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Pinterest Management Services: 2019 Pinterest Marketing Strategy Guide

Pinterest Management Services


Updated January 19, 2020

Pinterest as of the third quarter of 2020 generated close to 442.6 million U.S. dollars in company revenues, up from 272.49 million U.S. dollars in the preceding quarter. What’s that telling you? Businesses are having tons of success with Pinterest. You’re thinking “I wish I was having a ton of success”! Maybe you didn’t get the right training and coaching and now you are still going around and around in circles trying to figure how to drive more traffic and sales to your site.

As a Pinterest marketing services expert I have been offering Pinterest management services since 2012 and let me share with you my findings after managing hundreds of accounts, audits, one on one coaching sessions, webinars with bloggers and business of all shape and sizes. 

Often times I get someone saying “I noticed that company XYZ is doing this and doing that so I thought I should do the same”. Well that is not quite how you want to approach Pinterest. Why would you copy what others are doing when there is no evidence that what they are doing is the correct way or actually making them money?

Pinterest management services

This is one of the reasons why I typically don’t tell people who ALL my clients are. They’ll take a look at those businesses that we’ve worked with and they’ll mirror what we’ve done. Bad idea for two reasons; 1) what works for one business will not work the same for another and two 2) how do you know it is actually working? Maybe we did an experiment, found it didn’t work and we are now going to move on to a new strategy. Another scenario is businesses hire us to manage their account for three to six months then have their in-house social media manager take over. If you find yourself doing this, please don’t; there is no such thing as a cookie cutter strategy when working on Pinterest.

One thing I know for sure is that Pinterest can help you drive new revenue growth by;

  1. Dramatically increasing the amount of qualified buying traffic visiting your website or business and
  2. Helping you rank on the top of Google when someone searches for your type of products or services.


There are more than 1.5 million businesses currently use Pinterest to help them:

  • rank higher on Google
  • increase traffic volume to their websites & blogs
  • rapidly get new customers
  • increase sales and profits
  • build brand awareness
  • automatically grow their email data bases
  • collect market intelligence for competitive advantage

Developing a Pinterest marketing strategy that will generate more traffic and sales for your business doesn’t have to be complicated. In this 8 step checklist I’ll guide you through what you need to plan, make decisions on and manage. In that way you can be part of your target audience’s journey from inspiration to purchase.

Pinterest Formula: 8 Step Plan for Success

  1. Clarify your company’s Pinterest marketing goals.
  2. Identify your target market.
  3. Assess & create your image inventory.
  4. Determine who will work your Pinterest account. 
  5. What is your competition doing on Pinterest? (“Beat” them to get more traffic).
  6. Determine your keywords.
  7. Plan your budget.

If you’d like a video tutorial of my proven 8 step Pinterest strategy checklist you can get it for free in Chapter 2 from my best selling course! Get it here.


Step 1: What do you want to accomplish on Pinterest? Do you want to…

  1. increase traffic to your store / website or blog
  2. increase exposure (brand awareness)
  3. increase sales
  4. grow your email data base
  5. connect with influencers
  6. get found on Google
  7. gather market intelligence
  8. all of the above

Step 2: How well do you know your target audience?

The purpose of identifying your target market is so that you can figure out; their needs, goals, problems and what they might want in the future. This is important: please realize that on Pinterest your job is to be helpful and to educate your audience on a wide variety of topics that they care about. In that way they can get to know your brand, interact with it, and trust you. Building trust is crucial.

Pinterest management services

Building relationships and friendships takes time especially online; you can’t rush it just like you can’t rush relationships in real life. When in doubt be helpful vs. pushing products. Think with your heart.

Your target audience.

  1. Are they men and women? Both?
  2. What are their future goals and interests? Check your Audience Insights.

Pinterest management services

What I love about the Audience Insights is it reveals the top categories and specific interests on Pinterest. You’re thinking WIIFM? For starters if your business falls under any of these categories it’s a no brainer that you should seriously leverage Pinterest marketing. Your audience is already there.

Another cool thing about this data is Pinterest will show how that compares to your audience and the overall audience on Pinterest. Because the data only reveals the last 30 days it’s prudent that you check your Audience Insights the first day of every month.

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  1. What is your audience struggling with? What problems are they experiencing on a daily basis?

As a Pinterest marketing services expert I know for a fact that knowing the answers to these questions will help you create and curate content that speak to their; wants, values, goals and concerns. Be part of the solution.

Pinterest management services

Step 3: How do you really know what images will work for your type of business?

As a Pinterest marketing services expert I can guarantee you that you need the right types & sizes of images, optimized correctly for the Pinterest search engine in order for your business to be found. Once Pinners find you on Pinterest they can click on your pin and get driven back to your website.

Images are everything on Pinterest! When we provide Pinterest marketing services we take a very serious focus on image quality. Make sure your images on Pinterest are excellent in every way. If they’re lacking, your audience will scroll right by and as a result you will lose traffic and sales to your competition, which should be yours.

From my experience working with several types of businesses, some images work better than others. It is certainly NOT a cookie cutter approach.

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Pinterest management services

If you have come across other Pinterest courses that offer free templates those will not help you stand out on Pinterest because you’re using the same design as everyone else. Big mistake. You need to be different. Pinterest’s algorithm detects when the same image is being saved over and over and unfortunately that won’t help you get ahead of your competition.

Step 4: Who will manage your Pinterest account day in and day out?

As a business owner you must accept the fact that you are not an expert in all things. It’s impossible.

For me I would never attempt to do my own accounting. For starters I don’t like it and second I am not an expert in accounting. So I outsource that. I’m not even going to attempt to do it on my own. I’ll end up wasting time, making mistakes that will cost me, get me frustrated when numbers don’t add up, you get what I mean right?

