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Best Pinterest Marketing Course: How to Choose?

Best Pinterest Marketing Course

How to Choose the Best Pinterest Marketing Online Course

If you’re reading this I’m going to guess you’ve been conducting research to find out which course is the best Pinterest marketing course for your business.

I received an email today from someone who had questions about my online courses so I thought I really should write a blog about this. Here’s what she asked in the email. Let’s give her a name fictitious name, Maria. 

Inquiry Type:

Wanting to do a course, but not wanting to waste time or money so looking for information on the best Pinterest marketing course for my goals and dreams.


Hello, I’m an online marketer looking to expand my business. Just wondering what course you would recommend for me, I feel Pinterest is where I should and want to be for social marketing. I have chosen to contact you because your website is direct, professional and very appealing. Thank you in advance for reaching out.

Please and Thank You

First off Maria was professional and nice because she said thank you. I appreciate that. You can’t believe how many people don’t even say please or thank you when asking for help. I called someone out one time and she said it was ridiculous for me to even point that out and that it didn’t matter if she said please and thank you. I didn’t respond because these types of emails are a waste of my time. 

Why You Will Suck at Pinterest If All You Do Is This

So naturally I responded to Maria and we ended up chatting on the phone because she had so many questions. My goal was to make sure I understood her business, what she wanted to get out of a best Pinterest marketing course and if she was willing to do what it took to do well on Pinterest. She thought all she had to do on Pinterest was to create boards and pin from other people’s content. I told her that was important to do but if her goal was to get more eyeballs on her site it’s not enough. She only had one online product to sell so I told her that it would be impossible to do well on Pinterest unless she produced her own content. 

How to Know If You Need a Blog for Pinterest

You see folks, if all you do is only share other’s content on Pinterest you’re not going to get many people visiting your website. You need to share your own content on Pinterest so that when people click on your images, they go to your website. That’s how you get more website traffic. I told her she needed to blog. If she has no desire to blog and then she’ll absolutely need to invest in Promoted Pins (buy Pinterest ads). This is especially important when you have zero followers or just a handful. 

Self-Isolation Has Increased Search on Pinterest in 2020

Searches on Pinterest are up 55% in 2020, content creators are helping Pinners find inspiration on billions of queries. Not surprised really. There’s 45% more new boards being created as Pinterest users are looking for inspiration and ideas to cope with a new reality. Many people have more time than ever before due to self-isolation, or they’ve been laid from work or have completely lost their jobs or their business, some have been forced to work from home like my brother and sister in-law who are both grade school teachers.

So when you think about it this is the best time for businesses to be on Pinterest. It’s a no-brainer. This is where people are flocking to as an alternative to the dreaded news. 

In fact, a lot of people are staying at home looking for a side hustle, looking for opportunities so they can work from home and some are completely reinventing their future since some have lost their jobs due to this painful COVID-19. 

How to Find The Right / Best Pinterest Marketing Course for You

Most people don’t really know how to find the right/ best Pinterest marketing course for them. People typically go on Google and type in a few keywords, or they ask a friend/colleague, or they’ll read a few blogs and then figure it out from there.

But here’s the thing, most people don’t really know what to look for when choosing the best Pinterest marketing course. How would a non golfer be able to choose the best clubs?  Impossible right? So how is a non Pinterest marketer going to be able to know what the best Pinterest marketing course is?  They are not. So I’m going to make this is super simple for you so you don’t waste your time and money looking for the best Pinterest marketing course.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Pinterest Marketing Course

Most people will search on Google.  Type these long tail keywords into the search bar:

  • Pinterest marketing course
  • Pinterest marketing for business online course
  • The Best Pinterest marketing for business online course
  • Pinterest Marketing for business course

Do the following:

1. Check out the first two pages and make a list of the websites that show up. 

2. How many times do these websites show up? You will notice my course shows up when you search using those keywords but more importantly I show up on the first page of Google

What does that tell you? It tells you that I know how to use Pinterest to get to the first page of Google. Do you know how important that is? Being on the first page of Google in organic search (free) for your important keywords is the difference between making money and not making money. If no one ever finds you how are you supposed to sell anything?

I really want you to get this folks. Getting on the first page of Google in organic search is life and death for your business because if you can’t get on the first page you are going to have to spend an enormous amount of time and money trying to get your buyers to see your site.

If the people that you are thinking about buying a course from don’t know how to use Pinterest to get on the first page of Google why would you buy from them? If they can’t use Pinterest to get on the first page of Google for themselves they can’t teach you how either.  Using Pinterest for business is about getting more traffic to your website and/or blog. Period. 

