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Pinterest Management Service Tips: 8 Steps for Closing the Sale

Pinterest management service

Pinterest Management Service Tips for Growing Your Business: Asking for The Sale Faster!

At this point you have found a qualified buyer who has a need and you have completed the discovery meeting and have sent them a proposal; now what?  How do you ask for the sale? If you are setting up to offer a Pinterest management service here are a few tips to keep in mind.

In the 3 step sales process I wrote about in the previous blog, this is step 3.  Getting agreement to work together. The first step in providing Pinterest management service is to close that first sale.  In this blog I’ll show you how to ask for the sale. 

Closing the sale is part of the customer’s journey which can be nerve racking for you and your potential client. You want to get the deal and they can be somewhat nervous about the commitment.

You’d think closing a would be a simple process. You figured out that you have an interested potential customer who would benefit from your services it seems natural that they would hire you for your services. But there are times when things don’t go as smoothly as you hoped for.


You are on a Zoom or Skype meeting with them, or sitting with them live reviewing your proposal.

pinterest management service

Follow These 8 Proven Sales Closing Techniques for Pinterest Managers

1. Go over the document in pieces

2. Divide the document into 5 sections of info

a) their situation recap

b) services

c) prices

d) terms

e) tracking for results & follow up

3. Review the document line by line

Read it out loud so the two of you can hear it.

4. Read section 1

Ask your version of:  Are we on the same page? 

(you are trying to confirm that you understand their situation and problems accurately) They will almost always say yes. 

If not, allow them to add comments to create a correct understand.

5. Read section 2

Ask your version of: Is this going in the direction you were hoping for?

(you are trying to get them to agree that the services you are proposing make sense to them. They almost always say yes. 

If they say no ask; “What were you hoping for?” and then listen and respond accordingly.)

6. Read section 3

Ask your version of: Is this roughly what you thought the cost would be?

(you are trying to get them to express how they feel about your price, often they will say yes)

If they say no ask; “What were you expecting?” If they give you a higher number tell them they are getting a deal and smile.  If they tell you a lower number say: for my level of experience and these are the going rates.)

And then pause for 2 seconds and carry on.

7. Read section 4

Ask your version of: Do these terms make sense?

(you are trying to get them to nod and agree the terms are fine)

8. Read section 5

Ask your version of: Would this be an improvement on what you are doing now?

(you are trying to get them to say yes and they will usually say yes)

If they say no, ask them; “How do you mean?” and then deal with their answer the best you can accordingly.)

Why Ask 5 Closing Questions?

The purpose of asking 5 mini closing questions as you move through the process is to identify as early as you can in the process any issues or concerns they have and then deal with them one at a time.  Plus, doing it like this helps build a healthy momentum so when you get to the end and they have agreed to all 5 sections you simple say ok then, the next step is “I send you an invoice and once it is paid we can begin the process.  Sound fair?”


As a provider of Pinterest management services you have to ask for the sale.  Do so in a way that matches your values and personality style.  The buyer is expecting you to guide the process.  If you do not drive it towards a decision then often the deal will stall even though they are ready to buy.

Ask for the sale.  You deserve it after all.

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