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Pinterest Management Services Tips: How to Manage Client Expectations

Pinterest Management Services

“Remember you can’t get to second base unless you take your foot off first.~ Anna Bennett 

Before I begin managing a client’s Pinterest account as a Pinterest Management Services expert I do a few things. Here is an overview of my system:

  • Website and Pinterest page review
  • Telephone interview (qualifying questions)
  • Managing expectations & the ROI question

In this blog post I’m going to dig deeper and show you how you can manage your client’s expectations about the performance of their Pinterest account and how they track ROI.

One thing you can count on for sure is that when your client is considering hiring you for Pinterest Management Services they will have certain expectations about their ROI (return on investment). Before they agree to hire you to manage their account you can expect to hear one or more of these questions:

  1. What can I expect?  
  2. How much new traffic will come back to my website from Pinterest?  
  3. How many new sales can I expect month over month?

Preparation Is The Mark of a Professional

Any prudent business person wants to know what they are going to get for their investment, so be prepared for the ROI related questions. Have your answers prepared in advance:

  • Think them through and write them down.
  • Don’t wing it or you will sound unprepared and unprofessional, and that cause you to lose the deal.

My mindset is to NEVER promise or guarantee traffic, followers, or results because I can’t guarantee a result and I don’t want to over-promise the prospect.

From my experience every business is different even if they sell similar products and/or services. This is also one of the reasons I never guarantee specific results. However, what I do guarantee is that website traffic from Pinterest will grow month after month (there are some exceptions such as summer and holiday seasons where some business may have lower traffic).

Pinterest Management Services

If you are offering Pinterest management services here’s how I answer ROI questions. Change the answers to suit your style. You have to do what you feel is right for your business.

Question: What kind of traffic can I expect?

My honest answer:  You can expect slow and steady growth in Pinterest traffic to your website. We cannot promise exact numbers. Expect it to take up to six months before you really begin to see meaningful traffic flows.  

However, sometimes growth can happen faster. For example, one of our recent customers said they had 117 visitors from Pinterest in the month prior to our management of their account, and in the first month after our management that number rose to 641. With some accounts, results can take even less time. I understand you want to know what you will get for your investment, but no one can accurately tell you that. You have to take a leap of faith, invest in Pinterest for 3 to 6 months, and then analyze the results to determine if you feel you are getting a good return on investment.

There are a lot of factors that influence your traffic, such as:

  • how much web traffic you are getting today
  • whether or not you will follow our suggestion and modify your website to make it Pinterest-friendly
  • your site speed
  • is it mobile friendly,
  • whether or not you will blog in a manner that supports Pinterest traffic
  • do you have the right images, etc.

If you take our advice, you can improve your odds of success. If you don’t take our advice, you won’t.

If we work together, we will ask that you give us access to your Google analytics. This allows us to monitor results—to see what is working and what is not—in order to provide the most effective service we can. Plus, at the end of each month, we can show you your Pinterest traffic statistics.

From there, you can apply your normal conversion rates from traffic to sales, multiplied by your average sale value, and determine your ROI. We can help you figure that out if you want.

The bottom line is this: more and more of your target audience are on Pinterest looking for things to plan and buy. If you are not there in a bigger and better way than your competition, you will lose traffic and sales.

I say all of the above when the prospect asks me about ROI and results. Often it is a back and forth conversation. Expect it, be prepared for it. If you’re not speaking with them face to face they’ll notice the level of confidence in your voice. Since I’ve been doing this for six years it comes pretty easy to me.

Never ever lie to a prospect or customer. Even if in your heart of hearts you believe you can help your client get more traffic and sales it’s a dangerous territory to exaggerate results or promise any specific levels.

Pinterest Management Services

If you’re offering Pinterest management services how do you handle the topic of ROI? If you have any questions about Pinterest management post your question below.

I hope you found this post helpful! If you did I’d appreciate you sharing the love. Thank you!


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