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Bottom line whoever is managing your Pinterest account would be wise to take a Pinterest Marketing for Business online course. That way you or they not forced to read every blog out there and try to figure out if you’re doing it right.

Pinterest management services

I think it’s great that you take the time to educate yourself by reading blogs and articles, attending webinars, etc etc. But guess what? There’s a smarter, cheaper and easier way to master Pinterest.

As a Pinterest marketing services expert I take pride in the fact that the Pinterest Marketing for Business online course are up to date and includes lifetime access. 

Master one social network one at a time. Unless you have a social media team that can do it for you then great, be everywhere. But for the most part most businesses don’t have the expertise to master all socials. 

If you decide to leverage Pinterest marketing go all in and do it right. You may not realize this but there is a sequence that you need to follow when launching your business on Pinterest. There are things you have to do first, second, third, and so forth.

So here’s the thing, if you decide to outsource the account management are you going to hire the cheapest person you can hire from someplace 10,000 miles away or someone who has taken a formal education in Pinterest marketing services and manages, for seven years Pinterest accounts as a full time profession? You get what you pay for.

Pay cheap = get cheap = look cheap (rather than successful) to your target audience.

Pinterest Management Services

Step 5: Do you know how to beat your competition on Pinterest?

Who are your top 3 competitors on Pinterest? Write down their Pinterest usernames.

Step 6: Do you know what keywords to use so you get found first on Pinterest’s search engine ahead of your competition?

People go onto Pinterest and type in a keyword or phrase to start looking for something that they want to learn more about, what interests them, or want to buy. For example; farmhouse home designs or weight loss or how to start a business or golf clubs. Just like how you use Google.

Think of what you do on Google, you go to a search box and type in keywords, things you are searching for right? That is the same behavior Pinners engage in on Pinterest, they go to a search box and type in keywords or phases of things they are looking for. Next, Pinterest will show you results that are related to those keywords. It also allows you to narrow your search by using the Guided Search tool.

When Pinterest users find the content they are looking for they save those images or videos to their “boards”. When they are ready to take action or to learn more they click on the image which then takes them to the website where that content came from. That is how you can get massive traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest Management Services

What this means to you as a business is that you have to master Pinterest SEO. Even if you think you know what your keywords are, you still need to verify that those are the same keywords you should be using on Pinterest. 

You have to figure this out. Think. If you sell art work what will people logically and most likely type into the search bar and look for?

  • Canvas art
  • Artwork
  • Art print
  • Wall art print
  • Wall art decor

Some keywords are more popular than others. Pinterest marketing services expert tip: you need to know this before you start creating your pins and boards.

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Step 7: What’s your budget for Pinterest marketing?

People don’t realize that if you have a vehicle set up and running to get you more traffic and sales you have to keep fuel in it to keep it going consistently month after month after month. Consistency is the key to success on Pinterest; not stopping and starting over and over based on if and when you have a few minutes.

Pinterest Management Services

I am emphasizing consistency here because I find too many businesses start something and realize they don’t have enough funds to keep it going. You can fall into a trap of starting something, then pausing, then stop, then start again. When you do that it’s also hard to leverage data and insights because they won’t be accurate. You need to be consistent for at least a year and then decide based on the ROI if you should continue.

A successful Pinterest marketing services strategy includes a budget to create and/or purchase images, hire a social media manager, the time you spend managing your own account, hiring graphic artists and bloggers and so forth. Maybe you’re the only person in your company that will do it all because you don’t have the funds. I will commend you for working hard, but is that really working smart?

Use this simple template to decipher what it will cost you to leverage Pinterest marketing. Start with an amount you are able to manage in your content marketing budget. Set a limit. Once you hit the limit, evaluate and see if you need to spend more in order for you to achieve your goal.



Manage account Pinterest Account Manager $
Create images Graphic Artist &/or Photographer $
Content Marketing Blogger $
Scheduling tool For example: Viraltag, Tailwind $
Image editing tool For example: Canva, PicMonkey $
Loop your repins For example: Traffic Wonker, Tailwind $
Stock photography For example: Bigstock $
Pinterest ads $

Step 8: How will you keep up with your knowledge about what works and what doesn’t work on Pinterest?

Once you’ve implemented everything you need to do for your Pinterest account, get it checked by an expert to make sure everything is set up as well as it can be. You need to get feedback. If you want to become a world-class body builder, then you need a coach right? If you don’t get feedback how do you know you are maximizing your efforts?

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful so many times is that the successful take action. They aren’t necessarily smarter than others; they just work the plan. The time to act is when the emotion is strong. Here’s what happens if you don’t: The Law of Diminishing Intent.

We intend to act when the idea strikes us, when the emotion is high, but if we delay and we don’t translate that into action fairly soon, the intention starts to diminish and a month from now it’s cold and a year from now it can’t be found.

So take action when the idea is strong, clear and powerful; that’s the time to work your Pinterest Marketing plan. You must capture the emotion and put it into action in order for it to translate into equity. And here’s what is interesting: All disciplines affect each other; everything affects everything. That’s why the smallest action is important because the value and benefits that you receive from that one little action will inspire you to do the next one and the next one…

So step out of your comfort zone and take action on your plan, because if the plan is good, then the results can be miraculous.

When the dust settles after the holiday season reach out to me as a Pinterest marketing services expert and let’s do a Pinterest audit so we can decipher what you are doing well and where you can improve and grow.

BTW, make sure you check out my 75 POINT CHECKLIST FOR PINTEREST ACCOUNT MANAGERS! I know you’re going to love it!


Pinterest Management Services

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