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Pinterest Creators: What Does Pinterest Branded Content Mean?

What is Branded Content on Pinterest?

Pinterest Branded Content is created by a Creator that is funded by the brand or an advertiser.

Pinterest Creators who make branded content will be able to add the brands directly in their Idea Pins, and once the brand approves the tag — the Idea Pin will include a “paid partnership” label. Many of these best practices are the same best practices for creating organic content and that is by design.

Leveraging Influencer Marketing for Pinterest Branded Content

Brands aren’t integrating influencer marketing into an overall business strategy and they are missing out. According to Statista, the surge in influencer marketing budgets means brands will spend an estimated $4.62 billion per year on influencer-related marketing campaigns. That’s a 25% increase between 2021 and 2023. If you want to maximize the ROI to your marketing efforts, influencer marketing is where it’s at. 91% of marketers say influencer marketing is one of the most effective strategies in their marketing toolkit. As a brand, you need to know you’re reaching the right audience, be crafting the best possible content for that audience, and ultimately converting this audience into paying customers.


What is Pinterest Branded Content

How to Create Pinterest Branded Content Idea Pins 

1. Make your Pinterest Branded Content Actionable

  • Explain what you’re doing in and how you’re doing it.
  • Content on Pinterest is meant to be actionable so give Pinner everything they need  to do or make or create the same outcome offline.

2. Tell a story

  • Include a beginning, a middle and an end. Show us the product. This is a key pillar for branded content.
  • It’s easy to do this when you love the product so show the product in a natural setting; featuring a visual (video clip) or a voice over of you using the product.
  • Idea Pins help you share an idea, recipe, outfit, travel guide—you name it. Pinners like swiping through content. So use the space you need to tell a great story.

What is Pinterest Branded Content

3. Make it Authentic to You

  • Work with brands you absolutely love, use, and advocate organically.
  • Be yourself and you’ll attract the right partnership.
  • Idea Pins are a way for people to get to know the creator behind the idea. Don’t be afraid to narrate your idea or show us your face. It helps Pinners connect with and discover new creators to follow.

Here’s something I came across recently that I thought you might find helpful from Joseph Gordon-Levitt TED Conference video. He goes on to say “If your creativity is driven by a desire to get attention, you’re never going to be creatively fulfilled”. Here’s another one from Ethan Hawke on creativity tips:

1) Find a way to express yourself.
2) Don’t worry if it’s any good.
3) Don’t be afraid to look like a fool.



4. Provide Key Details for Pinterest Branded Content

  • Think products, supplies, instructions, and measurements. Whether it’s a recipe, an outfit, or travel guide add everything they need to take action on for the best Pinterest Branded Content. For example, if you’re making a salad make a list of all the ingredients you used and use that space to add additional helpful tips. In that way Pinners can save your content so they can do it later. Remember you want people saving and engaging with your content so that Pinterest can put you in front of the people over other Creators and businesses.
  • Pinners love it if they don’t have to leave the app so add all the information there.
  • Having text on a few pages—and tagging topics before you publish—are both keys. It helps Pinterest understand what the Idea Pin is about to be able to show it to more people that are looking for other ideas like yours.

What is Pinterest Branded Content

5. Make it Visually Immersive

  • Making your Pinterest Branded Content immersive is the key to high engagement. You can do this with many different tools.
  • Keep Pinners engaged and use all the tools in the tool kit. Think about how you can really use them to your advantage.  Use all the tools to make the pin as immersive as possible. Use videos, text overlays using the fonts, stickers, music, mentions, product tagging and more.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk your audience, really show your face. Give them a chance to get to know you by narrating your idea.


What is Pinterest Branded Content


6. Follow the FCC Guidelines

  • All Paid Partnerships must disclose the commercial nature of their content. All applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to, all advertising laws and Federal Trade Commission regulations including the FTC’s Endorsement Guidelines.
  • All applicable disclosures required to indicate the commercial nature of your content (such as the use of #ad to indicate that your content is a Paid Partnership).
  • Paid Partnerships must adhere to our Advertising guidelines, including the Prohibited and Restricted content guidelines.

Summary for Pinterest Branded Content

When businesses invest in quality Pinterest Branded Content creators who produce amazing content, your paid ads, website, email, and other branded channels will perform even better. If you want to learn how to make money as a Pinterest creator make sure to buy my lifetime course! I reveal everything you need to know about why you don’t need a website, how to qualify as a creator, how to create compelling images that gets tons of eyeballs, how to make money with your Idea Pins and so much more! You’ll love all my templates and checklists so you never miss any steps. Click here to learn more. It’s only $69!



What is Pinterest Branded Content

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