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50 Simple Self Care Ideas for Stress Relief

self care


Self-Care Tips to Cope with Isolation and Stress

Stress is a common part of our lives but since the COVID-19 epidemic we are all experiencing it at a higher level. 

My husband and I work from home so practicing isolation at this time is not as challenging for us compared to those who need daily social interaction. Plus we have long term self care programs already in place. I worry more about my family especially my parents since the early news mentioned how it affects seniors the most. 

What Stressed Me Out! Could Dad Have “It”?

Last week my Dad had a scratchy throat and could barely talk. I’m sure you can guess the first thing that went through my mind. But its allergy season and my parents love gardening and they were in their backyard for a couple of hours pulling out weeds, fertilizing, and so forth. The next day he was fine. Thank God!

It’s easy to dismiss our stress because it’s not visible to the eye. It’s internal but it also manifests externally like acne and severe sweating. That’s why a self care program is important.

Your Feelings

You might be feeling numb and shocked by what you’re hearing in the news, you’re feeling sad when you hear about the number of deaths that are rising in your home country, you are frustrated that you’re forced to stay at home, or you’re worried you might lose your job, and now money is starting to run out. Hellooooo self care program.

Consequences of Stress

As a result you find yourself getting headaches, weight-gain, back pains, stomach aches, sleepless night, heated arguments with your partner, you start reaching for zero nutrition junk food, you’re smoking more, drug and alcohol use has increased. This is all devastating to your mind, body, and health which is why I was compelled to write about self care. 

Entrepreneurs: Focus on Helpfulness, Not Selling

In my business I am focusing my self-isolation of simply helping people. I’m not here to sell or promote my products and services. I don’t believe its right to push your products and services when many people are simply in a survival mode. It’s heartless. Check out my Facebook post  – I was ticked me off big time! 

There Is a Silver Lining

I haven’t blogged much. This is my first blog since USA declared it a national emergency. I’ve been working at the usual pace but I find myself evaluating my life. It’s forced me to be more creative and that’s a good thing. As a matter of fact I’m taking an online course right now. 

I’m an optimistic person by nature and I believe it’s important to look for the good and expect the best. 


self care


I hope that these 50 simple self care ideas will help you each and every day during isolation and times of uncertainty. Let’s do this together shall we?

1. Practice hygiene to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

2. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals. Maintaining good health is more important than ever before. I love juicing cuz it’s easier than making salad and dressing from scratch.

3. Exercise on a regular basis. Keep moving. I miss my Zumba classes and working out with my trainer and since that’s not possible right now I’m doing at-home workouts. I found great aerobics type classes for free on YouTube and I’m just waiting for my dumbbells to arrive any day now. New self care element soon to be added. 🙂

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4. Get plenty of sleep but don’t oversleep. If you’ve been asked to work from home due to the COVID-19 wake up at your usual time. If you want to sleep in for another 30 minutes that’s fine but you need to do your normal routine as much as possible so you feel like there’s also order in your life.

5. Meditate. Think good thoughts.

6. Read a feel good book. It’s good for your brain too.

7. Talk to others via Skype or Zoom. Share how you’re feeling with a friend, loved one, counselor, or whomever you trust. Always end your call with a positive tone. End it with a happy outlook. 

8. Avoid drugs and alcohol. These may help temporarily but they can create additional problems and make your stress worse.

9. Be informed but take a break from listening or watching the news since it can be depressing to listen to bad news continuously.

10. Write down all the good things in your life. What are you grateful for? While our lives seem like they are spinning out of control remember there are people out there that have it worse than you and I.

11. Build your immune system. Look for vitamins or supplements with elderberry. Vitamin C and Zinc are good too.

12. Watch an inspiring movie with your kids. Ask your kids what lesson they learned from the movie and talk about it. Hey you might even learn something from your kids! 

13. Start your spring cleaning checklist. I feel like I’m spring cleaning every day since I’ve always been a germafobic. I believe after all this has passed we’ll all be experts at organizing and cleaning our homes.

14. Do a DIY project but please don’t go out shopping to buy your tools and supplies. Buy them online.

15. Write a thank you note to someone who’s been good to you these past few weeks. If you don’t have stamps don’t go out to get one. Take a picture of your letter and email it to them. Don’t just text someone. People feel special when you do something extra for them.

