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How to Get More Followers with Pinterest Idea Pins

How to Get More Followers with Pinterest Idea Pins

If you want to get a boatload of new followers and sales from Pinterest take a wild guess as to what type of content will exploding 0n Pinterest in 2022. Idea Pins and videos! Regardless of whether you are a blogger or an Ecommerce business it’s time to embrace Idea pins and videos. If you are not interested in Idea Pins and videos skip this and go straight to buying ads. It’s really as simple as that. Don’t over think this folks.

Do follower counts matter on Pinterest? Heck yes but if not translating that into a qualified prospect or a customer it doesn’t mean shit really. In fact, you can have plenty of followers for the sole reason of  hoping you follow them back. They simply have no interest in you as a creator or your business. Instead ask yourself How to Get More Followers with Pinterest Idea Pins.

Users on Pinterest are looking for authentic connections with creators they trust. They’re hoping to discover creators who share their passions and here’s your chance to be part of that. So how can you get more followers with Pinners that love and value what you have to share? Here are five ways to grow your Pinterest followers so you make more money on Pinterest:

6 Ways to Grow Your Community: How to Get More Followers with Pinterest Idea Pins

1. Create new content every week

The more you create, the greater the odds you’ll be seen on Pinterest by people who have never seen you before. Think: actionable and inspirational.

There are three key steps to creating Idea Pins:

  • process: what this means is showing your audience how to do something. For example; how to do at-home workouts.
  • personal: showing who you are that inspires others
  • perspective: sharing your knowledge YOUR way. For example; showing how to apply eyeshadow YOUR way.

Pinterest Marketing Expert Actionable Tip: Create at least one Idea Pin every week to engage your current audience.



2. Use Pinterest trends

If you’re a new creator and not sure what to create consider using Pinterest’s Trends tool. When you type in a keyword Pinterest will reveal how hot the topic will be with Pinners for the next 12 months. It also shows the most popular pins related to your keyword so you have some ideas on what working and then use that to create your own. For example if you’re thinking about creating content around homemade skin care it would be smart to do so starting mid-July as shown in the image below.

Pinterest Marketing Expert Actionable Tip: Add this to your content strategy calendar for your future posts.


3. Add text overlay

One of the ways to increase your Pinterest SEO juice is by adding text overlay on your videos and images. In that way you show up in Pinterest search.

Pinterest Marketing Expert Actionable Tip: To find the right keywords, you can use one of the following:

  • Pinterest Trends
  • Pinterest Search Engine
  • Pinterest ads dashboard “Interests and Keywords”

4. Tagging

It’s vital that you tag your content with relevant topics right before hitting publish. You can tag a mix of topics related to your content which will help reach your ideal target audience who are interested in what you’re creating.
Pinterest Marketing Expert Actionable Tip: I’m going to take this even further. Observe the “TAGGED TOPICS” (as shown below in the image) section before you create your content. Type in the topic or keyword you’re thinking about creating and see what results come up. If it doesn’t show up then you’re limiting your chances of getting found by users so it’s prudent to think about another idea that you know is included in the tagged topics.
How to Get More Followers with Pinterest Idea Pins

5. Optimize your boards

Failing to optimize your board titles and board descriptions will severely limit your chances of getting your content found in Pinterest search results.
Pinterest Expert Actionable Tip: Before you create your Idea Pin (LOL…I look like a chipmunk in that Idea Pin below) take the time to fully optimize your board title and board descriptions. Remember to avoid using industry jargon and acronyms that people don’t understand or relate to. Keep it simple and always use the keywords you find in the areas I mentioned in #3 above.
You can submit your Idea Pins for a chance to get featured on the Today tab by Pinterest’s editorial team. There is no compensation for submitting ideas but it will definitely give you more exposure your work deserves.


How to Get More Followers with Pinterest Idea Pins & Final Thoughts

Pinterest has completely changed and you may not like these changes but it’s going to mean survival or failure on Pinterest.. Will you embrace it or go elsewhere? Before you decide to ditch Pinterest contact me for a 20 minute discovery call so we can determine for your business if there is a winning Pinterest marketing strategy in 2022.

How to Get More Followers with Pinterest Idea Pins

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