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Pinterest Creator in 2022 Success Guide

Pinterest Creator 2022

Technically, creators on Pinterest isn’t anything new. Anyone who has been sharing content on Pinterest since it started in 2010 is a creator. Many of them are bloggers and publishers. Unfortunately today, many bloggers are abandoning Pinterest because it’s extremely difficult to get those outbound links. The very type of pin format that Pinterest favors today does not get you outbound links.  The Pin type I’m referring to is the Idea Pins. That’s right…you’ll get no traffic when you’re creating Idea Pins. Why am I telling you this? Well keep reading:)

First, let me share why businesses are scratching their hands wondering why Pinterest’s performance is declining. When Pinterest’s number of users tumbled down from 478 millions to 444 million (and it’s continuing to go down as shown in the image below) investors noticed and the stock price has tumbled. Some financial experts claim the downward spiral was because we were coming out of the pandemic, rumors of PayPal takeover (which turned out to be nothing), and mixed financial results. I believe there’s more to that.


how to become a pinterest creator 2022


Pinterest Creator 2022 heads up….

Another reason for the downfall was that Pinterest along with other social media networks claimed that the changes to Apple’s iOS system were hurting its ability to track users on its platform but more importantly it affected how your ads ran on Pinterest and if they were trackable or not.

As someone who has been helping businesses leverage Pinterest marketing for 10 years here’s what I think.

Many bloggers have left because regardless of what content they create their decline in traffic is so severe that they have decided and they’ve had enough. They feel betrayed by Pinterest. Heck even Instagram gets it. In fact Instagram’s Stories is very similar to Pinterest Idea Pins but the upside with IG’s Stories is that you can add a link that will drive traffic to your blog or website. Marketers are confused. Is Pinterest still a search engine? Is it a social media network? What is it exactly? Pinterest won’t label themselves but what they will tell you is that they want to continue building inspirational and positive environment because they are committed to mental health. Pinterest is truly the most positive corner in the internet.

Pinterest has become totally different today. Their stock prices reflect that.

Businesses and bloggers need to pivot the way they create content if you want to leverage Pinterest’s audience. It’s a lot of work to be a creator and I know you want to get an ROI from all that work. I want you to know what options you have available today. That’s why I dedicated an entire chapter in my Pinterest Marketing for Business online course on how to make money as a Pinterest creator.


how to become a pinterest creator 2022


What is a Pinterest Creator?

NOTE: The Creator Rewards program will end on November 30, 2022.

The Pinterest Creator was first mentioned on the Pinterest blog back in April 2020.

Creator Rewards is in beta testing to select early access users in the US only.

Pinterest creators are basically the heart of Pinterest in 2022. Pinterest creators create content for free based on what they love. The goal for Pinterest creators is to build a community that inspires others with their idea. Creating inspiring content that people want to take action is not always an easy feat which is why Pinterest is rewarding those with high engagement. You don’t have to be a pro or have any qualifications really. Anybody in the U.S. can be a Pinterest creator in 2022. And for those Pinterest Creators 2022 that put in the work but don’t get any payment or reward, well that would totally suck wouldn’t it?

But guess what? I have spoken to several Pinterest creators and they are doing very well. They have found a way to do it right and are easily making $2,500 for creating content that only took them eight hours. That’s f’in great money!

So, maybe you shouldn’t give up Pinterest just yet:)

Types of Pinterest Creators

1.US Creator Community

2. Pinterest TV Creator Community

3. US Creator Residency Hub:The Creator Residency Program is an exclusive initiative to identify and support incredible Creators with potential to reach even further heights.


How to Become a Pinterest Creator in 2022? Start Here. 

1. You need to open a Pinterest business account.

2. Sign the Creator code.

3. Sign up for Creator newsletter.

You’ll be the first to hear about product launches, emerging trends and inspiring content ideas.

4. Apply for Creator Rewards

As a Pinterest creator you have a chance to make money by creating your own original Idea Pins in response to monthly reward goals created by Pinterest.  This program essentially pays you based on the amount of engagement you receive on your Idea Pin.

Note: Creator Rewards are currently in testing to select early access users in the US. 

You can apply for Creator Rewards through the Pinterest app. If you’re eligible, you’ll be able to tap Get started. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria yet, you will not have the ability to apply. Make sure you Update your Pinterest app to the latest version to use Creator Rewards.

