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Pinterest Expert Tips: How to Write A Perfect Pin Description for Your Products

Pinterest expert


Updated January 21, 2021

So why do we need to write a pin description for every pin on Pinterest? This Pinterest expert says you need descriptions so you can inject keywords because Pinterest is a search engine.

Pinterest expert tip: if we fail to inject them in the right places on pins and on your Pinterest account then people will not find you. Instead they’ll find your competition because they took the time to write pin descriptions. We don’t want that do we?

In addition, sometimes it is not obvious what the pin is about, so with descriptions you’ll have an opportunity to make it obvious and clear what your product is and how it will help improve their lives. People are looking for help. For solutions. Give them that.

Before we get into crafting the perfect pin descriptions for your ecommerce site make sure you properly optimize your Pinterest profile, your board titles and board descriptions. That’s because all that SEO juice will do some of the heavy lifting so that your pins get found. If you have not done that yet click here to read my post. 

Alright so let’s begin folks!

Pinterest Expert Reveals How to Create Remarkable Pin Descriptions To Get Saves and Clicks

Follow this proven formula when writing your pin descriptions and you can expect greater traffic to your  ecommerce site from Pinterest:

1. Number of words

You have a 500 character limit to work with. 

The best pin descriptions inspire Pinners to do something and provide extra information so Pinners can figure out if something’s right for them. Make the tone natural. They should mention the most compelling aspects of the pin and hint at what else there is to find if they click through to your website. 

  • What is your image about; don’t be vague
  • Offer tips, advice or instructions
  • Does it solve a problem?
  • Avoid industry jargon and acronyms people don’t understand

Home Decor pins that offer a list, tips, or advice receive a 93% higher click through rates. DIY & Crafts receive a 49% higher save rates.

2. Selecting the correct keywords 

Make sure that you are using the correct keywords.

Pinterest expert tip: if you get this first step wrong then you’re screwed. The more accurate you are with the keywords you use in your pin descriptions, the more likely you are to connect with new Pinners that have never discovered you before.  

3. Add a call to action 

According to Pinterest, pins that add a call to action receive a 60% higher click through rate and a 30% higher checkout rate. 

Pinterest expert tip: give people a reason to click on your pin. Here are some examples that you can use. 

  • To learn more…
  • Here are more ways to…
  • To join go to…
  • For more tips…
  • For more details…
  • Watch a video of…
  • Get your 25% off coupon here
  • Explore our entire collection of…
  • Check out these…
  • Shop this look
  • Up to 50% off

If you’re including a temporary promotion include the start and end date.


Shop these (products) and more from (the name of your business) today. 

Purchase these gorgeous keys from (the name of your business) today.

Shop today and get free shipping. 

4. Add price if applicable

If you have installed the Product Rich Pins you do not need to include the price on the pin description. 

5. Do not use URL shorteners

Pinterest expert tip: avoid using ULR shorteners like bitly because Pinterest thinks you might be spamming. 


pinterest expert


6. Add hashtags

Add up to five hashtags

7. Add location

If your business has a physical locations it’s smart to add your location if you want to attract local customers.

8. Use correct capitalization and punctuation

Don’t be lazy with your pin descriptions. Since you’ve invested the time to write them do them right. 

9. Make it mobile friendly

Pinterest expert tip: 80% of Pinterest users use their mobile device so show your most helpful details in the first 30-50 characters.

10. Evoke emotion

Get them excited about your products. You can do that by injecting strong emotional words to describe what they will receive or experience. 

  • Secret 
  • Amazing 
  • Brilliant 
  • Exciting 
  • Natural 
  • Remarkable 
  • Simple 
  • Awesome 
  • Clever 
  • Fabulous 
  • Important 
  • Necessary 
  • Spectacular 
  • Smart 
  • Best 
  • Clear 
  • Dazzling 
  • Fantastic 
  • Powerful 
  • Sexy 
  • Bold 
  • Essential 
  • Magnificent 
  • Practical 
  • Worthwhile

Watch this video tutorial below on how to SEO your pin descriptions for your blogs, products, services, DIY projects, recipes & more.

4 Templates for Writing the Perfect Pin Descriptions

Now that you know the rules, use any of these templates to create your own pin descriptions until you get the hang of it. At some point you’ll have done so much of it that you’ll know the formula to follow and you won’t even need these templates. 

I created four examples so you have a variety of things to write about. Think of the mindset of your customer and why they should save or click your pin. 

Pinterest expert tip: Your pin descriptions should answer the following question

Template #1

What is it?

What is used for?

What’s unique about your product? 

Template #2

How will it help the Pinner?

What benefit or value will the Pinner receive?

Why is it important?

Template #3

Are they saving time and money?

Is it better, faster, cheaper? 

Is it used for a specific season, celebration, or event?

Template #4

What are the different ways to use the product?

What time of the year can they use it? 

How will it make them feel?


Making the time to write great pin descriptions is so worth it. As you can see it’s not that difficult. You just need to follow the formula and use the template until you get the hang of it. With just a little practice and consistency in everything you do you can expect to get more results than ever before. Yeehaa!


pinterest expert

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