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Doing Business on Pinterest: This Is How Much Content You Need

business on Pinterest

What Type & How Much Content Do You Really Need to Pin on Pinterest? 

As a Pinterest marketing expert entrepreneurs always ask me these three questions about doing business on Pinterest:

  • Do I need a blog in order to be successful on Pinterest?
  • How much do I need to blog?
  • What should I blog about?


So I figured let’s address these questions since content marketing is more important than ever before if you want to do business on Pinterest

Let me address the first question. 

1) Do you need a blog to do business on Pinterest? 

The answer is yes and no. Yes, you need a blog if you have very little content to share on Pinterest. 

For example, if you operate an ecommerce website and you only have a dozen products to sell then you will need a blog. That’s because Pinterest’s best practices have changed again. Yup, their algorithm requires you to produce fresh and relevant content every time you pin. And if you are only allowed to share these pins no more than twice a year to the same board (and a maximum of 10 boards BTW) that’s not going to be enough content for you to fill your pinning calendar. 

If you have hundreds or thousands of products and thousands of original, “fresh” images to pin then no you don’t “need” a blog to do business on Pinterest and succeed.

Let’s say you’re a blogger and you don’t have products to sell that means you need to also blog a certain amount every month to fill your pinning calendar. 

Now that you know if you should blog or not let me address the next question.


business on pinterest


2) How much do I need to blog to do business on Pinterest correctly?

This all depends on the number of unique product images you have. There could be all sorts of different scenarios but let me keep this simple for you:

  1. Your goal is to pin 5 fresh and relevant pieces of content every day. Calculate right now how many fresh and relevant pieces you have that you have NOT already shared on Pinterest yet. 
  2. Your calculation tells you that you need to fill 25 days with 5 pins. That means you need 125 pieces of fresh and relevant content every month.
  3. If you need 125 pieces of fresh and relevant content every month that means you need to blog at least 3 times a month. Let me show why.


Determining the number of blogs to post also depends on the number of boards you have. The more boards you have that you can share that same blog post to the better. But remember you can share that same pin to the same board no more than once a year. 

Let’s say you have 5 boards you can save those pins to. 

That means if you blog 3 times a month and make 5 images per blog that would be 15 pieces of fresh and relevant content. 

Next you would share those 15 pieces of fresh and relevant content to 5 boards that means you have 75 fresh and relevant pieces of content. 

Remember I said you need 125 fresh and relevant pins per month? That means 125 minus 75 equals 50. For example, if you sell products that would mean you could pin 50 more fresh and relevant product pins. If you don’t have enough then you need to blog more than 3 times a month in order to do business on Pinterest properly 

Like I said every business will be different. But this is the quickest way for you to calculate how much you need to blog every month. 


Business on Pinterest



3) What should I blog about?

When my team and I set-up Pinterest accounts for businesses or audit Pinterest accounts we always first check to see that our client’s blog is set-up correctly.  Many are not. Part of that service includes recommendations about what topics they should write about. It’s vital that they have this type of market intelligence when starting on Pinterest. 

You have to very smart and very strategic when doing business on Pinterest with the type of content you need to produce for Pinterest because this audience thinks and behaves differently from other social networks. 

Now that you know how many blogs you need to produce every month to do business on Pinterest follow these steps.

1. Choose your niche. You can’t be everything to everybody or you won’t stand out on Pinterest or anywhere else for that matter.

2. You can find the best topics in the following places:

  • Pinterest 100 Trends
  • Pinterest analytics: Most popular categories and interests (as shown below)
  • Guided Search Tool
  • Exploding Topics
  • Google Trends



Choose the topics that you know your target audience will love.

What types of problems can you help them solve? What types of information do they need to create a better life for themselves or their family? 

  1. Do your best to choose topics that are evergreen because you’ll be able to share them more often than say something that is seasonal. 
  2. I want to narrow your choices even further and suggest you choose evergreen topics that you are passionate and knowledgeable about already. That’s because you will get more motivated to write, you will be motivated to produce content on a consistent basis, and your work will be that much better.


Bloggers face constant challenges and it’s not easy peasy writing, optimizing, and then sharing them with the hopes that your content will go viral. You hope and pray they will. Pinterest seems like it will be more work in 2020 so you have to be very smart and clever about how you produce your content including the types of boards you have. Follow my tips and if you have any questions please use my contact form.  Happy writing! 


Business on Pinterest

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