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Social Media Marketing Agency: How the Heck to Pick the Right One

social media marketing agency


Social Media Marketing Agency: How to Hire One?

So let me guess. You’re finally thinking about hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency to get someone to help you with your social media marketing. Maybe you want a generalist or maybe you want a platform specific expert. Like someone to help you with Pinterest marketing because Pinterest is where all the traffic and the buyers are right now. In fact, Pinterest search was up by 80% this past week. 

Listen I understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. You want to hire the best.  But how?

Let me share a brief story with you.

Friday night I got a call and an email from a guy (let’s call him Adam).  I was winding down for the day so I called him the next day instead.  So here’s Adam, a business development manager and he wanted to speak with me a Social Media Marketing Agency about Pinterest.  He said “My wife uses it; she goes on there to search for all sorts of ideas and projects and I thought it would be good for our business too.  But I don’t know anything about Pinterest”.

So I mention this because one of the biggest challenges you will face when looking for a social media marketing agency is not really knowing what intelligent questions to ask the person you’re talking to.

Since you have no knowledge about how Pinterest works for example what would you actually ask?  So if you’re in this situation today I’m going to help you figure this out.

social media marketing agency

Why Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency Anyway?

From my experience most people look to outsource because they don’t have anyone on their team that is qualified to manage their platforms including their Pinterest account.  And as business owners they don’t have the time (or interest) to take a Pinterest course and do it all themselves. They already have way too much on their plate and they’d rather focus on what they do best. I think that’s smart. 

Smart because for me as an entrepreneur NOT outsourcing is holding me back from doing what I do best. That’s why I hire web designers, photographers, accountants, and so on. If I did everything on my own I would not be as successful. I don’t believe you can achieve success on your own. 

Those who try to wing it and cross their fingers that what they are doing will work eventually write to me or others and say H E L P.  Most of the business owners who struggle with Pinterest sadly just keep doing what they’re doing expecting things to get better but they never do. Hmmm… keep doing the same thing over and over, year after year and expecting different results.  Didn’t Einstein have something to say about that?  

So the bottom line is this.  We know that time is money.  Where should you really be investing your time?  In an area where you’re strong or an area where you are weak? C’mon folks.  The answer is obvious.  For example, I certainly don’t take pictures for my content marketing.  I hire a photographer.  

In fact she’s a wedding photographer which means she is more expensive that a “regular” photographer. But we get what we pay for.  I have no time for a photography course to learn how to take pictures. I’d like to because I like being creative but that’s not the best use of my time. I can make more money doing what I love anyway. Some things are not worth doing on your own. 

social media marketing agency

What to Look for When Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency

If you knew Pinterest marketing for business inside and out it would be easier for you to find someone who is qualified to help you achieve your business goals. You could literally quiz them and if their answers were right you would know they at least had the knowledge about Pinterest. For example you could ask…

But that never happens does it? You can’t actually quiz their Pinterest knowledge because as a non expert you don’t even know what to ask. This means you are probably going to make a mistake or get ripped off. 

The scary thing is you will find lots of people that say they are qualified but they’re not. Do you know how many people call themselves social media marketing agencies, or Pinterest experts but actually don’t even know basic Pinterest SEO? I know because I see their work. I’ve read their blogs and I shake my head. 

social media marketing agency

Ready to Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency? Here are 10 Things to Look For

1. Do they have a professional website? 

Does it speak Pinterest or Facebook or whatever?  What I mean by that is Pinterest is very visual so you’d better work with someone who has taste, who knows about design, etc. Are they tickety-boo or are they a mess? How do their visuals look? Are they high quality or did they wing it 

If the people you’re hiring don’t even have quality images on their website what does that tell you? 

They’re either not doing too well financially or they don’t know what to do. Either way it’s a red flag.

2. Look for qualifications. 

A lot of this is common sense but I have to mention it because it’s vital you hire the right social media marketing agency.

3. How are they qualified exactly? 

If they claim to be Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest experts what’s the proof? I have been helping businesses and brands with Pinterest marketing for seven years. Pinterest has acknowledged me as a Pinterest Expert. I was part of their Elite Business Program that was designed to help businesses with Pinterest. 

