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Pinterest Marketing: Organizing Boards to Get More Traffic

pinterest marketing

Pinterest marketing

For Pinterest Marketing Pros: Smart Ways to Rearrange  Your Pinterest Boards to Get More Followers, Traffic, and Sales

So for proper Pinterest marketing you’re wondering why the heck do we need to organize our boards. Don’t Pinterest users just look at pins? Well let me explain.

I remember my days in retail management when we constantly merchandised the store. I kid you not. Imagine trying to always look great in a black suit and high heels while you’re opening large crates and then going to the sales floor and trying to move merchandise around while providing customers a great shopping experience. In many ways that was a lot harder than Pinterest marketing.

I was managing a high volume store and since we were getting new inventory in every week that meant finding new places for it all.  I always had to make an assessment about where to place the new arrivals, where to place merchandise that just wasn’t moving quickly enough, or collections that did so well that they have now been reduced to just a mish mash of colors and sizes.

My job was always to move heaven and earth to meet our sales goal and I believe great visual merchandising was part of that solution. If something looks beautiful it gets my attention. Isn’t that what you want? You have the best products and services in the world but if you don’t hook Pinterest users with your visuals then they won’t click on that image. Ahhh! Imagine all that hard work down the drain simply because you don’t know what you don’t know about successful Pinterest marketing.

Why Is It Important?

It is important for your to rearrange your Pinterest boards for proper Pinterest marketing because you want to make sure that when Pinners comes across your Pinterest business page you are making a lasting first impression. Wouldn’t you agree?

For starters what you do online should mirror what you would do in the brick & mortar world.

For ecommerce businesses you want to look at your Pinterest page as if it were a physical store. Your boards represent your products so merchandise them in such a way that they flow nicely giving the customer a better shopping experience while keeping them in your store as long as possible. After all, the longer consumers stay on your Pinterest business page, the better the chances that they’ll make a purchase. 

Group the themes of your boards in a way designed to capture the shopper’s attention and merchandise them in a way that appeals to shoppers. For example, you wouldn’t want to mix food related topics with fashion would you? That would be a disaster.  Pinterest marketing 101.

Do your board arrangements and clusters flow smoothly and logically the way your target audience shops?  

Are they set up in a way that makes it easy for Pinners to look through them? 

Bottom line, it better be organized in a way that makes sense or they will likely leave.

Enjoy the step by step video tutorial below.


Here’s how to arrange your boards so you can attract more followers and get saves in 9 easy steps:

  1. Place your most important boards that feature your products and services in the first row. 
  2. Next, place your most helpful boards. If you have several helpful boards do your best to organize them into themes. 
  3. Next are the trending holidays and events such as Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s and so forth. 
  4. And lastly place all your group boards on the bottom of your profile page. 
  5. If you have over 100 boards arrange your boards in alphabetical order.
  6. When you have completed arranging your boards update your cover boards. Choose colors that are consistent with your branding if possible. Pinterest marketing 101.
  7. When the holiday, event, or other celebrations have passed edit your board settings to ARCHIVE and in that way you’ll stop seeing recommendations in your home feed.
  8. If you’ve been using the SECTIONS feature I recommend that you arrange them in alphabetical order or arrange them in such as way to make it easy for Pinners to access them. Sections are boards within a board but you don’t have to optimize them.
  9. Have a look at your pins on all your boards. Rearrange your pins with a mixture of information and inspiration.



By using these Pinterest marketing tactic Pinners will browse your content longer and thereby get you more repins. Remember your boards are like a physical store. Arrange them in a way that is pleasing to their eyes so you get them staying longer, & shopping longer.

If you can’t keep up with Pinterest’s ever changing algorithm, rules, and tactics or you are struggling to get more traffic and sales consider taking the lifetime version of my Pinterest Marketing for Business video course. You’ll receive personalized email support from me (not my team) and I’ll always update you on what’s working and what’s not on Pinterest so that you get found first ahead of your competition.


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