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Pinterest Marketing Expert: What to Pin. Tips for Small Businesses in 2019

Pinterest marketing expert


How to Decipher What to Pin on Pinterest Every Month 

As a Pinterest marketing expert I often get asked “What should I pin to my boards”? While this may seem obvious it can be challenging for any beginner just starting out on Pinterest. Sometimes it’s easy to figure out and sometimes it’s not. If you have a board that features your products then obviously you’ll just pin your products on that board. Easy peasy.

In this blog post I’m going to reveal 4 ideas on what to pin on a monthly basis including:

  • Where to find content that is currently trending so you can share that on your helpful boards
  • What to pin to keep consistent with your business vertical

Let’s begin!

1. Follow my 2019 Pinterest Trends board.

The monthly Pinterest trends will reveal information about what is most popular this month on Pinterest.  It can range from home decor, to fashion trends, food trends, and so on. This is a tool I talk about with many of my clients.  It is very helpful and opens up a lot of new ideas.

What you should pin from the monthly Pinterest trends?

If the content speaks to your target audience then that’s easy; save them on your boards. However don’t just pin what is trending just because it’s popular. If the content doesn’t meet the needs of your target audience don’t save them to your boards. You don’t want to be everything to everybody or you won’t stand out on Pinterest. 

If the highest trending topics do not align with your business vertical you’ll see some idea below in ideas numbered 2, 3, & 4 to help you decide what content to pin.

2. Go on the Pinterest search engine.

Another place to go to help you figure out what to pin is the Pinterest search engine. When you go to the search bar, look at the drop down section as shown in the image below under “Trending ideas”.  

This tells you what is trending right now.

Pinterest Marketing Expert

What you should pin: So how do we make sure we leverage these trending ideas for our specific business or vertical?

Okay, so let’s say you sell natural skincare products like many of my clients have. A big mistake would be to just pin whatever you think looks pretty; wrong. If you are selling natural skincare products that means your audience is going to want eye makeup that is natural looking, almost like a no-makeup look.

The first step is to go to the Pinterest search engine and type in “eye makeup natural”.  Next, I’d look through the images and save content that I know my target audience would love.

Pinterest Marketing Expert

Here’s another example. Let’s say you have a DIY crafts blog. As you can see above “engagement rings” is trending. Ask yourself what DIY project can you create that would be closely related to engagement rings? Well, how about a DIY engagement ring box. So I went on to Pinterest and voila I found a tutorial on ring boxes so naturally I will pin that to my “DIY Weddings” board. I have found many ideas doing this for my clients over the years in everything from; fitness clothes, kid’s toys, home decor and make up.

Pinterest Marketing Expert


Here’s another example: Let’s say your business falls under HOME DECOR. Some of topics showing in trending ideas including “kitchen backsplash” is a no-brainer to save but how about “motivational quotes”? How can I leverage that trend but still in keeping with home decor? So I went on to the Pinterest search engine and typed in “motivational quotes home decor” and voila! As you can see there are wooden signs, wall art frames, and wall decals that are perfect to share with your ideal customer.

Pinterest Marketing Expert


3. Another place to get ideas is by checking your “Audience Insights” in your Pinterest analytics. 

The Audience Insights will reveal what your audience and the total audience on Pinterest are engaging with the past 30 days.

Pinterest Marketing Expert

What I love about the Audience Insights is that it reveals specific interests under each category from the most to the least popular.

What do we do next?

The first step is to look for the specific category that your business falls under. Next, click on the interests starting with those that are at least 40% or more. For example, if your business falls under the DIY and crafts categories you will notice that the top interests are “fabric crafts” and “DIY event”.

Pinterest Marketing Expert

Next, click on “fabric crafts” and Pinterest will reveal the highest trending pins. The last step is to save the images that are in keeping with the look and feel of your brand. What I mean by that is say your branding is more modern and minimalist then look for tutorials or DIY projects that reflect that. You’re obviously not going to save pins (images or videos) that are rustic, country, vintage, and so forth.

Pinterest Marketing Expert


4. Check your Pinterest profile in your Pinterest analytics.

You can see what your followers are saving the last 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days. As a Pinterest marketing expert here’s what I recommend you do with the following information:

  • Add more of this type of content to your boards. Because Pinterest is a visual platform consistently save content that aligns with your branding colors and style. For example, you can see that Christmas cookie recipes received the highest saves as shown below.

If your branding colors are paste blue and white then pin content that reflect that.


  • If your own content shows up can you repurpose your content quickly and easily. It could be as simple as using a similar kind of image and using the same text-overlay, creating an infographic, a checklist, a step-by-step, a Carousel pin, etc.

Pinterest Marketing Expert

As you can see there are several ways you can fill your boards with pins even if it’s not your own content. When saving your pins or other people’s pins make sure you remember to optimize your pin descriptions. When you optimize your pins even if the content isn’t yours you boost the performance of your boards and it will help you rank higher on Pinterest’s search engine. What that means to you is more eyeballs on your products and more traffic to your website. Remember…only pin other people’s content that doesn’t directly compete with your stuff.

If you want to win big on Pinterest then create and curate content to help your audiences build a better life. Help them turn their daily grind into a day that’s more interesting, easier and more inspired. The more helpful you are the bigger your audience will grow.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to share your thoughts below. Thank you and I hope you found this helpful!

Pinterest marketing expert


Pinterest Marketing Expert

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