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Pinterest Marketing Tips for Idea Pins: The Ultimate Success Guide

Pinterest Marketing Tips 2022

Pinterest has received numerous requests from its users about wanting to see the content on Pinterest without having to go to a website. Pinterest listened and they delivered. That’s why they created a new type of pin design that can do just that, it’s called the Idea Pin. It is the single most important pin design in 2022 and so if you seriously want to leverage Pinterest for your marketing efforts it’s time you learn everything you can so you can maximize your success. In these Pinterest Marketing Tips I will cover…

  • What’s an Idea Pin?
  • Why should Idea Pins matter to your business?
  • 3 ways to make money with Idea Pins
  • How to create Idea Pins
  • Specs for desktop version
  • Design features available on mobile for your Idea Pins
  • 10 best practices for Idea Pins
  • Examples of Idea Pins that gets lots of eyeballs

Updated Pinterest Marketing Tips | What’s an Idea Pin?

Idea Pins are a multi-page canvas to share your ideas. They last forever, and help you grow your audience.

You can use Idea Pins to record multiple videos, add images, lists and custom text in a single Pin. Like other Pins, Idea Pins will stay on your boards once you’ve published them. Once you’ve published at least one Idea Pin, the Pin will be displayed on your profile at the top of your “Created” tab along with all of your Idea Pins.

You can use Idea Pins to:

  • Create a step-by-step guide, project or recipe
  • Upload multiple short videos with additional descriptive text or text overlay
  • Customize the colors and fonts in your Pin
  • Improve your targeting with topic tagging
  • Curate a collection of products
  • Tell a story in a brand new way


Why Should Idea Pins Matter to Your Business?

Pinterest has completely changed in 2022. You need to know these Pinterest Marketing Tips.

Pinterest Idea Pins are the future. You have no choice really unless Pinterest decides to ditch them. They should matter to your business because Pinterest is heavily investing in  making improvements to the Idea Pins features to lure Pinterest creators. Pinterest is working behind the scenes to create partnerships between brands and Pinterest creators.

3 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

Many bloggers on Pinterest are freaking out because they’re not getting as many eyeballs on their content as they used to get. They are screaming that viewers are severely down and in some cases at zero. Well folks, like I keep saying if you’ve been reading my blogs, you can quit Pinterest all together or embrace Pinterest Idea Pins. Getting organic traffic is almost impossible now on Pinterest this is by their design which is why you need to supplement your marketing efforts with paid ads. Period. This is the most basic new Pinterest Marketing Tip.

Anyone can make money with Idea Pins. You don’t need a website and you don’t even need to be an influencer. Everybody has a chance of making more money.

1.Pinterest Creator Rewards

As a Pinterest creator you have a chance to make money by creating original Idea Pins in response to monthly reward goals created by Pinterest.  It’s a program that will pay creators based on community engagement. Pinterest will put out regular calls for fresh content, and creators who meet the editorial and engagement requirements will get paid. Pinterest is looking for the most inspiring, quality content and organic engagement.

Note: Creator Rewards is currently in testing to select early access users in the US. 

Pinterest Marketing Tips / Before you get started

To be eligible for the Creator Rewards program, you’ll need to have a Pinterest business account and meet the following criteria:

  • Use the Pinterest app on your mobile phone
  • Be 18 years or over
  • Be located in the US
  • Have at least 1,000 followers
  • Have created at least three Idea Pins
  • Create original content

Apply for Creator Rewards

You can apply for Creator Rewards through the Pinterest app. If you’re eligible, you’ll be able to tap Get started. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria yet, you will not have the ability to apply.

Creator Rewards is currently only available on mobile devices on the Pinterest app, versions 9.33 and above. Update your Pinterest app to the latest version to use Creator Rewards.

Link your bank account

When you get accepted to the Creator Rewards program, you’ll need to link your bank account in order to get paid by Pinterest for your content. You can link your bank account before or after you participate in a reward goal. To enter your bank information, you’ll be taken to a third-party platform called Adyen, which manages payouts for Creator Rewards. Linking your bank account may take longer if your information requires additional review.

Within 30 days of the reward goal ending, your accumulated earnings can be deposited to your linked bank account. Payouts happen the following month after reward goals end.