To be eligible for the Pinterest Creators 2022 Rewards program, you’ll need to have a Pinterest business account and meet the following criteria:

  • Use the Pinterest app on your mobile phone
  • Be 18 years or over
  • Be a legal resident of, and located in, the 50 United States or the District of Columbia
  • Have at least 250 followers
  • Have created at least three Idea Pins in the last 30 days
  • Have 150 saves of your published Pins in the last 30 days
  • Create original content

5. All Pinterest Creators 2022 must follows these mandatory guidelines

  • Be kind: Ensure content doesn’t insult or put others down
  • Check facts: Make sure information is accurate and factual
  • Be aware of triggers: Practice discretion when it comes to visually sensitive content
  • Practice inclusion: Never intentionally exclude certain groups or communities
  • Do no harm: Make sure any call to action or challenge is safe

Examples of content that goes against the Pinterest Creator Code include:

  • Fashion don’ts, what not to wear, etc.
  • Stereotypes of other cultures or communities
  • Posters that insult public figures
  • Unsupported health claims, theories, and/or conspiracies
  • Dangerous projects or challenges
  • Requests for sensitive information
  • Explicit art
  • Graphic images
  • Before-and-after photos with intent to shame


You’re Now a Pinterest Creator in 2022, Now What?

1. Link your bank account

Pinterest will pay you directly if you’re part of the Creator Rewards program and your content meets the goal requirements and eligibility criteria. Pinterest does not facilitate payment for other monetization programs like product tagging, affiliate links or brand partnerships. For those programs, you’ll organize payment terms and logistics directly with your brand or affiliate partners.

When you get accepted to the Creator Rewards program, you’ll need to link your bank account in order to get paid by Pinterest for your content. You can link your bank account before or after you participate in a reward goal. To enter your bank information, you’ll be taken to a third-party platform called Adyen, which manages payouts for Creator Rewards. For additional troubleshooting tips, check out the Adyen FAQs.

2. Participate in reward goals

Pinterest will post new reward goals monthly. Creators can participate by creating an Idea Pin in response to the goal. Each reward goal will have a description, payout amounts and requirements.

Make sure your content meets the reward goal requirements and Community Guidelines to be eligible for payout within the reward goal time frame. Review best practices to create a successful Idea Pin and the Creator Rewards Terms of Service for more payout information.

After you start a reward goal, you can also create an Idea Pin by tapping the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. Progress updates for your Pin will appear within a week of meeting the engagement requirements for a reward goal. You can view the reward goals you’ve opted into under the Active tab. You can find your completed reward goals, progress and earnings under the Completed tab.

pinterest creator 2022

3. Creator Hub

Make sure you’re using the Pinterest app—the creator hub is only accessible on mobile devices. Once you’ve downloaded the app, go to your Pinterest profile page. You’ll find the creator hub button right below your bio and stats. You’ll see the latest creator news, your analytics, monetization opportunities and more.

4. Content Ideas

These ideas will help you create content that Pinners are searching for right now and in the coming months. Use these insights to create timely and relevant content.


Pinterest Tools to Help You Become More Successful

1. Get Pinterest’s creator newsletter

Be the first to hear about product launches, emerging trends, and inspiring content ideas.

2. Follow the Pinterest creator’s account

3. Stay on top of Pinterest trends

Pinterest Trends shows what people are searching for right now. When you type in a keyword you’ll see the number of Pinners that have searched for that topic or keyword over time. Use these insights to create timely and relevant content.

4. Get ideas from other creators

Check out these Idea Pins from other creators.


5. Creative Tools Partners

Use Pinterest’s creative tools partners for added flair.

6. Join Pinterest Business Community

Get personalized support from other community members. Join here.

7. Read the blog

Visit the Pinterest blog for creators.

8. Paid Partnership tool

The paid partnership tool is currently available to creators who participate in our managed creator program. If you’re eligible, you will receive communication from the Pinterest team letting you know how to start using the tool. To use the tool, you’ll need to make an Idea Pin and use the “advanced settings” menu to tag a brand in your Pin. Learn more about paid partnerships for Creators here.

9. Creator Rewards Terms and Conditions


Pinterest Creator 2022 / Summary

I believe those that will benefit the most from Pinterest are the influencers in the creative and hobby-content space. In the past we never had conversations on Pinterest, but today you have to engage with your audience if you want to rank high on Pinterest’s search engine. Getting as many comments and takes from Pinners will help you get more eyeballs on your content.

I hope this blog post will help you decide if Pinterest is right for your business or not. If you’re still not sure how to pivot your business with Pinterest’s new direction consider contacting me for a FREE 20 minute strategy call. I’m confident I can help you figure this out.


pinterest creator 2022

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