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Pinterest Checklist: Creative Best Practices for Idea Pins

If Pinterest were a country, it would surpass the United States as the third largest in the world. The very people you want to sell to are most likely here on Pinterest amongst their 433 million users. They are looking for inspirational ideas for their next purchase. People use Pinterest to plan for their future. They happily browse, discover, and buy. So if you want to reach them on Pinterest before your competition gobbles them up you’ll need to create Idea Pins because they simply get the most eyeballs. But what are the best practices? How do you know what makes a great Idea Pin? Well, make sure you use this 13-step checklist so you never miss an important step:

13-Step Checklist for Making Your First Idea Pin:

1. Content strategy: evergreen and trending topics

What is your content strategy? Here are strategies you can employ:

  • Instructional: teach new skills, provide tutorials or recommend specific products.
  • Quick tip: how-tos that don’t take much time to explain.
  • Comparison: Show people multiple ways to use the same ingredient, product or object.
  • Storytelling: Tell an inspiring story from your own life, like an anecdote that shaped your personal growth.
  • Reach out to other Pinners: Bring other experts or members of your audience into the Pin.
  • Showcase: Take the Pinner along for the ride while you create something. Just press record, start creating and let them watch. You don’t need to add complicated voiceover or type up instructions: just show off your skills and let other people enjoy the process from afar.

Use the Pinterest trends tool to see what’s popular with people on Pinterest, right now. Or, you can do your own keyword research on Pinterest itself by typing ideas into the search tab or looking through trending topics in the creator hub on mobile.

2. Use video first

Start with a video on your first page to stand out in people’s feeds. Check out camera hacks below.



3. Number of cards 

8 to 10 cards receives the most engagement

4. Customize Idea Pins with video, music controls and interactive stickers

Use Pinterest’s creative tools partners for added flair.


5. Use Pinterest SEO

The text you use for your Pins factors into how content shows up on Pinterest. The more relevant copy and context you include—like descriptions for Pins, ingredient lists for recipe Idea Pins, names for boards—the more likely your idea will appear in more places across Pinterest and reach the right people who are interested in your content.

You need to inject your keywords into:

  • Text overlay on your image.
  • Idea Pin title
  • In the “Notes” section

6. Be authentic

Show your authentic personality. It gets your audience excited to follow you, and keeps them coming back to engage.

7. Connect with your audience to get more saves

Encourage your audience to save your Pins. In your content, include plugs to save your Pin and come back to try it later. And don’t leave them hanging. If people comment on your Pins or add takes, make sure to reply. If people are spamming your comment section, no worry, just leave it as is because the more comments you have the higher they will show up in the search engine.

8. Complete the details 

You can list ingredients, supplies, etc. Just like how keywords help you get found on Pinterest, make sure to tag relevant topics so your content reaches the right people.

9. Tag products

Tag the exact products featured in your Idea Pins to allow people on Pinterest to shop for them.

When you tag a product in your Idea Pin, the merchant associated with that product on Pinterest will be notified and asked to review the product tags. If a merchant does not want to have their product featured, they can opt out. Once approved, people who view your Idea Pins can then shop your tagged products.

You can add up to five product tags per page, and up to 20 product tags per Idea Pin. Once you’ve published the Idea Pin, you cannot go back and edit the tags.

10. Add a call to action

The downside to the Idea Pins as you know is that you don’t get outbound links.

11. Triple check before you publish

  • Are the screen edges covered? If not, pinch to resize.
  • How’s the lighting?
  • Do the videos and images fit together? If not, try adding some filters.

12. Inspect what you expect

Check your analytics to see what your audience is saving and engaging with the most. Your metrics will show you what’s working and what’s not. This will help you create even better content in the future. In addition, your analytics will reveal the creative formats that work best for you, too.

13. Learn from other Pinterest Creators


Now that you see how fun it is to make Idea Pins, the next step is to learn how to make money with them! Did you know I have an online course on how to become a successful Pinterest creator? I wanted to make it affordable for all businesses so I’m extending a limited time offer for only $69! Plus I have a 30-day money back guarantee = no stress = peace of mind purchase.


Creative Best Practices for Idea Pins

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