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Pinterest Strategy 2022: Avoid 5 Big Time Wasters

Pinterest Strategies for 2022

Avoid 5 Big Time Wasters on Pinterest (And Do This Instead)

Pinterest has changed big time and so must your Pinterest strategies for 2022.

There’s no more free ride folks.  In fact, and you may not like hearing this…if you’re not investing in ads today, you’re most likely never going to succeed on Pinterest. If you think you can do better elsewhere with less time and money … go for it. 

In the meantime, stop wasting your time with these five Pinterest strategies that you think will get you more traffic and sales…because it won’t. 



Avoid Using These Six Pinterest Strategies in 2022

1.Following others

One of the tactics that used to work on Pinterest was following others. You do that in hopes that you would get your brand noticed, hopefully get a follower but today that no longer works. It’s simply a waste of time. This is new for Pinterest strategies for 2022.

2. Commenting/spamming

How much time have you wasted liking pins, commenting on pins that has nothing to do with the content, or sharing a link to your product pages? Pinterest users are not idiots. If they think you’re spamming them they’ll just report you and when that happens often enough, Pinterest will most likely boot you off the platform. Ba-bye. Yikes!

If you have something worthwhile to contribute, sure go ahead and comment. But for the most part commenting on pins is not going to get you the high engagement you were praying for.

3. Group boards

Group boards are dead. This is new for Pinterest strategies for 2022.

I’ve deleted the ones that I have created and have left group boards I used to be a part of.  Instead create content that you personally own and publish it first on your most important board. 

4. #Hashtags

Pinterest has components that encourage you to be social but for the most part it is simply not a traditional marketing platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on where a lot of conversations are happening. 

Don’t bother searching them or injecting them as part of your keyword strategy because they won’t show high in search results. Go to your search engine right now and type in any hashtag. Look at the pins that show up in search results and read the pin descriptions. Do you see any hashtags? No, you don’t. 

5. Sharing the same images over and over

First, chasing and speculating Pinterest’s algorithm is simply daunting. It’s like throwing a bait in the water but not really sure what you’re going to catch, if anything at all. 

First, create your own images. Stop buying stock photos because people on Pinterest are looking for authentic connections with you. Your authenticity is what will build trust faster than trying to be perfect. This is an important key for Pinterest strategies for 2022. 

Have a look at the screenshot below from Pinterest. I rest my case:)


pinterest strategy 2022

6. Stop sharing others content

There’s zero benefit in sharing others content.  Here’s another one according to Pinterest themselves.



pinterest strategy 2022


What to Do Instead / Pinterest Strategies for 2022

Time is precious. It is even more precious than money because when you waste time you can’t get time back. That hour has passed, it’s gone. But when it comes to money there is always an opportunity somewhere for you to get back money you’ve lost. 

  1. Focus on creating fresh content every week:
  • Create three Idea Pins
  • Create three to five Standard Pins or Video Pins
  1. Invest in Pinterest ads. 

Idea Pins are hot on Pinterest but that won’t get you outbound clicks. It doesn’t work like other pins because there is nowhere to click a link. Why? 

That’s because Pinterest wants to keep Pinners on the platform, and not your website. This is by design folks. Can you guess why? When you are on Pinterest long enough the chances of you seeing and clicking an ad are much higher. There are plenty of them and Pinterest is hoping that you’ll click on that ad and buy. 

It’s Pinterest job to please their shareholders. They are in business to make money first. So, if you’re bitching and complaining that you’re not getting the organic traffic you used to get spoiled with – well sorry. This is the new reality in 2022. 

The fastest way to get in front of your audience without fucking around with Pinterest’s algorithm and other time wasters is to simply spend the money on ads. They have set it is as the only way to be successful on Pinterest. This is new for Pinterest strategies for 2022.


If you still love Pinterest want exposure to its audience and think you have a chance at it the best way to launch your business is to consider my Pinterest Audit, Account Set-Up, and Strategy Guide all in one bundle. It’s the most cost-effective way to start on Pinterest because I will do most of the thinking and planning for you. All you have to do is manage it and I show you how to do that exactly, step by step with checklists and all. Contact me today for a free 20 minute discovery call to decipher if it’s right for you. 


pinterest strategy 2022

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