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Pinterest for Business: Pinterest Searches are Up 55%

Pinterest for business

7 Tips to Maximize This Spike 

Pinterest for business is not struggling because of Covid 19 but many other businesses are because we can’t visit our favorite shops and that has had a devastating impact on sales. Instead because we are all inside, people are using Pinterest more than ever before. Globally, Pinterest has hit all-time highs in engagement over the past weeks. Searches were up nearly 60% year over year, with new sign-ups and saves up about 30% each.

Saves and searches have increased by nearly 25% globally since March 1st. People are so glued to Pinterest that new board creation,  jumped nearly 45% compared with last year. Views on video pins have nearly tripled compared to the same time last year. 

In early March and April it’s palpable that Pinners are focused on taking care of their families, managing their stress level, adjusting to working from home, and so on. Lately Pinners are also looking outwards and are feeling inspired to help others by making handmade makeshift masks for their health care providers and their community. 

And since we’re all still practicing social distancing we’re also finding creative ways to celebrate virtually. “Gift ideas” is the most popular search term for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Search for the keyword “mother’s day at home” is up 2971%. Wow! And for graduation, it falls just behind searches for “party ideas” but the search for the keyword “virtual graduation parties” is up 1995%. Holy moly! And since many of us are limited from going to our favorite stores for the ultimate party essentials; another key word with some pop on Pinterest is the keyword “gift baskets” it’s up by 31%.

Now is The Time to Inspire The At-Home Consumer

So what does all this mean for Pinterest for business? 

People want to be inspired more than ever before. They’re tired of being locked down. That is why people flock to Pinterest… for inspiration. They come with their wish lists, plans and they are buying stuff to make a better life and help others. 

How can you be a part of that? How can you use Pinterest for business and find creative ways to help them improve their lives and celebrate the ones they love?

You can use Pinterest to inspire your existing customers and get in front of new people that have never heard or seen you before. 

Here are 7 Pinterest for business Pinterest expert actionable tips and ideas to maximize this traffic spike:

1. Adjust your messaging 

You have an opportunity to show the world your true character and what your business values. This is a prudent time to adjust your messaging so it speaks the needs of your audience during this pandemic. Think compassion, sensitivity, helpful, uplifting, and so on.  No hard selling please.

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2. Produce relevant content

  • What are your customers struggling with right now?
  • What do they worry about?
  • How will you help them get through their day?

For example, if you’re in the gift and party supplies business people are thinking of how to celebrate while we’re all practicing social distancing. Pinterest revealed the most popular searches for the following celebrations.

There are more than 30 million Pinners searching for Mother’s day ideas every year the traffic really ramps up significantly starting April 20th.  Top categories include:

  • Mother’s day makeup look (+2425%)
  • Mother’s day nail ideas (+145%)
  • Mother’s day table decor (+200%)
  • Mother’s day decor ideas (+85%)

Graduation attracts more than 31 million annual Pinners with traffic peaks starting April 27th. Top categories include:

  • Graduation gifts for preschool kids (+400%)
  • Graduation gift ideas college for her (+270%)
  • Graduation yard sign ideas (+2980%)
  • Graduation wreaths for front door (+110%)

22 million Pinners will be searching for Father’s Day ideas this year. Shopping traffic will peak starting May 16th starting with:

  • Father’s Day BBQ party ideas (+1950%)
  • Father’s Day breakfast ideas dad (+260%)
  • Father’s day tumblers (+570%)
  • Father’s day grill ideas (+250%)

Additionally these search terms have doubled in recent weeks in the U.S.; “remote birthday party ideas” and “virtual baby showers.” And most importantly, inspiration for how to thank others, like “doctor gift ideas” or unexpected “care package ideas” to “ideas to cheer up a friend”. 

When creating content make sure you follow these 3 rules:

  • Is it visually appealing? Is it obvious what the image is about?
  • Is it personable? Meaning does it speak to the needs of your target audience?
  • Is it actionable? Do you show them how to do it? 

April Insights: Global micro-trends of quarantine life

Creativity and Family bonding Increasing

Searches for “family games” in Argentina have increased by nearly 5000%, with Spain (+2830%), the US (+1863%), and Mexico (+1291%) also seeing significant spikes*. Top gaming trends include the fishbowl game, spoons and Ripple.

Pinners are also searching for encouraging words such as “spending time with family quotes” (+200% in India), “check on your friends quotes” (+300% in Canada), and “family quotes about strength in hard times” (+1863% in the US). A top quote across the board is “storms make trees take deeper roots.”

