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Pinterest Impressions: Why Your Monthly Views Are Going Down Fast

Pinterest Impressions: Why Your Monthly Views Are Going Down Fast

It’s pretty obvious brands pay to get in front of new customers. They buy ads, lots of them. They can afford to. But how about small businesses? Is organic reach still even possible on Pinterest today? Plus, why are your monthly views going down?

I’ve spent the last six months helping out businesses and bloggers on the Pinterest Business Community and I have seen countless complaints about their impressions going down, hard and fast. Some even complain they’re not getting any views at all.  It begs the question; why are your monthly views going down?

Why Are Your Impressions Going Down?

This started to happen when Pinterest went public in 2019. You don’t have to be a genius to realize why. They are purposely making sure your organic reach (how many people saw your pin) declines so you invest in ads. They now have shareholders, they have to show sales and profits continuously growing. Period.

To help remedy this problem, I’m going to reveal the reasons why you’re overall impressions may be going down and how you can we maximize our reach? Hopefully you’ll never have to ask again, why are your monthly views going down?

15 Reasons Why Your Monthly Views Are Going Down

1.You have a new account

What to do: Not a whole lot you can do. It takes time for Pinterest to fetch your data. It’s as simple as that.

2. Competition

Today, competing online is more difficult than it’s ever been before.

What to do: You need to figure out what’s working and what’s not and that’s why you need to do a Pinterest marketing audit. When I do audits for businesses one thing we uncover is how they stack up against their competitors. I typically look at the competitor’s branding, website, obviously their content, the images of course and what they’re really great at. What are they doing to grab engagement on Pinterest and then figure out how you can do things better to beat them and take that traffic. Again lets stop thinking why are your monthly views going down?

3. Algorithm

Impressions on your pins can be impacted by language, location, seasons, holidays, formats and trending topics. Because your content lives forever on Pinterest you might see a fresh new pin get more eyeballs right away, or older pins suddenly increase in engagement. As Pinners search, save and engage with your pin, Pinterest will use that engagement information to decipher what content is most relevant to share with Pinners. Engagement is driven by what people who use Pinterest want to see and that can change over time. Bottom line, algorithms prioritize pins that have a high probability of generating engagement.

What to do: Be consistent in pinning. That means pin the same amount of images and publish it at the same day and time. Video pins, infographics, and GIFs also tend to be favored but video is definitely going to be the star of your success.

4. Pinterest SEO

Many people still forget or don’t realize that Pinterest is a search engine. In order for people to find you, you have to get found in search. Like in Google, when someone types in a key word or phrase Google delivers the search results. Pinterest is the same way. You have to really understand what that means to win on Pinterest.  If you don’t have a clue then maybe you need to read more of my blogs, buy my best selling Pinterest course, hire me for some coaching, get me create a new strategy for your business to help you prevent wasting any more time or missing traffic and potentially sales.

What to do: You need to master Pinterest SEO which I cover in detail in my Pinterest Marketing Course for Business and Creators. In chapter 1 of my course I show how to decipher your most important keywords and show you where to inject them on Pinterest so that you get found first, and not your competition.

5. Content strategy

Do you find yourself just pinning whatever you feel like at the moment? Are you just winging it? Do you just keep pinning other people’s stuff because you think you’ll get more impressions? If you don’t invest time on your content strategy, why would a stranger spend time on your content? Failing here results in many owners asking themselves; why are your monthly views going down?

What to do: Learn about your audience. What are their interests? That’s why it’s called Pinterest right? What are your audience demographics? If you create content that is designed specifically for Pinterest it will get the impressions that it deserves. Always offer some value to your audience. Think WIIFM.

A smart strategy to employ is to think about what your target audience wants from you right now or in the next couple of months. As an example you can use Pinterest trends tool to determine when topics are hot and when they start simmering. This will help you determine when to publish them giving you the best ROI possible. Remember that Pinners are a different breed. They typically shop 3-4 months earlier compared to the generation population. The good news is that they more inspired they are on Pinterest, the more they will buy at the end!

6. Trends submissions

Organic growth is tough. I recommend that you participate in monthly trends submissions whenever possible so that your content shows up in Pinterest’s search engine, and get featured on Pinterest’s newsletter, marketing channels, and social media.  

What to do: Click here to participate. The search bar or the creator hub are other places to discover trending content.

7. Mix up your images with fresh, quality content

There are so many types of pins (images) and styles on Pinterest it can be confusing to decide which ones to use. That’s why in my Pinterest Marketing for Business and Creators course I reveal exactly the types of images that will work well for your business & vertical.

