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Pinterest Idea Pins: January 2022 Trends for Creators

Pinterest Idea Pins

Pinterest is not your typical social media platform. While Pinterest is moving in the direction of connection, that doesn’t mean you’re having back and forth conversations with users like you do on other socials.  Sure you can comment on a pin but the focus remains on sharing ideas. What I mean by that is when you share publish your Idea Pin, your target audience can also share an image to put a personal to spin on your content. For example: let’s say you shared an eye makeup tutorial. A Pinterest user could post a take showing how they were inspired by your idea and choose a different color or texture by adding glitter or something else. Pinterest Idea Pins are the future.  Learn about them & embrace them.


Pinterest idea pins


Pinterest has a new mission in 2022. They want Pinterest users to share what they love right on Pinterest without having to go to your website to learn more, try it, or buy it. Pinterest creators have a unique opportunity to build  meaningful connections—whether you’ve been on Pinterest for awhile or if you’re a newbie just starting out on Pinterest. The beautiful thing about Pinterest Idea Pins is that they don’t expire after 24 hours like they do on Instagram or how they get lost in chronological feeds. Your content will be seen over and over by Pinners.

A New Way for Bloggers to Make Money on Pinterest Using Pinterest Idea Pins

Many bloggers on Pinterest are freaking out because they’re not getting as many eyeballs on their content as they used to get. They are screaming that they are severely down and in some cases at zero viewers. Well folks, like I keep saying if you’ve been reading my blogs, you can quit Pinterest all together or embrace Pinterest Idea Pins. Getting organic traffic is almost impossible now on Pinterest this is by their design which is why you need to supplement your marketing efforts with paid ads. Period. Otherwise you’ll need to create fresh Pinterest Idea Pins and earn money through affiliate links.

Bloggers can make money with product tagging (as shown below in the image) and affiliate links, or enable visual search recommendations so people can shop similar items from your Pin. You can also disclose paid partnerships with brands.


pinterest idea pins


Hmmmm Pinterest Idea Pins, so you’re thinking okay great, WIIFM? I’ll do all this work for what exactly? As a Pinterest creator you have a chance to make money through Pinterest Creator Rewards. It’s a program that will pay creators based on community engagement. Pinterest will put out regular calls for fresh content, and creators who meet the editorial and engagement requirements will get paid. With that in mind here’s the January Trends Submissions.

pinterest idea pins

January Trends 2022

New year, new intentions. But this time around, it’s time to prioritize yourself and take things at your own pace. Whether your goal is to start eating healthier, revamp your wardrobe or to build good habits in the long term, do it for yourself.

Important occasions to keep in mind:

· New Year’s Day (Jan. 1)

· Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Jan. 17)

Food & Drink: Healthful Reset

It’s only natural to want to click reset after all the indulging over the holidays, and the new year is the perfect time to invest in your health. From the best plant-based meals to easy meal-prep ideas, showcase your favorite recipes to get the year started on the right foot.

  • Veganuary
  • Healthy meal prep
  • Dry January
  • Easy five-ingredient recipes

Fashion: Wardrobe Refresh

If you’ve already gone through your entire ensemble of WFH looks, now’s a great time to refresh your personal style. Show off your favorite looks and styles and reintroduce yourself to the world out there.

  • Oversized winter coats
  • Block color sneakers
  • Sustainable fashion brands to know
  • Cat suits
  • Monochromatic looks

Beauty: Primed & Primped

It’s as good a time as any to mix up your self-care routine. Whether you’re treating yourself to your dream manicure or trying out a new ’do, let the world see your fresh face at its prime.

  • 3-D nail adornments
  • Hydration heroes
  • Sustainable beauty
  • Mixie cuts
  • Brown balayage

Health & Fitness: Well & Ready

Maybe you’re (finally) ready to get some real shut-eye or you’re committed to integrating more activity into your routine. Whatever it is you’re doing to prioritize your health and emotional well-being this year, share it loud and proud.

  • Manifestation
  • Fitness routines you can stick with
  • New self-care rituals

Misc: Planning Ahead

Whether you’re saving up for a dream vacation or want to get serious about investing, setting small, attainable goals is the key to success. Show off your know-how and inspire others to do the same this month and beyond.

  • Brown aesthetic
  • New Year money challenges
  • NFTs and blockchain

Get More Eyeballs on Your Content

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Final Thoughts on Pinterest Idea Pins

If you have an ecommerce business it would be prudent and profitable for you to start a community of brand advocates through Pinterest. We know that customers trust their peers, friends, and people they admire more than the companies selling the products and services they buy and use. In addition, if you’ve been struggling with creating consistent inspirational and actionable content for Pinterest  you can rely on Pinterest Creators to do it for you.  If you’d like to learn more about how you could outsource the coordination of assembling and management of a group of advocates / creators for your brand to drive more sales contact me for a free 20 minute discovery call.


pinterest idea pins

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