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Business on Pinterest: 5 Pinterest Marketing Ideas During Covid-19

business on pinterest


Business on Pinterest Marketing Ideas: How to Respond to Crisis with Kindness

In the last few weeks COVID-19 has impacted everyone and everything worldwide. Some have been hit worse than others. As such many businesses have questions about where they need to pivot and how to communicate with their customers. Now, with Trump’s announcement today about self isolation until April 30th, we are all going to be challenged even more to think and behave differently. Should you continue doing business on Pinterest like you did in the past? The answer is no. 

As retailers adjusting to unprecedented changes in the market, there’s an opportunity to bring shoppers a sense of normalcy and delight through e-commerce. People are turning to Pinterest for visual inspiration and to discover ideas that can help them adapt to their new reality. In fact the search volume on Pinterest is up by 60%! Pinterest users are also looking for DIY ideas and how to get through self-isolation.

First, I totally feel it for small businesses. I am in the same boat. And I have owned a small retail establishment; a day spa.  So I really get it. If people don’t continue to buy stuff we will not exist. 

In this blog post I will share five tips on Pinterest Marketing for those doing business on Pinterest how businesses should communicate with shoppers using compassion and integrity even when some feel pressure to sell, sell, sell. Our characters will be tested folks. 

Let’s begin. 

This is why I love Pinterest so much compared to other platforms. Pinterest has always been the go-to platform where people come to look for help all year round. In fact, Pinterest was very quick to react to the needs of Pinterest users when they decided to create a tool called the TODAY tab as shown below.


business on Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

What is the Today tab?

The today tab will feature daily inspiration with curated topics and trending pins that makes it easy to explore popular and timely ideas such as kid-friendly baking ideas, self-care tips, family-favorite movies and comfort food recipes.

It also features updated information from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control on topics like hand washing during the coronavirus epidemic. 

Where is it available?

It is currently available in the U.S. and the U.K., with more countries to come.

How Can Businesses Connect with Today’s Fragile Consumers?

Businesses need to dig deep in their heart and think helpfulness. People are coming to Pinterest looking for inspiration more than ever before. With so much change and uncertainty people have to get used to a different way of doing things. What used to be normal or what was once a daily habit doesn’t exist anymore. Like going out. 

Look for The Good

This is a great opportunity for businesses doing Business on Pinterest to deepen their relationships with current customers and attract new customers through your thoughtful / helpful content. 

Entrepreneurs are in it for the long-haul. However, if you find yourself worrying about how you will stay afloat focus on using this time to your advantage.  I guess now is a good time to re-focus on the budget, price shop, apply for all the government programs you can etc.

Plus as a business if you can think about it there are so many ways you can help people. When you do people will get to know more about your business and your brand. You will be remembered by how you served them and your community when all this is over. This will help you earn trust by those who have never even heard of you before. And we all know how important trust is don’t we?

Here are five ways to do that. 


business on Pinterest


5 Pinterest Actionable Tips

1. Create blog posts to add more value where they need help. 

According to Pinterest people are searching for the following topics most: 1) working out from home, 2) family health, 3) emotional well-being, and 4) easy recipes. You don’t necessarily need to directly mention COVID-19 when you blog.

According to Pinterest people are looking for:

  • Freezer meals
  • Working from home
  • Indoor activities with kids
  • Home organization
  • Spa day at home
  • Makeup tutorial for beginners
  • Kid-friendly recipes
  • How to cook great meals with forgotten cans at the back of their pantry
  • How to teach fifth grade math
  • How to turn a bathroom into a conference room
  • How to cut their own hair for the first time ever
  • How to stay calm in uncertain times
  • How to find the right words to talk to scared children
  • How to go easier on yourself
  • How to sew makeshift masks for everyone in their neighborhood
  • Remote birthday party ideas
  • Virtual baby showers
  • Doctor gift ideas
  • Care package ideas
  • Ideas to cheer up a friend

Check out Pinterest’s Stay Safe, Stay Inspired Boards for more ideas. 

Check out my post on Self-Care Tips to Cope with Self-Isolation.

2. Avoid sarcasm or hard sell pushy sales tactics.

If you’re sending out email marketing letters probably best not to push your most expensive products.  You never know how many people are literally struggling right now financially because of all this.

These days’ people are still just focusing on stockpiling, boosting their immune system, and whatever else they need to live. 

Nowadays when doing business on Pinterest if you have freebies great! Start with those first.

Next, go to the necessities. Dirty Lemon, for instance, has seen an 81 percent increase in direct-to-consumer sales over the last three weeks. For its “immunity-boosting” drinks in particular, sales jumped between 200 and 500 percent last week, depending on the product, the company told WWD.

3. Let them know how you can support them. 

Avoid telling people how they must change or do something different. Change is difficult for many people so we need to exercise more compassion and flexibility with our expectations. 

Ask them what they need help with or how you can support them. You never know what you will learn and you might actually create a new product that is in demand right now! 

4. Put yourself in their shoes.

Searches for “working from home” are up 170% in the U.S. This is the new norm for many people. If you decide to create a blog post or share a pin on home office ideas remember that everyone has a different space. Some don’t have any spare room that can be dedicated strictly to a home office. Many people have little spaces especially those living in apartments or condos. Some have limited budgets so instead of showing them home office layouts you might want to focus on how to use your kitchen table. 

Would you believe luxury still exists even in the coronavirus era? Pangaia, Brunello Cuccinelli, Birdies, Loro Piana, Les Tiens and Loro Piana have reported incredible sales.

Sophie Hill, founder and chief executive officer of Threads Styling cites in WWD “People want us to inspire them with WFH [work from home] looks, with new exciting ath-leisure brands and with exciting editorial to keep them distracted from everything going on and to keep it fun. Our clients are definitely still buying luxury, but we have seen a pivot on products they are chatting to us about — so a big uplift in interiors and homewares. We have also seen a lot more interest in comfortable at-home clothing, as well as sneakers — Yeezys, which clients are wearing as house shoes.

5. Ask yourself before you hit “publish”.

Is your content positive and relevant to their needs today? Is it something they can take action on right now? If so, great! You’re on the right track.


People are turning to Pinterest for visual inspiration and to discover ideas that can help them adapt to their new reality. As businesses we need to focus on helping people. Focus on bringing joy to your customers. Isn’t that what a business should be all about? 


business on pinterest

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