16. Be patient. Have you seen how some shoppers have gone insane fighting for stuff at the grocery? When we are stressed we can get very cantankerous. Practice kindness. Don’t take out your stress and frustration on others. Patience is self care.

17. Finish that online course you bought months ago. (I just bought one and I work on it every day)

18. Give yourself an at-home spa facial, a mani, a pedi, or a hair treatment. Since all the spas and hair salons are closed right now this is a great time to do it at-home and save money at the same time. These Korean sheet masks are great too especially when your skin is craving hydration. They are natural ingredients and contains Vitamin C to help boost your collagen to help keep your skin firm.

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19. Go outside for a walk. Breathe. Remember the rule about social distancing.

20. Order in to support your favorite restaurant. It’s a great excuse not to cook which is how I feel most days. Sorry Chris (Chris is my husband:))

21. Look for kid-friendly baking ideas on Pinterest. Take advantage of the time you have with your kids.

22. Say this out loud when you wake up in the morningSomething wonderful is happening to me today”, and then visual what you want your day to look like.

23. Call or text someone to say “I’m thinking of you”. I actually texted a Zumba friend last week to say hi and be safe, I’m thinking of you type of message and she texted back and said “Who’s this?” Kinda funny huh?

24. Tell someone you love them. 

25. Make a to do list.

26. Set a 30-day goal. If you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands don’t stay in your comfort zone. I personally don’t understand boredom. Some people say they’re bored. It’s shocking to me but it’s a reality for many people. Bottom line, you’ve got to look forward to something. You can’t always just live in the now.


self care


27. Start a self-care routine and hopefully it will become a habit!

28. Start journaling. Write down your thoughts and how you’re feeling. Get it out of your system. You’ll feel better.

29. Dance like no one is watching. Shake that booty. Turn up the music loud. I do!

30. Fix broken things like the button in your shirt, a drawer that always seem to get stuck, or a light bulb that’s gone.

31. De-clutter. If you haven’t worn that belt or that garment, in the past year or two place it in box. When all this COVID-19 has passed donate it.

32. Practice social media detox for one hour or more every day.

33. When you start feeling stressed. Stop. Breathe. Say to yourself “I am relaxed, I am great, I can do this”. Allow yourself to feel the stress but make the choice to move on. Don’t get stuck in that quick sand if you know what I mean. Proper breathing is the earliest form of self care.

34. Draw a soothing bubble bath. 

35. Get freezer meal ideas on Pinterest to save time and money. This way you’re not having to buy groceries every day. Limit your grocery shopping as much as you can. 

36. Clean all your pillowcases and bed sheets.

37. Cook a new recipe via Zoom with a friend or loved one. 


self care


38. Get dressed everyday if you’ve been asked to work from home. When you look good, you feel good.

39. Watch the sunrise and sunset.

40. Start a 7-day sugar detox.

41. Create a budget. You’ll be surprised how many things you actually don’t need to survive.

42. On Sundays plan for your week ahead. Even if you’re practicing isolation you need to have a routine. This will give you a sense of control in your life.

43. Make use of your essential oils by creating new DIY recipes for your hair, skin, cleaning solutions, and other natural home remedies.

44. Take a nap. 

45. Get positive feedback. Ask three good friends to tell you what they love about you.

46. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

47. Create a plan b, plan c, plan d, etc. In times of uncertainty our stress levels goes way up. Ask yourself if you lost your job today what’s plan b? What’s plan c? Think it through. Writing things down instead of trying to figure them out in your head will be less draining on you. You may be surprised that you actually have nothing to worry about.

48. Beautify your home office or find a small corner where you can work.

49. Try a new healthy recipe. I’m really proud of these gluten free muffins since they’re my original recipe. You won’t be disappointed. My husband and I eat them as our pre-workout snacks.

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50. Use Pinterest to create the life you’ve always wanted so you have something to look forward to when all this passes.

Some of ideas may not be new to you but the point of this self care checklist is for you to take action, to stay focused, stay productive because at the end of day we are responsible for our lives. We are responsible for our well-being and it has to start with self care. You can’t take of others if you can’t take care of yourself first.

Practice self-love and your self-worth will sky rocket. Take care and be safe. 


self care

Disclosure: All products featured on my blog are independently selected by Anna Bennett. Please note that the links above are Amazon affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. I have personally purchased and used these clean beauty products because they simply work, not because of the small commissions I make. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your skin, beauty, and health goals.

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