In accordance with IRS guidelines, 1099 forms will be sent annually from Adyen by 31 January. Creators, irrespective of their federal tax classification, will receive a 1099 form in the post to the address they provided in their billing information to Adyen. You may be contacted for additional information if any personal information necessary for tax filing is missing. Please consult your own tax advisor for any personal tax-related questions.

Creator Rewards is currently only available on mobile devices on the Pinterest app, versions 9.33 and above. Update your Pinterest app to the latest version to use Creator Rewards.

Participate in reward goals

Pinterest will post new reward goals monthly. Creators can participate by creating an Idea Pin in response to the goal. Each reward goal will have a description, payout amounts and requirements.

Make sure your content meets the reward goal requirements and Community Guidelines to be eligible for payout within the reward goal time frame. Review best practices to create a successful Idea Pin and the Creator Rewards Terms of Service for more payout information.

After you start a reward goal, you can also create an Idea Pin by tapping the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. Progress updates for your Pin will appear within a week of meeting the engagement requirements for a reward goal. You can view the reward goals you’ve opted into under the Active tab. You can find your completed reward goals, progress and earnings under the Completed tab.

Troubleshoot linking your bank account

Adyen takes the identity and bank information you’ve submitted and verifies your data. In some cases, Adyen may need to review your information in more detail and request additional identity or bank documents. If your documents were not accepted, review the document specifications below.

ID document specifications:

  • Provide a government-issued ID card, driving license or passport that has not expired
  • Submit both sides of your ID card or driving license as separate files
  • Submit a clear, color scan or upload of your ID with all four corners visible
  • Upload your document as a .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf or .png with a maximum file size of 10 MB
  • The date of birth entered on the form needs to match the date of birth on your ID document
  • The first name entered on the form needs to match the first name or middle name on your ID document
  • The surname entered on the form needs to match the surname on your ID document
  • Nicknames and typos are not accepted

Bank document specifications:

  • Your document must contain the bank logo or bank name, account number details and the name of the account owner
  • Submit a clear and complete image of your document
  • Upload your document as a .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf or .png with a maximum file size of 10 MB
  • Your bank document must have been issued less than a year ago

For additional troubleshooting tips, check out the Adyen FAQs

2. Affiliate Links Tagging

Tagging products in your Idea Pins makes it easier for people to shop your picks. You can search and tag any product you want to recommend to your audience. Pinterest is expanding its product tagging tool to include the Amazon Associates Program so creators in the US can add affiliate links from Amazon and earn commission on qualifying purchases. Pinterest isn’t part of affiliate agreements, so your commission will depend on the terms you’ve set up with external merchants or programs.

Pinterest supports affiliate links from:

  • Amazon Associates
  • ShopStyle Collective
  • Rakuten Advertising
  • LTK (formerly rewardStyle + )

Keep in mind that not all affiliate programs are supported at this time. If you have any issues using affiliate links, please let Pinterest know by filing a ticket with their support team. Pinterest is working to enable links from all major affiliate networks, stay tuned!

3. Brand Partnerships

More brands are entering into exclusive partnerships with creators on Pinterest, which provide more meaningful and longer-lasting customer touchpoints. The right influencers can help brands grow genuine relationships with your audiences on Pinterest. However, it’s important to identify the right influencer who embodies your brand’s voice and personality or who shares a similar audience.

When businesses join the Pinterest community, businesses can reach new audiences and increase brand awareness. But it’s key for brands to act like creators, not a business, in order to create entertaining content that captures the Pinterest community’s attention. By taking the time to understand and embrace the creator mindset, you can grow a loyal fan base and build an active community.

pinterest marketing tips


Pinterest has introduced in beta a new paid partnerships tool that allows Creators to disclose their paid partnerships. Creators who make branded content will be able to add the brands directly in their Idea Pins, and once the brand approves the tag — the Idea Pin will include a “paid partnership” label as shown in the image above. When you use the paid partnership tool, you’ll work directly with the brands you’re partnering with to define payment details.

The paid partnerships tool is live for select Creators in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

If a merchant prefers not to have their product tagged, they have the option to remove the tagged product from the Idea Pin.



Pinterest Marketing Tips / How to Create Idea Pins

1. Accept the Creator Code Agreement

Before you create an Idea Pin, you’ll need to accept and agree to the Creator Code. The Creator Code is a pledge to create Idea Pins that follow our Community guidelines. If an Idea Pin violates our guidelines, you may lose access to Idea Pins. You’ll only need to accept the Creator Code once.

