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How to Get Found on Pinterest: 10 Ways


How to Get Found on Pinterest

How to Get Your Business Found on Pinterest is Easy.

The purpose of using Pinterest if you are a business is to drive sales growth.  

You do that by ranking higher and getting found more often on Pinterest’s and Google’s search engines. More eyeballs on your content means more potential for sales. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to have massive success on Pinterest you need to figure out how to get found on Pinterest first because there’s so much competition on there. Pinterest has 335 million monthly active users so you want to be found. In addition, Pinterest has been outperforming many other social media networks over the last year. Pinterest’s 26% user growth rate is impressive. Again tons of shoppers, you want them seeing your business.

How to Get Found on Pinterest

Source: SocialMediaToday

As more and more people are flocking to Pinterest businesses need to be very strategic about their content marketing.  Because Pinterest’s algorithm demands fresh and relevant content you’re going to need to blog especially if you don’t have new products that you can continuously share on Pinterest. 

But what if you don’t have a blog? Well then you have to manage your expectations and realize that you’re not going to be a top player on Pinterest unless you change and begin blogging.  Or maybe you just need a different strategy for Pinterest. But that’s for another blog topic. 

So Why Do You Need a Blog…Seriously

I want you to understand the mindset of a Pinterest user. 

Let’s give that user a name “Maria” for the purpose of my example.

Maria could be a Mom. When Maria is looking for help or ideas to make her life better for herself, her family, any other people that are important to her she goes on Pinterest. If she’s planning for her kid’s birthday party she goes on Pinterest to look for ideas on food, decor, games, etc. When kids are taking a nap she could be looking for a new gluten free snack recipes. She goes on Pinterest to look for new makeup looks since she has a wedding to attend next month. She is using Pinterest to create the life she’s always dreamed of. It’s a tool she uses to organize all the best ideas she can use now and in the future. When Maria is ready to take action she goes back on to her Pinterest boards, finds what she wants and then clicks on an image.  From there she is taken to a business where she can buy something.

So if you want to get found on Pinterest by Maria while she is on her planning and shopping journey you need to rise to the top of the search engine and pop up when she types in keys words and begins a search.

And the best way to rank high in the search engine is with a blog because a blog can contain your keywords or key phrases many many times which helps it rank higher plus Pinterest likes fresh content and since every new blog post is fresh that too helps it rank higher in search.

Once you are found at the top they click on your blog.  In your blog are images related to your blog post and these images come from your website.  So when they click on them they go back to your website where they can buy.

That is how it works. So you need a blog to rank high and you need images from your website in your blog to drive clicks back to your website where they can buy. That is the main answer to How to Get Found on Pinterest.

Don’t Want to Blog?

If you don’t have a blog or have no desire to start one then I’d say Pinterest is not for you unless you want to hire an agency like mine.  If you’re not sure how to go about content marketing and how to create images for your blogs this is a something I can help you with because it’s exactly what I do for my own business and my clients.

If you want to be lazy with Pinterest buy ads. ☺

How to Get Found on Pinterest is easy; rank at the top of search for your key words.

This brings us to the next topic. Now that you realize good SEO tactics and fresh content are important what are some other ways to answer the question how to get found on Pinterest?

How to Get Found on Pinterest: 11 Ways For Your Business to Get Found on Pinterest

  1. Using Pinterest’s search engine with keywords
  2. Searching by hashtags in the Pinterest search engine
  3. Surfing the home feed 
  4. “Following” tab
  5. Related pins that show up as “More like this” when viewing pins
  6. When visiting others Pinterest profiles
  7. In group boards
  8. Visual search tool (ie. Lens, Shop The Look)
  9. In Topics
  10. Categories
  11. “Today” tab

Let me explain each one briefly.

1. Using Pinterest’s search engine with keywords

Pinterest is a search engine first and foremost. It is like Google

Most users will use this method most often to look for ideas or things they want to buy. They type in a keyword; they can narrow their search via all pins, your pins, product pins, videos, people, and boards. And that is how they explore.

How to Get Found on Pinterest

2. Searching by hashtags in the Pinterest search engine

People will search via hashtags on the search engine. For example, they’ll type something like “homeofficesetup”. 

The cool thing about hashtags is that they show up in real time. That is not the case when searching for keywords like step 1 above. 


3. Surfing the home feed

Just so you don’t get confused the home feed is also the same as the “smart feed”. This is probably the second most popular way your business will get found on Pinterest. It ain’t easy which is why you need a lot of fresh and relevant content. You’re competing with many other businesses here.

