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3 Pinterest Marketing Strategies for Consumer Packaged Goods Brands

CPG Brands Reveals Their Pinterest Marketing Strategies 
1. Miller Coors
  • launched Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails in April 2019 with a campaign on Pinterest designed to increase awareness and trial during the key spring and summer seasons.
  • used a variety of Pinterest ad formats including Promoted Video ads and Carousel.
  • partnered with ODC to target early buyers of alcoholic beverage products.
  • Boosted both awareness and message association, particularly among males, for which there was a 3% increase in brand favorability.
  • Within a few months of launch, Cape Line made it into the top 10 growth brands measured by Nielsen.

Anne Pando, Sr. Pinterest Marketing Strategies Manager couldn’t be more thrilled. She goes on to say “The alcoholic beverage market is incredibly crowded and it was important to break through the category right at launch. Pinterest helped us differentiate Cape Line and inspire trial”.

2. Pepsi Co 
  • wanted to increase awareness and trial of its new Quaker® Kids Organic line of organic soft-baked bars and bites for kids
  • early 2019 launch campaign included Promoted Videos and static Pins targeted to consumers looking for lunchbox inspiration.


  • increased aided product awareness by 2.7%.
  • people on Pinterest who were exposed to the ads were 1.4% more likely to agree that the product was a “healthy snack for kids.

Tania Haladner, Senior Director of Marketing at Quaker goes on to say on Pinterest’s blog “As we launched our new Quaker Kids Organic line, Pinterest was a key part of our marketing strategy to drive top-of-mind awareness for our consumers. The campaign on Pinterest yielded strong results, helping us to reach our target audience and to position Quaker Kids Organic Bars and Bites as a delicious and wholesome addition to kids’ lunchboxes”.

3. Nestlé USA
  • when launching their brand-new Cauliflower Crispy Thin Crust Pizza, CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN® Frozen Pizza turned to Pinterest to drive awareness during the busy summer and fall season.
  • Used standard and Promoted Video ads, early campaign results have been promising.

According to Holly Honroth, Marketing Associate, CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN® Frozen Pizza “Pinterest is the perfect home to launch our Cauliflower Crispy Thin Crust Pizza, as it is a place where people come with an open mind and appetite for the latest trends. Pinterest provides an ideal opportunity to reach these consumers as they plan for ways to make their meals more exciting and nutritious. We’re pleased by the campaign’s performance so far”.

Here are three Pinterest Marketing Strategies with actionable tips for a successful CPG launch campaign according to Pinterest:

1. Design Pinterest Marketing Strategies that take consumers from awareness to purchase

  • take advantage of key Pinterest ad formats including Promoted Video for awareness and Promoted Carousel for consideration.
  • make it seamless for people to buy by providing links to digital coupons or the ability to “quick add” your product to grocers’ digital shopping carts.

2. “Heavy up” on media at the beginning of the campaign

We know from the ODC research that Pinners are more likely to purchase new products early in their lifecycle. Make sure your media plan is set up to encourage that first time purchase as well as the next.

3. Continue to engage with your consumers beyond launch

  • Encouraging people to try your new product is key, but repeat purchases can help ensure long-term product viability.
  • Use Audience Targeting to retarget consumers who’ve engaged with—and purchased from—your brand to turn a new product to a must-have.

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