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Pinterest Management Expert Reveals 2019 Marketing Tips to Get More Followers



How to Leverage Pinterest’s Trending Holidays, Events, Celebrations and Life Moments to Get More Engagement

As a Pinterest Management Expert I also regularly coach other Pinterest account managers. Here’s what I often hear “Hey, Anna. What should I tell my client about what types of content to pin. What types of boards should I create?”.

A lot of times they are shocked to hear about why they should be pinning from other sources. Here’s the thing, if you don’t have a blog, or you have no intention of blogging, or you only have a handful of products you’re not going to get too far with Pinterest if you don’t have content to properly serve your target audience. 

As Pinterest gets more and more popular and if you’re a solopreneur or small business you have to work like a Pinterest management expert and do all you can to get noticed.

One of the ways to get noticed on Pinterest is obviously to grow your number of Pinterest followers. One of the tactics to do that is to create a few boards that cover a broad range of interests to increase your chances of being followed. These boards do not have to be directly related to what you sell.  This is counter intuitive for most people but this is how a successful Pinterest management expert has to work. It’s like meeting someone for the first time and connecting because you have similar interests.


Pinterest Managment Expert


As you begin chatting you’ll discover more about that person and voila you find you have something in common and you’ve just sparked a friendship! That’s how it is on Pinterest. As a business you want to be part of their shopping journey as they discover content that will help them improve their lives.

Here are some facts that you need to know about Pinterest users according to Pinterest and Millward Brown:

  • They are trend seekers.
  • 73% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan for the future
  • 67% of Pinners will experience major life events in the next 6 months and will use Pinterest
  • They are 2x more likely to celebrate events compared to the general population
  • 45% plan for the holidays at least 2 months out; that is 21% higher than the general population


Unlike other platforms, Pinterest isn’t about killing time. It’s about finding something to do or buy. 72% of Pinners said they use the platform to find new ideas for their everyday life or hobbies — nearly double what people said about Google.

If you’re a business or a blogger you want to make sure that you are part of the Pinner’s journey of discovery as they save those pins. This is your goal right? By reaching Pinners at an early stage of their planning process, you start to build trust which is vital in digital marketing today.

Regardless of the demographics your business caters to look at Pinterest as a catalogue of ideas that connects people based on common interests. Bottom line: Winning big on Pinterest means giving your customers what they want, love and need for the future that they can take action on.


Pinterest Management Expert Tips and Strategies: 9 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers with  Seasonal Content in 2019

To help you get started I created a worksheet as shown below that reveals the most popular holidays, seasonal celebrations and sporting events that Pinners are planning for. The worksheet shows you when to create these boards and the dates they end.



How to use the 2019 planner:

1) Use the thought starters in this planner to think about which seasonal and life moments work best for your brand and who you want to reach.

2) Remember, people start planning earlier on Pinterest than on other platforms, so we suggest getting your content live at least two-three months in advance of each moment.

This applies as well to countries outside USA. For example one of the most popular holidays in Australia is Australia Day which is celebrated on January 26, 2019. That means you need to start creating your boards on October 26th which is three months before the holiday.

pinterest management expert

3) For each moment, create boards as shown in the chart below to ensure you’re reaching Pinners just as they’re beginning to plan.

4) Decipher what types of blog, product, email marketing campaigns, or creative content like product photo shoots you’ll create so you reach them at the right time.

5) In order for your boards to rank high on the Pinterest search engine you want to make sure you apply the SEO tactics you have learned so far like a Pinterest management expert.

6) Continually add pins to the boards on a regular basis leading up to day of the event.  

7) Use your “Sections” for organizing the most popular search terms. For example for St. Patrick’s Day create sections as follows:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Nails
  • St. Patrick’s crafts
  • St. Patrick’s desserts
  • St. Patrick’s outfit


8) Make sure to push your boards to the bottom of your Pinterest page when the holiday or event is over. 

9) What products and other ideas can your business merchandise or display in your window displays and storefront to help people bring those dreams to life?

These Are Most Popular Life Moments Pinners Are Celebrating All-Year Round

Life moments, like a new baby or retirement, can happen throughout the year. These are key insights, creative inspiration and popular search terms that can help you reach the right people for every moment.

Pinterest management expert actionable tip: I recommend you create these boards as soon as you can since these special life moments are celebrated all year round.


Photo credit: Pinterest


Bottom line think helpfulness. By sharing inspirational and actionable content that serves your audience most important celebrations and moments this tactic will definitely help you increase your number of followers and reach new customers at the same time.

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