When you follow someone on Pinterest this is where their images will show up. They will not show up immediately.  They may not show up at all. There is no way to know. Pinterest will decide if you’re worthy of being shown here. 

How to Get Found on Pinterest

4. “Following” tab

When someone follows you, your pins will show up in their “Following” tab. Pinterest decides what pins will show here. 

5. Build your Following Feed

Pinterest will recommend other businesses in the “Following” feed that they feel is a good fit for you based on your pinning activity. 

6. “More like this” when viewing pins

When a Pinner views content Pinterest will recommend other pins that are related to the content as shown below.

How to Get Found on Pinterest

7. When visiting others Pinterest profiles

It’s important that your website is Pinterest friendly to make it easy for people to visit your Pinterest profile page

8. In group boards

When you join a group board everyone in that group board will see your images. In addition, the followers of all those group board members will also see your pin assuming you have your pins correctly optimized.

9. Visual search tool

The visual search tool is one of the most exciting features on Pinterest. 

The cool thing about the visual search tool is that it’s one of the quickest ways for your products to get found. You see sometimes people don’t know the name of what they’re looking for. For example I have no clue what the name of this orchid is so I used the visual search tool to help me find the exact orchid or similar ones. 

10. In categories

There are currently 36 categories on Pinterest. 

When a Pinner clicks on any of those category boards another page will pop. 


For example, when I clicked on the “Hair and Beauty” category it shows pins with a ton of engagement. You will see how many people have saved those pins. 

What’s The Next Step?

Now that you see that there are so many ways to answer the question; How to Get Found on Pinterest what are you going to do about it?

I want you to keep two key ideas in mind if you want to have success on Pinterest:

A return on your investment. 

Regardless of whether you manage your Pinterest account in-house or outsource the management to an expert time is money and you have to decide ahead of time what you’re willing to invest and what you expect in return.

Let me ask you.

  • Do you have someone on your team who is qualified to create content and pin on a consistent basis? 
  • In what way have they become qualified? 
  • Have they gotten anyone on the top of the search engine rankings? If not, I see a red flag.
  • If you decide to outsource are you looking to hire the cheapest person you can hire or someone who has produced a result? 

What’s the Proof You Know What You’re Doing

Again have they gotten anyone to the top of the Pinterest search engine or the Google search engine with the most important key words for that business?  I recommend you seek proof of that and if they don’t have it…keep looking.

Type the words Pinterest expert or Pinterest consultant into a Google search box.  

Notice the results.  I know the magic formula.  What this means to you is more qualified traffic to your website.  If you want more sales first you need much more traffic.

If the people you want to hire cannot get themselves to the top of the Pinterest search engine or onto the first page of Google’s organic search using Pinterest what makes you think they can help you rank any better?

People who rank highly know what they are doing, people who don’t, don’t.  Or they’d be there right? Has the expert you are considering proven that they know how to use Pinterest to rank high on Google or not?  

Do you really what to work with someone who claims to be an expert yet can’t demonstrate that they can use Pinterest to get themselves on the first page of Google?

Bottom line, from what I have seen and experienced Pinterest can help any business increase traffic and sales. 

If you have any questions about my services or any of my courses don’t hesitate to email me at

Take My Free Pinterest Course

Please go ahead and watch the free lessons in chapter one, two and three from my most popular online course Pinterest Marketing for Business and then ask yourself if you’re much better off buying my proven course with a blue print or winging it? You know winging it is going to take you a LOT longer and you’ll most likely make mistakes that can cost you big time, worse case you could get your Pinterest account suspended. You can’t get mad at Pinterest if they boot you out because you didn’t know what you didn’t know. 

Let Me Help You So You Can Focus on What You Do Best

And if you are interested in help, there are other ways you can leverage my experience:

  1. My one-on-one coaching sessions can answer all your questions quickly.
  2. My Pinterest audit and strategy guide is where I dig into all the areas of your Pinterest account. I look for way you can dramatically improve your Pinterest account and its performance plus I also give you  a new strategy to follow.
  3. If you’re an advanced Pinterest user and would like to manage your own account or others professionally for profit consider taking my How to Become a Pinterest Account Manager online course. I literally reveal all my trade secrets for how I was able to achieve a 6 digit income in my 2nd year of business. 

I really want to make a difference in your business so I hope you give me the opportunity to help you have massive success with Pinterest marketing. 

Thank you and I wish you all the best!


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