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How to use Pinterest & What the Heck is Pinterest?

how to use pinterest



How to use Pinterest? So you’re thinking what the heck is Pinterest? Why should my business have a presence on Pinterest?


Millions of businesses currently use Pinterest to help them:

  • rank higher on Google
  • increase traffic volume to their websites & blogs
  • rapidly get new customers
  • increase sales and profits
  • build brand awareness
  • automatically grow their email data bases
  • collect market intelligence for competitive advantage


How to use Pinterest marketing & what is Pinterest?

For businesses Pinterest is a giant marketing platform.  For the 322 millions consumers on Pinterest it is a massive online shopping platform.

Pinterest was born in March 2010.

Most people think that Pinterest is a social media network, it is not. It is a search engine like Google for people who are looking for ideas, services and things that they can take action on. Understanding this is a key principle is understanding how to use Pinterest correctly.

Whether it’s for shopping, planning or inspiration there are over 200 billion images and blogs for people to explore on Pinterest. More than 75% of the content is from businesses. The consumers and shoppers who use Pinterest love that because they are in the market shopping for something.  What that means to you is that you have the opportunity to connect with your target audience in a new medium or meet new customers you might otherwise never have met. If you know how to how to use Pinterest correctly. 

Pinterest is a marketing platform where businesses have a “page” and they fill that page with content about their goods and services as well as helpful information their target audience would love. 


How to use Pinterest & how does Pinterest work?

People go onto Pinterest and type in a keyword or phrase to start looking for something that interests them.  For example; farmhouse home designs or quick fitness workouts or how to start a business or golf clubs. Just like how you use Google.

Users share and collect their favorite pictures and videos based on their interests. For example, you can save dinner recipes, style inspiration, DIY home projects or other ideas to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Pinners do this two ways. They either save content from Pinterest or they save things from the web via the Pinterest save button.

When Pinterest users find the content they are looking for they save those images or videos to their “boards”. When they are ready to take action or to learn more about it they click on the image which then takes them to the website where that content came from. That is how you can get massive traffic from Pinterest. 



Pinterest is a Search Engine, Not a Social Media Network

Think of what you do on Google, you go to a search box and type in keywords, things you are searching for right? That is the same behavior Pinners engage in on Pinterest, they go to a search box and type in keywords or phrases of things they are looking for. For example if you’re looking for “lip gloss” you would type that keyword in the search box as shown in the image below. Next, Pinterest will show you results that are related to those keywords. 


how to use pinterest


How do shoppers find my products on Pinterest

In addition to the search engine Pinterest created two tools to help them find products faster and with more personalized features called the LENS and SHOP THE LOOK pins.

Pinterest rolled out its first visual search tools called “Lens” in 2015. It’s a real-time visual search tool embedded in the camera of the Pinterest App. It allows you to discover products and services anytime you point your Pinterest app & phone camera at something. 

What’s the big deal about the Lens? 

Did you ever spot something you loved but couldn’t find the words to describe it? Pinterest has solved that problem with the Lens.

Let’s say you were at a birthday party and you saw the birthday recipient receive a pair of sneakers. You thought to yourself I love that! I gotta have it! Well, all you need to do is open the Pinterest app on your mobile device and tap the camera icon in the search bar. Next, pinch to zoom or tap on a specific object to focus your camera on, tap the button to snap a picture and voila Pinterest will show you pages of images of those exact or similar sneakers as shown in the image below. 

Basically you are searching via images, not keywords. 


how to use pinterest


Shop the Look

Another ambitious visual search tool Pinterest has produced is called Shop the Look and it is specifically designed for fashion and home decor pins. Shop the Look pins have white dots hovering over the different parts of an outfit or a room. When people tap on the white dots Pinterest will show the exact or similar products featured in the pin. When they’re ready to buy, your customers can click through to your site to check out.  


how to use pinterest


Now that you see how what Pinterest is and how it works the next step is for you to determine if Pinterest is right for your business. There are at least five things you need but if you want to beat your competition you’ll need to know about the other three keys to truly have success on Pinterest.


how to use pinterest


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