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Business on Pinterest 7 Step Checklist: A Business Plan for Pinterest Management Success

business on pinterest


Business on Pinterest. So you want to be a Pinterest manager and do business on Pinterest? Do you have any business experience? Ahhh. That is the answer I typically hear from people who want to start their business on Pinterest as a manager. 

I remember the time when I had to create a business plan for my spa business. Banks in Canada make it very hard for you if you want to borrow money to start a business. It drove me crazy. It was mandatory that you had a business plan that included 100s of tiny details; projected sales, your services, pricing, products, a list of monthly expenses, and on and on. It was daunting and boring to say the least BUT it really forces you to think about all aspects of your business. This is the whole point.  

But luckily for people who want to do business on Pinterest and wannabe Pinterest managers you don’t even need to get a loan from the bank. You don’t even need several thousands of dollars to get your business started. That means you don’t need a business plan like the one I had to go through! YAY! 

But wait a minute there speedy Gonzales. I still recommend that you have a basic business plan. After all “failing to plan, is planning to fail”. You’ve heard me say that several times before.  And it is true if you want to do business on Pinterest.

Here are seven critical steps for creating a business plan so you maximize your success doing business on Pinterest as a Pinterest manager:

1. Overview

Are you a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an LLC (means a limited liability company which is a corporate structure in the USA whereby the owners are not personally liable for the company’s debts or liabilities) etc.? I highly recommend that you consider an LLC so you have peace of mind in the event that if you ever get sued your personal assets are protected. 

Doing Business on Pinterest

What is your mission and purpose for becoming a Pinterest manager? Do you want to this as a side hustle while you work from home? Will this be a full-time career? Do you plan on quitting your full-time job?  Think it through. I personally would never quit a full-time job before deciding to become a Pinterest manager. When you’re an entrepreneur no one is writing you a check every two weeks. There are no guarantees when you’ll get your next client or how long they’ll stay with you. 

Take a gradual approach and as your business on Pinterest grows you’ll be able to determine if your earnings are consistent enough to quit your full-time job. 

If you decide to do business on Pinterest full-time as a Pinterest manager save up at least three to six months’ worth of earnings before you decide to quit. That way you’re not stressed if the money from your Pinterest management business isn’t happening quick enough. 

2. Products and Services

What types of services will your offer your customers? Some examples of services would include:

  • Account set-up
  • Monthly account management
  • Audit
  • Coaching 
  • Image creating
  • Content marketing


What products will you sell to your customers? For me, doing business on Pinterest I sell Pinterest marketing for business online courses. In fact I have three online courses. They make great passive income but more importantly it helps you stand out from other Pinterest managers. It gives you more credibility.

3. Sales and Marketing Plan

What’s your pricing structure for products and services?

So many Pinterest managers don’t have a clue what to charge their clients. When speaking with other Pinterest managers some don’t have a lot of confidence so they under charge and some are unrealistic and charge too much.

In my How to Become a Successful Pinterest Manager course I help my students set sales goals. In addition, you’ll learn how much you can charge clients for your services & how quickly you can start earning a living doing business on Pinterest as a Pinterest Manager.

How much to charge clients will depend on three factors:

  • How much is the market willing to spend?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • How much do you want to make?


Once you have figured out how to set your price how will attract your dream client? I find it hilarious when people tell me “Hey I have a website so I should have no problem getting clients, right?” Ummm not quite. That’s why in my How to Become a Successful Pinterest Manager course I go on to explain at least nine different ways to find your first client even if you have zero experience. That will help you do business on Pinterest.

Next, determine your monthly sales goal. You can’t achieve a goal if you don’t have a target 🙂 


business on pinterest


4. Target Audience

If you want to reach your ideal customer you must know exactly who they are. If you tell me you’ll cater to everybody oh boy – that’s a deadly mistake

To be successful doing business on Pinterest as a Pinterest manager we have to know who our ideal client is because we know that being everything to everybody is a recipe for disaster. You will end up making less money, you won’t stand out, you’ll attract cheap clients, and on and on. 