What to do: In the beginning you really need to mix them up so that you know what’s resonating with your followers. If you pin fresh content consistently for six months you will have a good idea of what you need to keep doing more of and less of. But really you have to give Pinterest a chance for an entire year so your Pinterest analytics can tell you how the audience is responding to your offerings all through-out the vs. just in a couple of seasons. A 6-month or less samples size of market data is really not the smartest way to judge your work.

Make sure your creatives are high quality images or videos. If they are blurry or distorted in any way it will be difficult for people to see your messaging. Remember that most Pinners use their mobile device when they are on Pinterest so you’d better make sure they can see it easily and clearly.

8. Claim your website

Now that you know the importance of tracking your Pinterest analytics you need to claim and verify your website. If you don’t claim and verify your website will not be included in your Analytics Overview page.

9. Idea Pins

If you’re just starting out on Pinterest it’s tough to get those impressions. What are you going to pin when you have no followers?

What to do: If you have no followers yet, focus on publishing Idea Pins every week and make sure that the first cover on your Idea Pin is a video! Why Idea Pins and not the other kinds? Well, that’s because Idea Pins are getting the highest engagement right now. Pinterest is favoring them over other types of pins. Idea Pins really allow you to connect with your audience because they are more authentic in nature and loaded with more content. It’s your moment to shine and it’s an opportunity for you to build your relationship with Pinners. The more you can get them to save your content, post their ‘takes’ and comment on your pins, the more Pinterest’s algorithm will favor you over others.

10. Avoid repinning

Did you know that there is absolutely zero benefit in repinning yours and other people’s stuff?

What to do: Absolutely avoid saving the same pins or uploading content that you have previously published on Pinterest. Pinner may flag it as spam and you might just get temporarily blocked!

11. Just ask

A “Call to Action” is one of the best practices for getting higher engagement on your pins.

What to do: If you want your impressions to go up simply ask your audience. This is especially important when you’re producing Idea Pins because you cannot get an outbound click like you can with the other types of pins. You literally have to add the website link in the ‘details’ section and Pinners will still have to cut and paste that link to a new browser. Some Pinners may not want to do that extra step.

Pinterest will push your content in front of more people if it inspire users to interact with each other. In particular, content that gets people talking in the comments section will see a major boost to organic reach. So how do you motivate users to connect with each other? Questions are a great prompt. Ultimately, this depends on who your audience is and what they care about, but here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Ask your followers what they want to learn from you. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about your audience.
  • Include questions at the end of your posts, asking people for their thoughts.
  • Create an interactive poll or ‘Ask Me Anything’-style pin.
  • Ask your community for feedback on a new product or idea.

This helps reduce the problem of: why are your monthly views going down?

12. Respond immediately

Answer every single comment on your posts in a timely manner. People are much more likely to engage if they know they may get a response from you.

13. Collaborate 

A good way to boost your organic reach is to work with other Pinners, creators or even customers with a decent amount of followers.

What to do: For example if you sell a product you can showcase the different styles of influencers and customers using your products. Show how your products fits into their daily lives so they can visualize why they may need your product. If you’re a service provider like myself you can interview business owners you’ve worked with so your prospects can get an idea what it’s like to work with you.

14. Pinterest TV Live Streaming

Apply to get featured on Pinterest TV. When I was featured on Pinterest TV it totally shot up my impressions!

What do to: Live video is something that people get nervous about because they think you need to perfect. If anything you just need to be authentic. It’s truly a unique way to connect with your community in the comments section. You and the Pinners are interacting and sharing the same experience at the same time so the human connection is much more impactful and more meaningful.  I definitely had a lot more comments on my pins which helped get improve my impressions. But once I stopped them I was back to where my impressions were before I started Pinterest TV. Click here to apply for Pinterest TV Live Stream.

15. Find the best time to pin

I get asked this question a lot and timing still matters today, it really does because I’ve experimented with this over and over.

What to do: Think about when your target audience is online. This will increase your chances of getting your content to show up first in their home feed. But posting at peak times also means you’re competing with others because more businesses know to post during those times as well. The trick is to pin or publish your content about 10 minutes before the peak time.

Another idea is to check your Google analytics to see how many visits you getting. Like I said this should give you an idea but this is not the absolute. Go to the Reporting Tab:

  • Select “Audience”
  • Select “Overview”
  • Select “Hourly”

why are your monthly views going down


Summary to avoid asking yourself: why are your monthly views going down?

Organic growth is not easy peasy. The beautiful thing about organic growth is you can see which of your content is worth boosting. Because at some point you do need to buy ads especially as your competition grows. You might also hate creating content but you can easily buy ads. I encourage you to keep experimenting with new tactics. If your current strategy isn’t working and you keep thinking: why are your monthly views going down?… then it’s time for me to audit your account and make it right. So if you want to stop going around and around in circles and getting frustrated about wasting time click here to learn more about how to maximize your success with my audit and strategy guide.


why are your monthly views going down

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