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Pinterest Ads Manager: How to Preserve Your Pinterest Budget

Pinterest Ads Manager: Tips on How to Adjust Audience Targeting Metrics for Improvement

As a Pinterest Ads Manager it’s vital that you know what to monitor so you preserve your client’s budget. There are many ways to do that. In this blog post I will reveal how to make changes when running a conversion campaign. Let’s begin!

Running a conversion campaign allows you to target audience demographics such as age, gender, location, and so on.

To make the most out of your investment, here’s what you need to monitor as a Pinterest Ads Manager.

1.After three months check to see how much of your budget is being used in the various elements of your demographic settings.  So why 3 months?  When you start on Pinterest with your first campaign your account has to go through the learning mode for three weeks, so naturally you cannot rely on your first month’s data because there will not be enough. Those are Pinterest’s best practices so that’s just the way it is. 

2. You have to factor in the number of products you sell and their price points. For example, if you sell $10,000 sofas can you really expect to sell 50 of those in a day? No. So, therefore it will take time for your Pinterest ads account to gather enough data that you can base sound decisions upon.   

Therefore 3 months is a reasonable time frame for most businesses to allow Pinterest to gather enough data to allow you to start making informed decisions based on facts and not gut feelings.

Let me show you where to make changes. Follow these Pinterest Ads Manager steps:

  • Select /check the ad in question and then select Ads circled below.
  • Next go to the dropdown “Targeting None” circled below.
  • Choose one as shown below.

Pinterest ads manager

  • For example, if you’ve been targeting based on age then you’ll choose “Age” from the dropdown.

pinterest ads manager

  • Look at the TOTAL ORDER VALUE (checkout). Look at the number of sales. As you can see from the circle image above, we need to remove age groups 45-65+ because they have not produced any sales. 

pinterest ads manager

  • The image above shows what one of the campaigns spent for these age group which has not resulted in any sales. 
  • Like I said in the beginning, track this for at least 90 days before you remove these age groups. 
  • By removing the age groups that are burning your budget but not making any sales you protect your investment and redirect it (Pinterest will do it automatically) to age groups that are buying. 


Now let’s move on to targeting based on “Region”. 

  • Go back to the drop down and select Region. 

pinterest ads manager

  • Make sure your time frame is set to 90 days or more.
  • As a Pinterest Ads Manager look to see what regions you have made sales in and which you have not. If in your opinion you are spending too much in regions that have not made any sales for at least 3 months, then consider removing those regions to protect your budget and redirect it to regions that are making sales.  You can do that by going to the campaign.
      • Click edit
      • Continue to the 2nd page
      • Select demographics
      • Select locations
  • If you have all US locations selected, then deselect it and select “pick specific locations” and then type in the 10-15-20 regions you want to target your ads to and avoid spending budget in regions that historically have not made sales for you.

pinterest ads manager

In one campaign we manage originally we selected All US locations to start, but after 3 months we noticed that only the cities below made sales so as the Pinterest Ads Manager we changed to target the budget only to these regions that have actually made sales for our client.  

Pinterest ads manager

These are just 2 examples of how you can analyze and change your audience targeting settings to protect your budget and make more sales. 

You can also analyze gender, the same way you did for age and region, plus you can analyze keywords and interests too.  Again, de-selecting the ones that you are spending money on but are not making you any sales.

If you want more audience or sales connect with me for a free 20 minute strategy session to get some help with Pinterest ads/ Promoted Pins to compliment your organic efforts and with the help of a Pinterest Ads Manager you can maximize the power of Pinterest.

pinterest ads manager

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