If you repeat the same action too many times, such as creating Idea Pins, a temporary block may automatically be put on your account if we notice that you’ve repeatedly done the same action in a short period of time. This is to prevent spam on Pinterest and to keep Pins working properly.

After you’ve selected to create an Idea Pin, click Get started to read the Creator Code. Click I agree to accept the Creator Code and start creating your Idea Pin. You can refer back to the Creator Code at any time here.

2. Create an Idea Pin on the Web

When creating Idea Pins on the desktop version you won’t have access to it’s features available on mobile.

  1. Log into your Pinterest account.
  2. Click Create, then click Create Idea Pin.
  3. Click Create new or click on one of your drafts under Your drafts. Note: drafts created on the desktop version does not how on mobile and vice versa.
  4. Drag and drop to add the images or videos. Choose 1 or up to 20 images or videos from your computer.

pinterest marketing tips


5. Use the tools on the right side of the screen to design your pages.

    • Adjust: Click Image or Video to adjust and resize your image or to focus on an interesting part of your video.
    • Text: Click Text as shown below the image to add a text box and select your font, font size, alignment, color or highlight.
    • Background: Click Background to select or change the background color.

pinterest marketing tips


6. Click the plus icon on the top-left side (as shown in the image above) to add more images or videos.

7. Click Preview in the bottom-right corner to see how your Idea Pin will look before publishing.

8. Click Next and complete the finishing touches as shown below in the image.

    • Title: Add a title
    • Board: Choose a public board to save your Idea Pin to.
    • Tags: Add up to 10 tag topics to reach people searching for similar ideas.
    • Comments: Leave it as is. A
    • Add a list: select Ingredients for recipes, Supplies for DIY crafts, or Notes for everything else.
    • Advanced options: Many creators prefer to toggle the switch off because they don’t want  other merchants benefitting from their content.


pinterest marketing tips


9. Click Publish. You cannot edit your pins after it’s published. You will only have the ability to move it to another board and a section within a board.


Specs for Desktop Version

Pinterest Marketing Tips

Photo credit: Pinterest

Design Features Available on Mobile for Your Idea Pin

You can add different effects when you create your Idea Pin:

  • Clips: Move the slider to adjust the length of your video clip.
  • Text: Add multiple text boxes, change your font style, color combination or text position. Tap the text to edit the text or text duration.
  • Resize: Pinch your image, video or text to resize or adjust its position on your page.
  • Expanded Camera Features: You asked for more creation features, and we listened! We’re excited to share that creators can now access flash, record timer, and delay timer in the Camera view of Idea Pin creation. These new features will help you seamlessly create, edit, and publish Idea Pins from your phone (available on iOS only).
  • Music: Select a song to add continuously on all of your pages. If you want to add a different song to an individual page, tap the page, then tap New song to add a different song.
  • Audio: Tap the record button to add a voiceover or tap the filter icon to control your music, original audio and recorded audio volumes.
  • Filters: Add a filter to your page and use the slider to adjust it.
  • Stickers: Select a sticker to add to your page or search by category to find a sticker. Tap @mention to mention up to 5 people per page and 20 people max in an Idea Pin. Tap product to tag a product, up to 5 products per page and 20 products max, you’re using in your Idea Pin. Tap Try on to add products to your Idea Pin for people to try on. Tap the tag to edit its duration. Tap Photo to add a photo from your device as a sticker.
  • Split: Use the slider to select a spot to split your video into two separate pages.
  • Board Inspiration Tagging on Android: Use your own boards for Idea Pin inspiration. You can use board stickers to tie your Idea Pin content back to the original or related inspiration. This allows your audience to unlock related content and further explore your ideas (available only on Android).
  • Idea Pins auto-loop: The end card has been removed and adding auto-loop to Idea Pins. This will allow for deeper engagement with your Idea Pin content. (Global iOS + Android).

Pinterest Marketing Tips


Pinterest Marketing Tips / 10 Best Practices for Idea Pins

1. What will your topic be? There are three key factors for creating Idea Pins:

  • Process: what this means is showing your audience how to do something. For example; how to do at-home workouts.
  • Personal: showing who you are that inspires others
  • Perspective: sharing your knowledge YOUR way. For example; showing how to apply eyeshadow YOUR way.

