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Pinterest Marketing Strategies to Get More Traffic: How to Find the Best Keywords

Pinterest strategies



Important Pinterest strategies info. Finally! I’ve been  waiting for Pinterest to release this tool!

One of the most important Pinterest strategies businesses need to master is identifying the correct and most popular keywords. I always say keywords are as serious as a heart attack. If you don’t use the right keywords then you’re basically wasting your time on Pinterest. It’s a search engine. That means if you want people to find you then you need to use the keywords people are using on Pinterest. Specifically what the users are actually using when they go to the search engine box to find the stuff they want.

Introducing the Pinterest Trends T00l

What is the Pinterest Trends tool?

If you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure out the best keywords to use on Pinterest for your Pinterest strategies well your wish has been granted. Pinterest Trends which is currently in beta is a new tool that will reveal the top search terms within the past 12 months in the United States. It is available on desktop today.

How will the Pinterest Trends tool help businesses?

According to Pinterest, Pinterest Trends will help brands seek deeper insights into planning and purchasing behaviors on the platform which will help you to decipher how to allocate budgets in your campaigns during various planning stages. Your Pinterest strategies will get better. It will also validate assumptions about emerging trends, refine search queries with the aid of auto-complete suggestions, and help advertisers find a list of keywords to avoid or include that have powered our algorithm over the years.

pinterest strategies


Pinterest strategies

We know that Pinterest is a great tool for market intelligence because people are literally telling businesses what they love, want, and need. Pinterest also released their Pinterest 100 annual report that reveals what people around the world (320 millions users) will want to make and buy in 2020. The categories includes kids, weddings, crafts, gardening, food, home decor, pets, outdoor activities, style, beauty, health, travel and family. So design your Pinterest strategies accordingly.
pinterest strategies


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