Best Pinterest Marketing Course

3. Next, identify the top 5 websites and see if any of them are written by a Pinterest Expert. What’s the proof they’re an expert? Do they just call themselves that or have they been recognized by the industry or Pinterest themselves as an expert? In Gary Vaynerchuk book called “Crushing It” he goes on to say “You don’t get to call yourself an expert until you’ve put in the work – and the market decides, not you”. I’m like hell ya! 

If you read my bio you know that just two years after opening my Pinterest management business that Pinterest hired me to be part of their Elite Business Program to help businesses effectively use Pinterest. When Pinterest hires you to coach their customers…that’s credibility. 

4. But what if they’re not experts? Figure out how long they’ve been using Pinterest themselves and how long they’ve been helping others learn how to use Pinterest. 

There are many online marketers out there who are just in the business of selling courses. That’s it. That’s all they do.

Can I be frank with you? Just because someone who found success on Pinterest doesn’t mean they’re qualified to teach you how to run Pinterest for businesses and earn a living doing so. If that course creator was successful using Pinterest for their home decor blog doesn’t mean they can teach you how to use Pinterest if you operate a totally different type of business in a different vertical. Using Pinterest to sell a service vs. a product for example are two totally different things.

Pinterest is not black and white. In addition, there is no such thing as a cookie cutter approach on Pinterest. What works for my business doesn’t necessarily mean it will work with yours. If I have a straight shaped body and you give me a piece of garment made for pear shaped bodies that won’t work for me. Thanks but no thanks. 

That’s why it’s important to find out first WHO is teaching the course.

5. Don’t buy a course from someone because they have high monthly viewers or from someone who only sell course but doesn’t manage accounts for business for a living because what they teach is too limited in scope and much of it will likely not translate to your business. 

Monthly viewers are a vanity metric they don’t mean anything when it comes to making money.  Don’t put too much stock in it. 

Best Pinterest marketing course

Best Pinterest marketing course

When you see the number of monthly viewers on someone’s profile those monthly viewers are a combination of the owner’s own content and content from other websites. Have a look at the image above. The profile image shows 3.4 monthly viewers. The image below that shows 3,142,355 million in total impressions. That’s the real number folks. 

So there is no way you would know how well someone is doing on Pinterest based on the impressions metric. There is no way to know how many actually visit their site or buy anything.

So don’t be fooled when marketers say they’ve increased their monthly viewers by the thousands. It’s easy to do that actually. Just create a bunch of board that please everybody and save tons of pins on there. No big deal.  And no business impact either unless, it is being used as a “marketing tactic” to sell courses.

So when I see a blog about increasing impressions or monthly viewers I just shake my head. It’s ridiculous. It’s fooling you and messing with your brain. What counts at the end of the day are your clicks. It’s the number of people visiting your website, or your blog, or your Amazon store, Etsy, or whatever platform you are using to sell stuff on.

No traffic = no sales. 

Best Pinterest marketing course

6. Check if they have a personalized email support that goes with the course.

So many marketers brag about the value of their Facebook groups. Jenna Kutcher’s Pinterest Lab claims that her Facebook group is a value of $150 and then you have Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth valued at $397. Sounds like the same service but dramatically different in pricing. 

The problem I have with Facebook groups that come with a Pinterest course is that you have a bunch of newbies all trying to help a bunch of newbies. It’s like the blind leading the blind. How is that effective? Do you really want to take advice from someone else who is trying to figure out how to use Pinterest? You know the answer. ☺

I am the only Pinterest course creator that has an email support that I know of. In fact, I include personalized email support for 12 months from the date of purchase. You email me directly. I am the one answering your questions. Not someone from another country or a call center or a virtual assistant from some third world country. It’s me, a bona fide Pinterest expert answering your questions all the time. 

There’s a reason why people don’t include email support. That’s because they wouldn’t know how to help you with your business. And they don’t want to give you their time to help you be successful either.  They got their money. You’re on your own. I’m not about that. 

7. Do they offer Pinterest management services?

Anyone can produce a course about something they know about.

Let’s say I took a course on how to play tennis and got really great at it. Does that mean I am qualified to train anybody? Am I qualified to teach all ages regardless of their tennis skills? No way. A 10 year old, a 30 year, and a 55 year old will have different needs. You have to be mindful of their fitness level too so they don’t get injured. 

