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How to Become a Successful Pinterest Creator

When it comes to content marketing, creators are taking front and center, so it seems. If you truly have something special to share to the world the opportunities for content creators are endless. There are now more platforms to publish content, grow your audience, and get paid. These include social media networks like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course there’s Pinterest (which is technically not a social media network).

What is a creator?

The term “creator” evolved from the term “influencer” to include a wide range of groups—from artists to athletes—creating unique niche content and building audiences online through social media platforms. Successful creators earn money through a variety of income sources, including selling products, advertising revenue, and tips.

Become a Successful Pinterest Creator

If you think about it, everyone that creates content on Pinterest is pretty much a Pinterest creator. Afterall, if there were no creators or bloggers contributing content on Pinterest, Pinterest would not exist today. In fact many influencers  Today, I’m going to show you how to make money as a successful Pinterest creator even if you don’t own a business or a website. Just know though that there are no guarantees you will get paid, and in addition it’s still in beta so who knows when they will roll these out to other countries. So, if you’re at least 18 years old then read on to Become a Successful Pinterest Creator, otherwise move on to my next blog:)

Do You Really Understand Pinterest?

Do you get Pinterest? I mean do you really get why and how people use it? The first step to being successful on Pinterest is understanding the mindset of Pinners, you need to know how they use this platform compared to how they use other socials like Tok-tok, Instagram, and so on. People go on Pinterest to get inspirational ideas for things that they want to buy, do, or create. They are on a mission for something better. This is important for you as a person who wants to Become a Successful Pinterest Creator to understand so that you’re creating the right types of content for Pinterest users. So, if you think your selfies are the way to go, well unfortunately it may be time for you to go somewhere else.

Become a Successful Pinterest Creator / How Will You Stand Out?

During the time I was part of the Pinterest Pioneers one thing that was obvious to me was that many of the Pinners that were asking questions about how to become a successful Pinterest Creator were teenagers. That seems plausible I guess since the growth of Generation Z has been climbing up on Pinterest.


 How to Become a Successful Creator


You need to stand out on Pinterest to Become a Successful Pinterest Creator because there are so many talented creators there. That means you need to…

1. Have a niche

We know how hard it is to create content when you’re trying to be everything to everybody. That’s why you need to have a niche. You can’t afford to be a generalist. So, I always tell new creators that they need to make it very obvious on their profile page what they do and offer. Why should you matter to a pinner? Why should they even follow you? If people have to second guess what you are all about they’re going to quickly pass you by. People have zero patience. They don’t want to have to guess or figure you out. Get this right to Become a Successful Pinterest Creator. You can learn how to do that in my course!

Understanding your niche is essential as it helps to identify your target audience’s wants and needs. This will help you create the right content that matters to them which will increase engagement.

2. Master Pinterest SEO to Become a Successful Pinterest Creator

Many Pinterest creators just start pinning away without understanding that Pinterest is a search engine. So if you want to stand out and Become a Successful Pinterest Creator you have to get found first.

3. Create inspirational and actionable content

Pinterest is a visual platform. There are more images than text. If your images and videos doesn’t draw people you’ll fail to gain an audience and that will cost you time and money. That’s why you have to take some time to create the right strategy and plan for what you’re going to create specifically for Pinterest users. As you get more engagement on your pins you will eventually see what’s working and what’s not, but you gotta produce great work to Become a Successful Pinterest Creator.

4. Watch your spending 

Did you know that many influencers don’t give themselves the title of ‘influencer’? According to The 2019 Influencer Survey the maximum number (34%) of influencers (with more than 25K followers) refer themselves as a ‘creator’. And 17% of Instagram influencers call themselves a ‘content creator’, while 11% of influencers label themselves as a ‘brand ambassador’. Only 29% of influencers add the title influencers in their Instagram bios.

So I bring up influencers because many of them are are going broke while trying to make it big! They are drowning in debt to look expensive, to be on trend. They have this urge to buy things that they think will make them more popular on social media. They want that feeling of acceptance online. After all, getting likes, followers and engagement is rewarding for them. And with social media built to keep you scrolling, it’s no wonder beauty enthusiasts find it difficult to distinguish between a hobby and forced pressure. I personally think that this is not just taking a toll on their bank account but their mental health. The stress of always keeping up your appearances in social media is a heavy burden. It’s just too crazy. It’s not worth it!

I believe some of these influencers may not fully understand that authenticity matters big time today. Influencers are not necessarily buying products they believe in or love. This is a serious problem. When I started doing Pinterest TV I was sharing a ton of skincare products, gadgets, beauty supplements, and so much more. But these were all products I was personally using. I even shared some of the things my husband uses but the point I am making here is that I was buying stuff I personally loved and I simply wanted to share with the world what worked for me. I wasn’t buying the latest and greatest “whatever” just to look cool or be loved. I simply wanted to share the things I liked and got results from but I wished I knew about when I was in my 20s.


how to become a successful pinterest creator


How to Become a Successful Pinterest Creator

Let’s assume at this point that you have a clear idea about what you want to do and who you want to serve, you’ve mastered Pinterest SEO and know exactly how to inject your most important keywords, and you are willing to create aspirational content for your community. Here are additional resources that will help you become a successful Pinterest creator.

1. When you have determined your content it’s time to create your pin designs

You can also create content around trending topics. Naturally you’ll need to pick a topic that speaks to the needs of your audience.

2. Here are examples from other Pinterest creators

You can also check out other Top Pinterest Creators on your mobile device as shown below.


 How to Become a Successful Creator

3. Creator rewards terms and conditions

4. How to secure brand partnerships 

Pinterest Creators are responsible for pitching to brands. And you don’t need to have millions of followers to land brand collaborations. No matter how small or big your followers are you shouldn’t be afraid to put yourself out there and pitch to brands.

The paid partnership tool is a feature that allows you tag a brand you have a sponsorship or branded content relationship with. It is a way to disclose any paid branded relationships directly in your Idea Pins. If you’re working with a brand, they can also promote your branded content once they have approved the tag. This in turn will absolutely help increase your overall engagement in addition giving you more credibility among other Pinners and brands.

This YouTube workshop covers:

  • How Pinterest is different when it comes to content
  • More about branded content on Pinterest
  • What good branded content looks like on Pinterest
  • How creators can get matched to brands at Pinterest
  • How to get involved in branded content opportunities

how to become a successful pinterest creator

5. Affiliate Guidelines

6. Tag Products Using Affiliate Links for Idea Pins

Key Creator Economy Insights and Trends

I came across this report and I thought it was worth sharing! The report from ConvertKit reveals earnings shared, what they are up to, how they work, and their current struggles. The first-ever 2022 State of the Creator Economy Report with data collected from 2,704 creators from the U.S. and abroad and this is what they found:

  • Female creators outnumber male creators by nearly 2:1 and were the most likely to have earned revenue in 2021, but males were more than 2x as likely to earn over $150k.
  • 15.4% of all creators surveyed earn middle-class incomes from their work ($50k- $150k per year) versus 21.98% of full-time creators.
  • Creators earning at least $25k a year were happier than creators earning less while creators earning more than $150k reported the highest happiness level.
  • 61.3% of creators experienced burnout in 2021. And for 38.6% of those creators, that burnout lasted for many months up to a full year.
  • 23.8% of creators who responded to our survey said they became creators during the pandemic.


Now that you see the process for becoming a successful Pinterest creator I invite you to purchase my best selling course on How to Become a Successful Creator. It will literally save you time and money because I have organized all the best tactics to help you avoid the frustration of having to read every outdated blog out there.


how to become a successful pinterest creator

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