ideas on how to successfully use your products.

Pinterest is about inspiring people to buy your products but you can’t do that by just pinning the product itself as shown on photo 4A below. Can you honestly say you’re inspired by this image?

Pinterest Expert

4A:  Boring – product only focused.

Pinterest Expert

4B: Interesting – customer focused because it provides useful ideas on how to use the product.

5) Way too many hashtags

Seriously, way too many hashtags are absolutely annoying. When using hashtags its best to make them unique to your business. Avoid using hashtags that others are using because it’s taking the focus away from your pins. Hashtags are live links so they’re ideal for tracking short term campaigns and contests.

Pinterest Expert actionable tip: Hashtags have no SEO benefits so focus on creating thoughtful pin descriptions instead. That will get you more engagement and help you rank higher on Pinterest’s search engine.

Pinterest Expert

6. You’re adding your website link on other’s pin descriptions

Do you ever notice pin descriptions that other’s use to promote their website when the image is not theirs? I reached out to Pinterest and although they don’t look at this as spamming they do think it’s a little too aggressive.

As you can see below pinner Viv Love added their website URL downdogboutique on the pin description but the image belongs to Avoid self-promotion on others pin and focus on being helpful.

Pinterest Expert actionable tip: My motto has always been pin with a caring heart. Stop making your pins descriptions all about you and make them more about how you can help.

Pinterest Expert

7. You have ignored Pinterest’s Article Rich Pins

If you want your blog posts to get more repins and rank higher on Pinterest’s search engine make sure you apply for Pinterest’s Article Rich pins. Rich Pins appear higher in search results and category feeds, so implementing the code to your site can pay off big when it comes to getting discovered. Article Rich Pins include the headline; author’s name and story description that helps Pinners find and save stories that they value most. Here’s an example of an image that does not have an Article Rich Pin on it compared to the one on the right that does. Look at how the one on the right it stands out more. If you want to get more eyeballs on your images you need to make sure you get your webmaster to work on this ASAP.

Pinterest Expert

Pinterest Expert actionable tip:

When you have integrated your Article Rich Pin do not repeat the same title in your pin description. Focus on your keywords and add additional info your visitor can learn. You’ll get more repins doing it this way.

If this is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere contact me about my Pinterest management services or to learn more about how to become a Pinterest Account Manager.

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