Here are strategies you can employ:

a. Instructional
Instructional Pins teach new skills, provide tutorials or recommend specific products. Use a step-by-step approach with visuals and text, and even includes some decoration inspiration.

b. Quick tip
How-to’s is great that won’t take much time to explain. You don’t even have to add text to the Pin’s images or videos: just add it to the description instead.

c. Comparison
Show people multiple ways to use the same ingredient, product or object. You could also apply this format to show recipe hacks, how to incorporate new home decor for different rooms in your house, etc.

d. Storytelling

Tell an inspiring story from your own life, like an anecdote that shaped your personal growth.

e. Reach out to other Pinners
Bring other experts or members of your audience into the Pin. Ask people to submit questions ahead of time, reply to people’s comments with a new Idea Pin or invite someone else “on air” to chat with you. You can collect questions from your followers, then use those questions as the foundation for your next Idea Pin.

f. Showcase
Take the Pinner along while you create something. Just press record, start creating and let them watch. You don’t need to add complicated voiceover or type up instructions: just show off your skills and let other people enjoy the process from afar. For example of if your a health and fitness-focused creator you could demonstrate your favorite core strengthening exercises. You don’t need to add much text to the videos and, instead, adds any necessary context to the Pin’s caption.

2. Create 3 new pieces of content every week.

The more you create, the greater the odds you’ll be seen on Pinterest by people who have never seen you before. Think: actionable and inspirational. Be authentic and avoid being too promotional.

3. Use video first.

Video is great for telling a story and helps you connect with your audience. Start with a video on your first page to stand out in people’s feeds.

Content with watermarks doesn’t perform well with people who are on Pinterest. And, of course, only use content that you have permission to use.

4. Number of cards matters.

Although you can add up to 20 cards in one Idea Pins, 8 to 10 cards receives the most engagement

5. Use Pinterest SEO.

There are few places where you need to inject your keywords:

a. Text overlay on your image. For starters, you need to add a text overlay on your image or video since people might view your Pin with their audio off. Your Idea Pins can house up to 60 seconds of video per page, so make sure your content shines with sight, sound and motion. But more importantly Pinterest can read the text on images that’s why.

b. Idea Pin title

c. In the “Notes” section

d. Topic tags. You can add up to 10 topic tags.

6. Show your personality.

Idea Pins help people get to know creators. Don’t be afraid to narrate your Pin or show your face. It gets your audience excited to follow you, and keeps them coming back to engage.

7. Connect with your audience.

People on Pinterest are looking for creators they can trust. That’s you! Encourage people to follow you, save your content to do for later, and engage with them through their comments. You see  the more your audience engages with your content, the Pinterest algorithm will push your content in front of more Pinners.

8. Fill out the details

You can list ingredients, supplies, etc. Just like how keywords help you get found on Pinterest, make sure to tag relevant topics so your content reaches the right people.

9. Add a call to action

The downside to the Idea Pins as you know is that you don’t get outbound links. How can we get Pinners to take additional action?

  • How about making your last card a CTA?
  • Place the CTA in the first sentence such as “go to my website, go to the tab “FREEBIE” to get my free course”.
  • Check out the link in my profile

10. Double check before you publish

  • Are the screen edges covered? If not, pinch to resize.
  • How’s the lighting?
  • Do the videos and images fit together? If not, try adding some filters.

pinterest marketing tips

Photo credit: Pinterest

11. Share your Idea Pins on other platforms

To share an Idea Pin to Facebook or Instagram stories: Select the “FBStories” or “IG Stories” icon in the share menu, which will initiate a download. Once the download finishes, it takes the user to the Facebook or Instagram app with the story creation flow open and the watermarked Idea Pin video pasted in. It can then be edited and posted.

12. Highlights on profile cover

This feature allows you to create Idea Pins into a group folder at the top of your profile. You will be able to create multiple Highlights to help you showcase content that matters. This feature is an opportunity for Creators to highlight more content visibility to your followers. Currently, the highlight feature only supports Idea Pin created content and/or shop content.


Examples of Great Idea Pins Gets Lots of Eyeballs

Brand partnerships with Pinterest creators


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