Supporting Small Business

Pinners from several counties are looking for ways to support small businesses. Pins like this one (from Virtual Homestead) suggest ways to support small—like ordering takeout or delivery from local restaurants, or taking online fitness classes from local studios.

Love for Healthcare Workers

In places like Italy, Spain, and even NYC, people have been giving nightly displays of gratitude by howling or playing music from their windows and balconies. People are using Pinterest to find the right words to express themselves, with searches for “thank your nurses” emerging in Canada (104X greater), 667% in Germany, and +3902% in Spain. In the U.S., searches for “nurse hero quotes” have started to emerge (108X greater), and nurses themselves are also turning to Pinterest for comic relief and support with “nurse humor” up 56% in India, and “nurse quotes inspirational” up 358% in the UK.

Pinterest for business

3. Use analytics to learn more about your audience

Look at your metrics closely in your Pinterest Analytics dashboard to see what people are saving and clicking. This is how you can start to really use Pinterest for business wisely.

If school continues to remain closed you’ll probably see high engagement on pins with key words: freezer meals, kids’ activities and home office set-ups. Pinterest users are on Pinterest looking for help and they do business from brands they trust (and they trust them over time because they are helpful)

4. Follow Pinterest’s best practices 

Doing Pinterest for business well is about balancing art, science, & business acumen. Make sure you know the rules so you get in front of new customers quicker than your competitors. (Oh and stay sharp because the rules change every week)

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5. Review your keywords

First and foremost before you get any benefit on Pinterest you must be FOUND. Pinterest is a search engine like Google. 

Which means they go on platform and type in what they are looking for like: “doctor gift ideas” or “spa day at home”.

And those businesses that have the best Pinterest SEO tactics show up 1st, 2nd, 3rd and they get all the shopping traffic. It works just like Google.

What that means to you is that if you are not showing up in the top 3 spots of the Pinterest search when shoppers type in the keywords relevant to your business none of those shoppers see your pins, boards or Pinterest account.

It would be like owning a shop in a strip mall, there is a TON of shopping traffic at the mall but you are the only store not open. Ouch!

Here is a blog post that will give you an overview on what things you need to consider and do to increase your SEO game on Pinterest to rank higher and get more of that buying traffic. If you do this correctly it will ensure that your pins get shown to your shopping target audience. 

6. Brush up on your Pinterest skills

There have been more saves and searches on Pinterest than at any other time in our history. If you have the right strategy and apply the right tactics at the right time this will help you get in front of a new audience; one that is extremely hungry for solutions and seeking inspiration. 

My free Pinterest course guides you on how to get started on Pinterest the right way from using the correct keywords, creating a strategy that will set you up for success, what boards you need to create so people flock to your content, and more. 

7. Images

Once people find you on Pinterest, you have to look great.  Actually, you have to look better than your competitors because Pinterest is a visual shopping platform.  

Which means; the right images sizes, the right descriptions and maybe even some text overlay so they can see with 100% clarity what they are looking at.  Check out this post to see some details on how to do that.

Pinterest for business


Pinterest is a great place to be right now.  Shoppers are flocking there more than ever before.  Take advantage of this platform while it is hot. Why not?  Why leave all this traffic to your competitors?  

Be mindful: Pinterest makes a ton of changes to its features and functions with some big ones being made in early February 2020.  Including changes to how their algorithm works to produce search results.  

If you have not done a complete assessment & overhaul of your Pinterest account and reviewed all your strategies and tactics in the past 12 months you might need a Professional Pinterest Audit.  Click here to learn why it should be your first step. 

Why consider an audit?

What is the point of putting any time or resources into Pinterest if the things you are doing don’t work anymore? Seriously. You’d literally be wasting 100% of your time on Pinterest and be missing boatloads of traffic and sales if you are not keeping up with all their changes.

If you are not getting tons of traffic from Pinterest now but think you are working it pretty hard, then that might be evidence itself.

I manage Pinterest accounts for businesses all over the world full time and it’s sometimes challenging for me to keep up with all the changes Pinterest makes.

If you run Pinterest part time there is a 99% chance you have already fallen behind their changes and that most of the time you put into Pinterest is wasted. Sorry. Sooner you know the better right?

See what an audit can do for you here.  Make your Pinterest time count while the global shopping traffic is spiking.

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