4. How long have they’ve been in business? 

I’ve been doing this for seven years. Longer than anyone I know. That’s a fact. 

social media marketing agency

5. Professionalism

When you speak to them do they sound like they know what they’re talking about? Are they confident? Are they asking good questions, can you give you great answers, do they have a professional looking background or does it look like something less inspiring?

6. Are they on the first page of Google?

Type in the keywords “Pinterest Expert” or “Pinterest Consultant”.  You will most likely find my website and my Pinterest profile. That’s proof I know how to use Pinterest to get to the first page of Google. I just saved myself $9K doing that because that’s what the average business pays to be on the first page of Google.  Is the person you are talking to found under such keywords on the first page of organic search?  If they can’t get there for themselves what makes you think they can get you there?

7. What’s their credibility?

On my website I show the types of business I’ve helped and places I’ve been featured as an expert; Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, American Marketing Association, Food Blogs Magazine, Teachable, and several other publications. Sean Gardner, bestselling author and Forbes #1 Social Media Power Influencer, has praised me in his book as a well-respected Pinterest expert and predicted that “as Pinterest grows and becomes a monster platform” audiences should “look to see her name even more.”  What are you seeing when you are looking for help?  

8. Do they sell social media marketing and or Pinterest courses?

This is a big indication of their social media marketing and Pinterest knowledge. Online courses are not easy to produce. So I would give a social media marketing agency extra points for this. 

9. Proof they can bring traffic.

All platforms are designed to drive traffic. Pinterest is used to get more traffic, more eyeballs to your website and blog. Here’s a couple of screenshots to show you proof of getting clients real results. Can the person you are talking to show you this? Increased website traffic by 438.23% in 29 days Increased website traffic by 1,151.27% in three months

social media marketing agency

10. They guarantee ROI.

I’m extremely candid and honest about Pinterest. If I don’t think Pinterest is right for your business I will tell you. I will even tell you why. There are specific ingredients you need in order to be successful on Pinterest. I will point them out to you. Many agencies won’t tell you this because they know you won’t  hire them to do the job. 

When I spoke to Adam, the gentlemen I mentioned earlier I told him he would need to be more consistent with their blogs because they only have five products.  Five products will not be enough to get the clicks he expects.  So I told him if you have no desire to blog or hire a blogger then Pinterest is not for you.  He simply does not have enough content.  He has to decide as a business if he just wants to push products or actually create relationships with existing and new customers.  Just pushing products doesn’t usually produce the results most businesses want.

He asked what kind of return he would get from his investment. I told him there are no guarantees. That’s because this is team work; if his website sucked, if their site speed was slow, 404 dead pages, or their shopping cart was not frictionless all that would affect conversion rates and ROI.

What I say is apply your existing conversion rates of traffic to sales to any new traffic I or anyone else sends you and do the math yourself.  After 3 or 4 months you’ll be able to tell if there is ROI there or not.  You can’t calculate that ahead of time.

What I do guarantee is that I can do a better job than you driving buying traffic from Pinterest to your website.  The analytics will show that. 

I don’t bullshit people. I am very candid and I point out what your strengths and weaknesses are so you know what you’re going into. Business owners don’t want surprises. If you tell people they need a blog after they have just paid you and no one mentioned that to them before they’d be upset. 

So What Now?

Don’t be cheap about doing things right when it comes to marketing your business. Cutting corners will cost you big time.  And sometimes you may not see the negative effects of your mistakes for several months later, or even later, when it might be too late. Think about your biggest competitor getting on social media in general or Pinterest specifically and dominating while you flounder.  They get traffic and growth and get stronger while you possibly stay the same or worse. 

You can’t imagine how many emails I get from people who had their Pinterest business account shut down because they simply didn’t know what they didn’t know. Unfortunately Pinterest is not going to give you a second chance because no one told you the rules. You read that right, Pinterest shuts down accounts all the time because people break rules they didn’t even know about.

How Can I Help You?

Bottom line folks, as a Social Media Marketing Agency I’ll always have the perfect Pinterest solution for you. Regardless of what your situation is I can help. Maybe you don’t need someone to manage your account but just you need help with images, or how to figure out a new strategy for a new product or service, or an audit where I show you how to make improvements, or maybe it’s just to manage your Pinterest ads. 


There are lot of people out there who call themselves social media marketing agencies.  Use the questions and ideas outlined above to make sure you don’t waste time or money.

social media marketing agency


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