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Pinterest Marketing Update: February 2020 Pinterest Marketing Updates and News

Pinterest marketing


Pinterest Marketing News and Updates for February 2020

1) Pinterest Inc. posted their revenue and user growth

Revenue for 2019 was US$1.14 billion, the first time Pinterest has surpassed the US$1 billion threshold

Pinterest has 335 million total global user.

Source: Bloomberg


2) Pinterest Marketing: Valentine’s Day on Pinterest

People are increasingly turning to #Pinterest to shop for the perfect gift with 2.7X as many searches for Valentine’s Day gift ideas compared to Valentines’ Day decor and 2.2X as many searches for gifts rather than crafts.

Who’s the biggest gift-giving searcher? Those with girlfriends — men and women are searching for gift ideas for girlfriends, up 572% and higher than gifts for other types of relationships.


3) Pinterest has added more social commerce tools

This is in an effort to pitch retailers interested in Pinterest marketing on how being on the platform can help actual conversions. These include the ability to build custom shopping catalogs, product pins and improved re-targeting.

Source: ModernRetail


4) Pinterest to give special attention to ‘trustworthy’ retailers

Retailers deemed worthy by Pinterest will receive extra promotion on the site.

Pinterest is launching a verified merchant program it says will help users “discover and buy from trustworthy brands.” Retailers that are accepted into the program will have their products eligible for distribution within dedicated Pinterest shopping features such as Shop the Look pins or related product carousels.

Verified merchants will get “Verified” badges on their profile and product pins. Their product pins will also show product availability and pricing info. Other front-end benefits will include a special shop tab on their profile that makes it easier for users to see what they sell.

On the back end, verified merchants will receive early access to the Pinterest marketing insights tool, which helps measure the total sales impact of paid and organic pins.

Source: Chain Store Age


Pinterest marketing


5) Pinterest marketing algorithm changes that will affect how you save content on Pinterest 

Check out my blog post on the best way to save content on Pinterest to get more engagement.

6) Introducing Pinterest Lite

Pinterest launched Pinterest Lite for Android to people in Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. Pinterest is expanding the availability of Pinterest Lite and launching it globally. Pinterest Lite offers most of the features of the Pinterest app, while taking up less space on your device, and can download more quickly in places with slower internet connection.

Pinners can download Pinterest Lite in the Play store globally and is launching for Arabic speakers soon.


Source: Pinterest blog


Pinterest marketing


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