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How to Get More Followers as a Pinterest Creator

How to Get More Followers as a Pinterest Creator

If you’ve been on Pinterest for sometime you’ve probably noticed how much its changed. For starters, the co-founder and CEO of Pinterest Ben Silbermann is stepping down. And for users there’s new opportunities to make money by being a Pinterest Creator and from joining the Pinterest Creator Fund. You can also tag shoppable products, add affiliate links and include brand partnership tags in your Idea Pins. All this is designed to answer the question How to Get More Followers as a Pinterest Creator & make more money as a Pinterest creator. It’s truly exciting for US residents!

Do Followers Matter on Pinterest?

Yes of course, more followers can be a big difference but that is not always the case either. In fact, high engagement is much more imporant on Pinterest. Listen, you know this. A lot of times people just follow you only because they want you to follow them back.

Naturally Pinterest Creators need to get more eyeballs on their content. More eyeballs means more opportunities to make more sales. But what is the most effective way to build your audience? First, you really need to understand the mindset of the Pinner. Some Pinterest Creators struggle getting their mind wrap around it because they’re not business savvy. They don’t automatically think about how to connect with their audience. They’re just thinking about creating what they love. People on Pinterest are looking for authentic connections who share their interests, and what they truly love. That’s where you come in as a creator.

So how do you build a community of Pinners that will absolutely love you & How to Get More Followers as a Pinterest Creator?  Follow these five tips to help you get more followers as a Pinterest Creator:

  1. Consistently create new content every week

The more content you have out there the more chances Pinners will find you. Common sense right? If you put lots of bait in the water you’re more likely to catch a fish. Remember that people on Pinterest are looking to improve their lives, they are ready to take action. Are you creating content that will inspire your audience? This is how you Get More Followers as a Pinterest Creator.

So how much content exactly? That depends on a few factors. How much time do you have that you can realistically commit to week after week? Pinterest has an algorithm and if you’re pinning here and there with no concrete strategy you’ll end up wasting your time. The algo rhythm will not identify you are a regular serious creator and your content will be downplayed compared to others who are more consistent.

You’ll hear people say to pin 5 fresh pins per day. Are you kidding me? That is not realistic unless you have a big budget. Imagine doing that every day? It’s not gonna happen people. That is a recipe for burn out! The truth is, it is hard to get those followers in the early stages of your account. That’s why I always tell people that you have to budget for ads. It’s the quickest way to get in front of people that you want to sell to and it’s the quickest way to find out if you’re product or service has a fighting chance on Pinterest.

Shoot for one fresh pin per day. Try different formats such as Idea Pins, Video Pins, infographics, Standard Images with tagged Pins, and so on.

  1. How to Get More Followers as a Pinterest Creator / Use the trends tool to hook your audience

Pinterest users love trends. They want to know what’s new!

By using the Pinterest Trends tool it will give you insights about when to publish popular topics that matter most to your target audience. It’s so easy to use. Just type in a keyword, and you’ll see how many people have searched for it over time. That data can help you decide where to focus your content.

  1. How to Get More Followers as a Pinterest Creator / Add text overlay to your images

I often see Idea Pins with no text overlay and I often by pass them because if I have no clue what they are.  I can’t be bothered clicking it to learn more. But if the image is compelling and it grabbed my attention with the help of some text then I may be tempted. From an optimization stand point you need to add text overlay on your Idea Pins because it does affect how they show up in Pinterest search. Many Pinterest Creators simply don’t understand Pinterest SEO because many of them are users, and not businesses. They’ve never had to think about how to get found in search. As Pinterest Creators you need to know the importance of Pinterest SEO and what keywords to use so you get found and obviously that will help you get more followers.

  1. Add relevant topics

With Idea Pins and video Pins you can tag your content with relevant topics right before hitting publish. Always do this! Tagging a mix of topics related to your content helps your idea reach the people who are interested in what you’re creating.

  1. How to Get More Followers as a Pinterest Creator / Don’t forget to optimize your boards

Did you know that optimizing your board titles and board descriptions helps your individual Pins get found? Yup! They do some of the heavy lifting for you if you properly optimize your boards. Use clear language that your audience can understand to improve your search performance.


This is how you Get More Followers as a Pinterest Creator by building relationships with your audience. You have to nurture them just like you do offline. Be yourself and approachable and they’ll show you their love in return. Don’t get frustrated if you’re not getting followers every day. Your content is never wasted. In fact it doesn’t disappear after 24 hours like it happens on other socials. Remember that Pinners explore content by interests, and not a chronological feed, more people will keep finding your Idea Pins for months to come.

How to Get More Followers as a Pinterest Creator

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