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Pinterest for Business: Why Pinterest Is a Full Funnel

pinterest for business

Pinterest for Business Means Understanding how to Reach Pinners Through Their Planning Journey

Pinterest is a full-funnel solution. What the heck does that mean? Full-funnel is based on which stage of the buyer’s journey they are in. What I think is funny is that marketers try to figure out where they should be;  top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, bottom of the funnel when clearly you can accomplish all that on Pinterest! Pinterest for business rocks!

Many businesses don’t realize that 367 million Pinterest users don’t just mindlessly waste their time on the platform looking at pretty pictures and videos. They have a mission to accomplish. There is intent there. They are planning for all sorts of things. They are looking for inspirational ideas and to see all the different possibilities from businesses like yours. And isn’t that exactly where you, as a business, want to be – in the future? Pinterest for business can do that for you.

What’s in it for you? Because people come looking for something in particular but not a specific brand this means you have an amazing opportunity to connect early in their shopping journey before your competition. And when they are ready to buy they will most likely remember you because you were there for them. 

Pinterest for Business is What Pinners Plan For? 

85% of Pinners say Pinterest is where they go to start a new project.

Pinterest is really the go-to place for people to explore everyday interests like well being and self-care to seasonal holidays like Thanksgiving and back-to-school, to major life milestones like weddings or special moments like the arrival of a new baby. 

Christmas is about five months away and businesses who are not thinking about Christmas are going to get really behind. Pinterest users typically start planning around September but people seem to be a little bit more eager this year and they’ve started by April this year. Christmas related searches are 158% higher than they were in 2019.


pinterest for business

Planning For an Optimistic Future is What Pinterest for Business Can Help Shoppers With

This moment in time continues to be uncertain especially in many parts of U.S. and Canada. People are looking for ideas to deal with uncertainty which it’s not surprising that mindful methods to navigate searches for ‘stress relief activities’ up 4.7x. Other rising health- and wellness-related searches include:

  • productive morning routine (6x)
  • exercise routine at home (12x)
  • self care night routine (7x)
  • gratitude journal prompts (8x)
  • mindfulness activities for kids (3x)
  • kids workout routine (+73%)

The challenges of the pandemic has triggered new, creative ideas and now or never attitude for that house, family, trip or business that you always wanted. There is an increased attitude for taking back control and creating the life you’ve always wanted.

Here’s what Pinners are searching for to accomplish that  since the beginning of the coronavirus include:

  • starting a new business (+ 35%)
  • future life goals (2x)
  • life bucket list (+65%)
  • family goals future (+30%)
  • future house goals (+78%)

Following searches on the rise related to home:

  • kitchen family rooms (14x)
  • modern kids playroom (4x)
  • gamer girl room (9x)
  • boys game room (13x)
  • basement game room ideas (5x)
  • outdoor spaces on a budget (up 3X)
  • DIY patio ideas on a budget (up 17X)
  • backyard oasis on a budget (up 5X)
  • garden bar ideas (6x)
  • bohemian garden party (7x)
  • garden dinner party (+36%)
  • DIY garden fountains (42x)
  • backyard privacy ideas on a budget (+75%)

People Come to Pinterest to Buy, and They Buy More Often

Pinterest is a full-funnel solution. What this means is that your business has the opportunity to share relevant content that matters to your target audience at every stage of their journey. Did you catch that? This helps build trust. You can reach them with the right content that truly matters to them from discovery to purchase. 

People on Pinterest tend to buy more, more often. They put more items in their shopping carts compared to when they are on other social platforms. They are also bigger brand advocates. And they spend nearly 80% more in retail than non-Pinners.

Why Inspiration Matters

There is no doubt shopping has changed during the pandemic. The beautiful thing about Pinterest is it offers users a positive, optimistic corner of the internet. It’s a helpful and productive place and that is important as people continue to find ways to stay positive and grounded amid uncertainty.

  • 2 in 3 people say that the inspiration phase influences what the shopper will buy. 
  • 9 in 10 weekly Pinners used Pinterest for inspiration in a recent purchase.

Who’s on Pinterest?

With 367 million monthly active users, a lot of different kinds of people are on Pinterest. Many of them have a lot in common. In fact, many are the decision-makers in their households. Doesn’t it make sense to connect with people who do the spending in their household? 



Seasonal searches are already on the rise, and consumers are concerned with logistics, delivery speeds, customer support and as a result, are starting earlier with their online shopping. Connect with consumers earlier in the online shopping journey with high-resolution product imagery to replicate the in-store experience is what Pinterest for business can do for you.Proactively message how your brand is addressing pandemic related concerns such as hygiene, supply chain issues and customer support. 

If this is too overwhelming for you and you’d rather outsource your Pinterest activities contact me and let’s see how to best leverage Pinterest for the holidays in 2020 to help you make more sales.

pinterest for business

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