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Pinterest Tips for Bloggers in 2022: Is It Worth Your Time?

Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

Why Bloggers Need to Have a Completely New Pinterest Strategy in 2022

Pinterest has changed dramatically in 2021 and bloggers are left wondering if they should even bother with Pinterest. These Pinterest Tips for Bloggers will hopefully help clear up some questions you might have.

Since Pinterest started in March 2010 bloggers have always found that Pinterest has been their number one source of traffic. That’s amazing considering Facebook and Instagram have way more users than Pinterest. And that is one of the first lessons new bloggers learn on Pinterest. Pinterest Tips for Bloggers # 1 is that bigger is not always better. That larger social media networks don’t automatically mean you’ll find success there. Instead, you need to analyze many factors beyond size to determine where to invest your time and money to drive your blogging business. For many years the smaller Pinterest has been the best platform for their business.

Pinterest Tips for Bloggers / The New Challenge for Bloggers on Pinterest in 2022

So how is Pinterest different today? Pinterest Tips for Bloggers # 2 well for starters bloggers are no longer getting a free ride. Many are now, for the first time openly questioning if Pinterest is even worth their time. Many are frustrated that their engagement is down. 

They are seriously panicking that they’re not getting the impressions they used to get. I see these complaints popping up almost every day on Pinterest’s Business Community. They want it to be like the good old days, yet these businesses fail to realize that Pinterest is a business too and they need to please their investors first. 



7 Signs That Pinterest Has Changed Dramatically in 2021

What bloggers need to understand is that Pinterest is moving in a different direction. Let me explain.

  1. Story Pins

The first sign that Pinterest was changing was when they introduced Story Pins in September 2020. This a new type of pin. I thought to myself “Are they becoming more social?” The Story Pins look so much like Facebook’s and Instagram’s Stories. 

  1. Idea Pins are not clickable 

In May 2021 Pinterest changes the name from Story Pins to Idea Pins. Pinterest users have spoken and want to engage with video and explore content directly on Pinterest. Did you catch that? They want video content directly on Pinterest. 

So, what did Pinterest do? They made sure that Idea Pins were not clickable. There is no place to add your website URL the way you can on Standard Pins. Pinterest wants the traffic to stay on Pinterest, not go to your website. This means you won’t get the traffic you’ve been used to getting from your organic activities. I can’t emphasize enough how this is big letdown for bloggers. 

  1. Pinterest Tips for Bloggers # 3 More Interaction with Users

We all know that conversations never really happen on Pinterest like they do on Facebook and Instagram. But surprise surprise that has changed now on Pinterest too. Today, Pinterest wants you to interact with your audience and build a more engaged community directly on Pinterest.

Pinterest was encouraged that they were going in the right direction when the number of Idea Pins created daily has grown by nearly 4x since January. Because of this success Pinterest decided to give content creators incentive by making Idea Pins shoppable. 

So, here’s one way to look at this if you think Pinterest is still worth it as a blogger. 

Pinterest will allow you to tag your products, so you get commissions on affiliate links but in exchange you must keep the content on Pinterest, meaning you won’t get the traffic sent to your website. Pinterest Tips for Bloggers # 4, the only way you’ll get the traffic is if a Pinner physically checks out your profile and then hopefully, they’ll click on your website URL. Or you can add your website URL in the notes (see first image below) or create a card and add a text overlay as shown below in the 2nd image. 


pinterest tips for bloggers


Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

  1. Pinterest is helping creators connect with brands

As of July 2021, Pinterest launched new ways for content creators earn more money by making Idea Pins shoppable. You can earn commissions through affiliate links and partner with brands on sponsored content. Heck, you don’t even need a website if you don’t want to set one up. If you’ve always dreamed of being an influencer or a brand ambassador this is your chance to make that happen as a Pinterest Creator. 

If  you want to keep up with all the different ways to use Idea Pins as a creator apply here

  1. Paying creators $20M for inspiring content

Pinterest is investing $20 million for Creator Rewards and other initiatives to support creators. 

Access to Creator Rewards is available in the U.S. through an all-new global Creator Hub, where creators can manage their Pinterest presence with tools, tips and insights. Additionally, as part of Creator Rewards, Pinterest is also providing micro-grants for projects that creators are passionate about or want to bring to life. For example: start a community garden, create a wellness program or fund a new beauty look. On top of that, Pinterest will issue a series of engagement-based goals inspired by trending topics or new Idea Pin features, and creators will have the opportunity to get paid for meeting the goal requirements.

What makes me nervous about this is by looking at what happened with Facebook in 2017. At the time Facebook agreed to make payments to video creators totaling more than $50 million. The arrangements were a way to encourage publishers to produce a steady stream of high-quality videos for their news feed. This program lasted only for a year. Imagine changing your entire business strategy because you assumed it would last for years. 

Pinterest Tips for Bloggers # 5, remember that with any social network you don’t control the future. Anything can happen. Pinterest can easily decide at some point to move in a different direction like Facebook did. 

  1. Pinterest introduces Pinterest TV

Pinterest TV is a series of live, original and shoppable episodes featuring creators right on Pinterest. 

Each weekday, Pinterest TV will bring you a fresh episode focused on a different category: food, home, fashion, beauty, and more. They will be recorded and available for Pinners to view on-demand or to save and re-watch later. 

Along with Pinterest TV, Pinterest is launching a virtual studio where Pinterest producers work directly with each creator to develop unique content, providing “backstage” A/V support, and go live with engaging episodes. Creators who’ve hosted Pinterest TV episodes during the pilot phase have substantially increased their following on the platform, with some creators more than doubling their followers after a live episode.

On Pinterest TV, creators can showcase and tag products so Pinners can shop and purchase on the retailer’s site. Hosts will have a shopping toolbox to enable live shopping experiences including a product drawer with prices and product details, product drops and brand collaborations, a display of how much is left and a limited-time-offer module to offer discounts. Every Friday, a new brand will host an exclusive product drop. Show up live to see the big reveal and bag special discounts.

Apply here if you’re interested in being part of Pinterest TV

As a blogger how are you going to compete with this if you don’t have your own show on Pinterest? How will you get more eyeballs on your content? Do you really think your Standard Pins will have a chance?


Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

  1. Pinterest acquires Vochi

This is another indication that Pinterest is investing heavily in content creators.

Pinterest acquired Vochi, a video creation and editing app focused on democratizing quality tools for creators. This is another indication that Pinterest is investing heavily in content creators by helping them bring more quality video content to Pinterest. Having more inspiring content can provide Pinners with more ways to watch, make and shop creator ideas. 

Stop Bitching and Start Making a Smarter Decision

One thing I noticed when I read the questions people post on the Pinterest Business Community is that the majority of bloggers and businesses are complaining yet not maximizing their efforts on Pinterest. They’re not applying the most current business practices. They fail to…

  • inject the right keywords in the right places
  • use the right types of pin designs for their vertical
  • create actionable content that inspires their audience
  • invest in ads and when they do, they don’t know how to do it correctly and on and on
  • realize that Pinterest is a publicly traded company, and they need to please their investors, not you 


There is no doubt that Pinterest has completely changed. So, you really need to ask yourself; will you change with the times or just complain & fall behind?

Before you decide to ditch Pinterest consider talking to a Pinterest expert like myself about creating a new Pinterest strategy for 2022. You might save yourself some money and a lot of grief by diving into another platform unnecessarily. 

pinterest tips for blogger 2022

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