If you’ve been reading my blogs you know that I have written a lot about the importance of having a niche.  

As soon as you have figured out your niche determine the current state of their industry. Is it growing or dying? How fast or slow is it growing?

Next you need to figure out the big problems your audience is struggling to solve. Think, what would they happily and gladly pay to have solved?

Focus on solving needs, not wants.

This is what is takes to be successful doing business on Pinterest.

5. Competitive Analysis

We know that at the end of the day people work with people they like and trust. But here’s the thing when you’re in business, you have competition. 

The first step is to determine where your potential dream client is looking for help when it comes to Pinterest marketing? From my years of experience and of course asking my clients how they find me I would say 95% of people find me on Google and then on LinkedIn. That may not be the case for you but for me that’s how I’ve been able to stay busy doing business on Pinterest. 

That’s why I have invested heavily on my website. It literally cost me many thousands of dollars to create and I worked with about 12 different companies to get it right. I’m not suggesting you do that since it would be insane to invest such a large amount especially if you’re a newbie. But one thing I can tell you right now is that you’d better have a great online presence. First impressions are everything!

Once you’ve determined where your clients are looking for help, the next step is for you to identify your top 3 competitors. How do you differ from them and what can you do better? Are your products of a higher quality? Do you specialize in a very particular niche? Do you have more experience and expertise? Decipher what makes you special and different and create a plan to outshine them! 


business on pinterest


6. Budget

If you don’t monitor your expenses you’re putting your business at risk. If you spend more than you’re making that’s not good business.

Sure in the beginning you’ll be at a negative amount because you’re investing in your business. For example, you’ll need a computer, that’s obvious. If you’re collecting payments you need a tool for that too. Maybe PayPal is your first option. You can easily email your client a link from PayPal so they can pay you before your work begins. That would be one of the cheapest ways to collect payments and then as your business grows you might eventually have a web developer create a shopping cart on your website. You can look sexier and appear more successful when your client has a better, smoother experience.

If there are tools that you want to buy and they give you an option to pay per month or per year then go with the monthly payments. For example you’ll absolutely need a scheduling tool like Tailwind. You can pay monthly or pay the full amount for the year. If you’re a new Pinterest manager I recommend that you take the conservative approach and choose the monthly option. Why? Well sometimes life happens and you never know where your path might take you and you may not need these tools. Don’t waste your money. 

It’s all about how much money you keep not how much money you make 🙂

7. Mentorship and education

If you want to be more successful than other Pinterest managers doing business on Pinterest commit to life-long learning. That’s because if you want to earn more, you have to learn more. 

I am shocked and almost pissed really when I speak with wannabe Pinterest managers that have never taken a course on Pinterest marketing. I hear all sorts of reasons like:

  • Oh yeah, I took a course, it was a 45 minute webinar. 
  • Oh I know how to pin, why do I need to take a course?
  • Oh, I’d rather just read blogs. I don’t want to spend money on a course


Okay, so what do all these three comments have in common? Zero know how, laziness, and disrespect for your clients. 

I mean c’mon is a webinar really a course? 

Does pinning for personal reasons make you qualified as a Pinterest manager? Pinning is the easy part. What do you know about SEO, having the right types of images, the types of boards to create, how buy Promoted Pins, and on and on. 

Oh and blogs? Who’s the writer? Are they qualified or have the expertise to even write about Pinterest marketing? How old is that blog? Has it been updated? 

The biggest mistake to me is failing to take a formal course. Heck you don’t need to buy it from me, but please take one and preferably from someone who is actually recognized as a Pinterest expert by Pinterest. Don’t you deserve to learn from the best, someone who’s been where you want to be? 


Doing business on Pinterest successfully means creating a business plan. Even if it is not fun it will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve done your homework and it shows you’re ready to roll your sleeves and make this work. It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur and especially as a Pinterest manager. Now that you have this checklist and plan in place you’re a step ahead of most wannabe Pinterest managers and that’s a big deal! Do it right! 


business on pinterest

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