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Pinterest Images for Home Decor Marketers: 14 Tips for Creating Pinterest Images


Pinterest images

What should I think about when designing Pinterest images?

Think about being helpful to your target audience by providing info to help them achieve their goals and solve their problems.

Pinterest Images: Examples of the Best Home Decor Pinterest Images

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make on Pinterest is thinking that you can just slap on any image and assume that it will receive a ton of saves and clicks. As someone who manages Pinterest day in and day out I often see businesses use the exact same shape and imagery on all their social networks. In addition, many people don’t realize that there is a specific type of Pinterest image that works for different types of businesses. What may work for home decor pins may not necessarily be great for fashion pins. That’s because Pinterest users consume their Pinterest images differently depending on what the content is.

So in this blog I’m going to review the best types of Pinterest images to use if you sell home decor products.

Step 1: Read my blog post on the basics of Pinterest images.

Step 2: Determine the best type of content for home decor businesses.

Pinterest users are on the platform for themselves. This is not a social media platform where they can check what their friends are doing. They on Pinterest planning and searching for home decor ideas and products they can try or buy. They want information that they can take action on. That means your content needs to speak to their everyday problems and needs. As a business think hard about what really matters to them.

Are you going to push your products and say buy buy buy me? Uhhhmmmm if you start with that strategy and all you do is talk about your business that is not exactly going to build any trust, is it? It’s certainly not the best tactic if you’re trying to attract new customers. It’s vital that you give something of value first. That’s right. You need to be helpful first before asking for the sale. You usually do that through blog posts not Pinterest images.

Use this checklist when crafting the content that your target audience will gobble up:

  • What kinds of DIY ideas are they looking for?
  • What kind of decor trends are they looking for?
  • How can you help them make the right decision?
  • How will you help them save money?
  • How will you help them save time?
  • How can you leverage Pinterest top 100 trends?
  • How can you leverage Pinterest analytics?
  • Now that you’ve figured out what type of content to create for your home decor customers the next step is how you should style your images.


Step 3: Here are 14 types of Pinterest images that work amazingly well and that get tons of saves and clicks:

a. How-to’s 

Pinterest users love to save helpful information that they use later. 

You can find great examples of how-to Pins (Pinterest images) from creative lifestyle experts like Brit & Co, hair and beauty pros like Style Me Pretty, fitness buffs like Greatist, cooking enthusiasts like, and DIYers likeThe Home Depot and eHow. If you’re in France, Germany or the UK, you’ll find how-to Pins from the Aufeminin-Group (France, Germany, UK), DaWanda, EatSmarter, Marie Claire Idées,Marmiton and Springlane.



b. Trending topics 

What is hot in your industry right now? What is everyone talking about? How can you make your content unique so that you connect with other shoppers? Check out Top 100 Pinterest Trends for 2020

c. “Call to action” on the Pinterest image

Did you know that featuring a “call to action” increases the engagement? Don’t wait and see if your followers can figure out what you want them to do. Tell them what to do. 

You can add simple things like “Shop now”, “Shop the Collection”, etc.


Source: Amazon Home

d. Checklists

People love checklists because you can quickly scan the list to see what you need to do. Checklists help you stay organized and ensures that you don’t miss any vital steps. 


Pinterest images

Source: Real Simple

e. E-book giveaway

Pin a Pinterest image of a free e-book that Pinners can download. Link this offer to an opt-in-page so you can collect more email addresses for your data base. 


Pinterest images


f. Infographics

People process images 60,000 times faster than text, making helpful infographics a definite hit on Pinterest. In addition, infographics can improve website traffic by 12%. They are easier to consume and they make reading more entertaining for your audience. Infographics make great Pinterest images.


Pinterest images


g. Products in motion

Showing how your product is used in the proper way helps shoppers understand why they should buy your product.


Source: Pinterest

h. Step-by-step tutorials

This is similar to how-to’s. The Pinterest images or pins include step-by-step instructions to help users complete a project or an idea. However, don’t give all the information away. If you give it all away why would people bother clicking through the image? What that means to you is less traffic to your website or blog. Enticing the Pinner to learn more is what you want.


Pinterest images

Source: Pinterest

i. DIY

DIY is one of the top three categories on Pinterest and for a good reason. Pinterest users love finding affordable and creative ways to create things for their home. In fact, There are 44 billion reasons you should care about the DIY. It’s the estimated market size of the DIY home industry. 


Pinterest images


Source: Pinterest

j. Multi-product shots

Combining different styles of the same product on one Pinterest Image or pin can provide people with different perspectives which can lead to appealing a bigger audience. When you give people more ideas there’s a better chance you will get more saves and clicks. 


Source: Pinterest

k. Text overlay

Adding text overlay makes it obvious what the Pinterest images are all about especially if you are featuring a room. According to Pinterest DIY pins receive 27% higher click through rates with text overlay. 


Source: Pinterest

l. Lifestyle images

This is probably the most expensive method of creating Pinterest images but if done well it will produce a ROI. Lifestyle images helps Pinners visualize the different possibilities about how to use your product or service. It also gives them a feeling of what your brand is about. 


Source: Pinterest

m. Tiled images

Tiled Pinterest images shows a specific theme and not just a bunch of random images. Do your best to keep it to four images so it doesn’t look too crowded or confusing. 

Source: Pinterest

n. Tips

Create small, easy to apply, immediately applicable tips on how to use your product or service to get the outcome your target audience is looking for. 


Pinterest images

Source: Pinterest

I know that’s seems like a lot so here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Look at all the images you have created to date and use this checklist to see how you can improve your images. Maximizing everything you do on Pinterest will help you not only stand out from your competition but help you get found on Pinterest’s search results. 
  2. Remember that Pinterest images or pins live forever on Pinterest. They have a much longer shelf life than on any other social network so be mindful of that when creating your images. You want your images to serve the Pinner’s future. 


Your Pinterest images can make or break your success on Pinterest. When consumers buy a product or service, they aren’t just buying a product or service; they’re buying what your brand stands for. That’s why it’s so important to design your brand image to convey exactly what you want it to say. I recommend thinking about your brand image as a whole early on. Be intentional about your brand image and build it from there.

Bottom line: Success on Pinterest is about providing great content. Pinterest images or Pins should be helpful, compelling, creative, and help Pinners to take action on what interests them. 


Pinterest images



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