So here’s the thing. How do you expect a course creator to create the BEST Pinterest Marketing course if they’ve haven’t actually managed other people’s Pinterest accounts for years? The answer: they CAN’T. If they have never managed other’s businesses how can they be the best Pinterest marketing course? 

There is so much to know about Pinterest. It’s crazy that Melyssa Griffin makes her Promoted Pins lesson a freebie valued at $197. I include Promoted Pins in my course. I don’t promote it as a freebie. It absolutely has to be included in the course.  Absolutely. This tactic is typical of marketers when they exaggerate the value of freebies. It’s marketing folks to get your money.  Don’t fall for it.

I have been fortunate enough to manage other people’s business accounts for years. You can see who I’ve helped and where I’ve been featured because of my expertise as a Pinterest expert. I don’t just sell online courses like many people do. I managed accounts first.  That experience gave me the practical knowledge to write a course about how to do it.

8. Is the course up to date?

Pinterest makes constant changes and you need to know what the current best practices are because of their algorithm. If the course doesn’t even mention algorithm that is a serious red flag. Pinterest requires very specific content and activities for you to stand out on Pinterest. It’s almost scientific. It you are not up to date with Pinterest’s algorithm you can forget about Pinterest all together. I kid you not.

I update my course whenever Pinterest makes vital changes. I even tell my students that if they spot anything that needs my attention I am on it. I also inform my students whenever we make those changes.

9. What’s the course content?

Check out the lessons you will learn. I have the most robust course out there. I know this for a fact because many people who have bought my course told me they had previously made the mistake of buying one from someone else first. They share their experiences with me and although it sucks they lost a lot of money they’re grateful to have now bought my course. The best part? I have a 30-day money back guarantee. Seriously, what more could you want? There’s zero risk in checking out my course. 

Here’s the thing.  Even if you check the lessons it’s hard to tell if that’s what you need to be successful. How would you really know? You wouldn’t that’s why you’re probably reading this blog. 

Here are two ways I recommend use to select the best Pinterest marketing course for your business:

  1. Email the course creator, let them know about the type of business you have and what you want to get out of Pinterest. Ask them if their course would be right for you and why. Seek an explanation vs. a one word “yes” answer.
  2. Speak with the course creator. 

I always look at the website of any author whose course I am looking to buy. Then I call them and ask a few questions to help me determine if their course is what I am looking for and if it will help me in my situation with my goals. You should do the same.

I have three courses on Pinterest marketing:

  • Pinterest Marketing for Business (approximately four hours of video and PDF lessons. It’s a master course for those who are serious about getting more traffic and leads to their website and/or blog and make more sales)
  • The Fast & Easy Way to Learn Pinterest (approximately 1 hour of video and PDF lessons. It’s a course for those who only sell products and don’t have a blog or has no desire to blog)

10. Check their student’s testimonials or reviews. Was it worth their investment? What’s the WOW factor about their course?

Best Pinterest marketing course


I have seen people pin thousands of images (usually the wrong types, shapes and sizes) on Pinterest and wonder why it’s not impacting their blog traffic or business. They are using Pinterest all wrong. The good news is that it is so easy to use Pinterest the right way if you follow a proven step by step guide. 

Over the years I have perfected Pinterest account management and have turned it into a replicable blueprint which is why I am so proud of my courses. I make it easy for people to learn as quickly as possible which is why I include templates and checklists in every chapter. That way you have the confidence you are doing everything correctly. It teaches anyone how to strategically use Pinterest the way it was designed to be used.  

Once you begin to use my proven step by step blueprint it will totally change the way you think about and use Pinterest. And that my friends will be your golden key to success.

Picture a better life for yourself, one with:

  • More traffic and leads 
  • Longer shelf life on your posts
  • Being on the first page of Google
  • Beating your competition
  • Having more time with the ones you love 
  • Feeling more joy and confidence
  • Making more money
  • And doing what you love to do

It’s totally possible, I did it! 

And so have thousands of other entrepreneurs.

You can get all that and more by strategically using Pinterest the way it is designed to be used.

$197 one-time payment for lifetime course access OR $397 that includes a 12-month email support. 

The Best Pinterest Marketing course for business is a step by step proven plan to master Pinterest & drive marketing and business results. Avoid the frustration of making all the common mistakes so many Pinterest business users make. Rocket past your competition & dominate on Pinterest today. Seriously. If you have any questions about my courses or services please use my contact form. Thank you! 

Best Pinterest marketing course

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