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Pinterest Ads:What, Why and How to Launch a Dynamic Retargeting

Pinterest Ads: What is a Pinterest Promoted Pins Dynamic Retargeting Campaign? 

Dynamic retargeting Pinterest ads are ones where you are targeting people who have previously engaged with your product. 

That means people who have already visited your site or who have loaded items into their shopping carts but have not made a purchase yet. 

What do you need to do before you run a Pinterest ads /  dynamic retargeting campaign? 

  1. Your catalog is active with your products
  2. You’ve set up the Pinterest tag on your website and are tracking the following conversion events: Checkout, AddToCart and PageVisit 
  3. Your events are passing back the product ID event data, and the product IDs are being passed back are the same as the product IDs in your catalog
  4. You’ve met the necessary number of PageVisit and AddToCart events to make it viable.  For example you would need at least several hundred add to carts in order for this type of campaign to produce a solid ROI.

What are the different ways to retarget with Pinterest Ads?

1. Audience

Your Pinterest ads can target people from your customer lists, those who have visited your website and Pinners that have engaged with your content on Pinterest.

2. Actalike audience

Reach new people who behave similarly to one of your existing audiences.

3. Interests

Select topics/categories that are in keeping with your ad by reaching Pinners with similar tastes.

4. Keywords

Use keywords in Pinterest ads to target Pinners as they search on the platform.

5. Demographics

Target people based on their gender, age, countries/cities/metros they reside, language they speak, and devices used.

6. Placement

Choose can choose where you want your ads to appear: home feed, search engine results, Related pins or all.

Pinterest ads: How do you launch a dynamic retargeting? 

Step 1:

  • On your Ads dashboard click on “Create ad”.
  • Choose catalog sales. 

Pinterest ads

Step 2: Click on the left box the date below “New ad group”.

  • Choose Targeting.

Pinterest ads


Step 3: Fill in ad group details.

Name it whatever you wish since this is for your eyes only. 

Pinterest ads

Step 4: Product Groups

  • You should have at least 10 items when targeting “Most popular”.
  • In this Pinterest ads campaign we chose “Most popular”, next “Shopping ad”.
  • From my experience when you choose “Shopping ad” and the images suck you should definitely do a “Collections ad” instead.


Pinterest ads


Step 5: Pinterest Ads Targeting

Select the lookback window: Choose 30 or 60 days, not 7 days since something like an engagement ring is an impulse buy. Engagement rings are more like “thinking about it and then doing it”.  180 days is too long because they might have already found something else. 

Note: according to our client their buying cycle is 7-14 days so a 30 day window would be the best choice. 

For this Pinterest ads campaign I have chosen website visit and items added to cart.

Pinterest ads

Step 6: Skip the rest in this section since we have already decided who to target above. 

Pinterest ads


Step 7: Ad group placement

Choose “All”

Pinterest ads

Step 8: Choose “daily”.

  • Choose “run continuously” so it doesn’t mess up the algorithm. You can always turn it off manually. 
  • Ad your daily budget.
  • You would only add an end date if you’re running a sale or some sort of a short promotion. 

Pinterest ads

Step 9: Pinterest Ads / Optimization and delivery

  • Choose “add to cart” because there are usually more add to carts then there are checkouts and you want to retarget as many people as possible.
  • Choose automatic bidding.

Step 10: Hit publish. 


  • No images are required for this type of  Pinterest ads campaign because Pinterest is showing them what they were previously engaged with.
  • Do not touch the Pinterest ads campaign for at least 21 days. It ramps up slower because it’s a smaller audience.
  • If it’s not ramping up it’s likely because your audience size is not be big enough or your catalog tag was just recently added. If your audience is not big enough, meaning too few add to cart and checkout people to target, then pause the campaign and get back to a traffic or conversion campaign.  In a month or two when you have a larger “add to cart” audience try retargeting again for a week and see what happens.
  • Dynamic retargeting always ramps up slower compared to a Prospecting campaign because you’re reaching an often smaller specific audience.


Remember folks, with the Pinterest ads dynamic retargeting you need to have enough people and the right type of audience to use this type of campaign. If the numbers aren’t you really can’t expect to have the success you’re looking for. Retargeting campaign is definitely bottom of the funnel.

If you want more audience or sales contact me for a free 20 minute strategy session. Because the truth is you absolutely need to invest in Pinterest ads/ Promoted Pins to compliment your organic efforts and together you can maximize the power of Pinterest.


Pinterest ads

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